Announcing the Fullerton Top 5 Campaign!

Welcome to Search Business Group’s new project!

This is as simple as it sounds. We are going to be going around ranking the top 5 everything in Fullerton. Everything consists of anything marketing or design related. So sorry, we won’t be ranking the top 5 pizza joints. Our wallets and stomachs ended up vetoing that idea.

Why Are We Doing This?

It’s easy to always talk about how amazing Coca Cola’s advertising is. The way Apple designs its products or how AT&T has such amazing customer service. Okay, I’m joking there. 

These global companies of course will have the most cutting-edge material to work with. They hire the cream of the crop in all areas which include designers, engineers, and in AT&T’s case, customer service reps. Okay, I’ll stop. Well at Search Business Group we are a small business trying to make it in Fullerton. So skyscrapers, sexy models, and state of the art conference rooms are a long way away. Most other businesses in Fullerton and Orange County will be the same.

fullertonphotos_sts_101107_6757_masterbwThat doesn’t mean though that our community of businesses can’t make amazing things.

So as a start-up business based out of Fullerton and a Cal State Fullerton graduate me, we wanted to start a campaign solely based on Fullerton. Using our expertise in graphic design and marketing, we thought to create a local top 5 database to herald the businesses and designers that stand out. These will manifest in the following: Top 5 signs, menus, email clubs, social media posts, and more!

What to Expect

This campaign will be an extensive process as we will be going around the city looking through different materials and businesses to see what catches our eye. Everything will be judged based on certain criteria deemed professional yet effective. For example, some factors will include efficacy, aesthetics, appropriateness, etc.

This will be a fun process and one we hope will help raise awareness for the city of Fullerton in addition to continuing the education of local business owners and Fullerton residents.

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Ron Arellano
Ron Arellano
President of Search Business Group, Ron is a Healthcare Business Consultant, Digital Marketer, Award-Winning Senior Creative Director Who Loves UX/UI, Web, SEO, Data, and Animals.

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