Auto-Sharing: Increases Efficiency, Decreases Quality

The business environment right now is all about life hacking and efficiency. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it is a lifesaver. Having to operate a business, manage a workforce, and at the same time, be expected to create a successful complete digital marketing campaign is just too much. Personally, I run a marketing and design agency and handling marketing for our own business is hard enough.

So it is no secret that social media like Instagram and third-party software allow you the capability to auto-share your posts across platforms. It saves a bunch of time while knocking out all the different mediums at once.

But I am going to stop it right here and say, you should NEVER do that.

Why You Shouldn’t Auto-Share

In theory the practice is a huge time saver, but in the long term, it inhibits social media success. I say it all the time, but every social media has its own environment, culture and unspoken rules. I’ll use myself as an example. I am a heavy user of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now let’s relate this to some consumer behavior.

Whenever I check social media, it is usually in tandem. I take a break from whatever I am doing, pull out my phone, and check Twitter first (because it is my favorite!). After scrolling through, seeing some articles and fun stuff my friend tweet about, I tap out and head on back to my home screen. Then I head to Instagram and then after that, Facebook. [I provided a gif of my phone screen below]


Now here is where the problem is, when you auto-share across all platforms, I am going to see your same post and same caption on all three. That’s like you telling me something, three times just because your afraid I didn’t hear you the first time; and trust me, I heard you the first time.

Naturally you might ask, well my followers are different across the different platforms.

True. But here is where I want to reference two things: Being native to social media and consumer behavior.

First, each social media has its own strategy and method to success. For example, Instagram is all about the quality of the photos. Your photos need to wow and make a user go, “Whoa hold on there, this photo makes me feel something, let me see what other feelings may arise when I go on the other user’s photos.”

Now if you auto-share that to Twitter, I’m going to see that same image and same caption. But here is the catch. First Twitter doesn’t embed your Instagram photo, so it just shows up as a link. In addition, Twitter is less about trying to wow with beautiful images, but rather it focuses on quick trigger wit and discussion about real-time events. Within a span of 15 minutes, your one post from Instagram will get lost in the wave that is a Twitter feed.

Second! Remember consumer behavior. Imagine if I am only an Instagram follower and then I notice you have a Twitter profile. Well, I’ve enjoyed your Instagram so much, let’s go ahead and give Twitter a shot, it probably will be just as good. Then I click on your Twitter profile and what pops up? A bunch of posts that are shared from Instagram or Facebook. They are the EXACT same posts and the EXACT same time. Yeah, that is not going to happen.

What To Do When There Just Isn’t Time

Be selective. Choose the social media profiles your business will better succeed at and then be incremental about it. As a consumer, I’d rather see a business have one or two great social media profiles, then have all 7 posts about the same thing. Waste of my time and your time.

Once you start succeeding at the correct social media, then you can strategize and choose the next medium that will be the best next step.

Don’t Auto-Share, Tweak and Schedule

The final thing I want to put out there is that though auto-sharing is a big no-no, there is a simple alternative that does the job that auto-sharing was meant to do and it is simple, all you need to do is tweak and schedule your posts accordingly. I lay out the best way to share content across different social media.

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Ron Arellano
Ron Arellano
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