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Best Way to Schedule Posts for Different Social Medias


In our post about auto-sharing I talked about how relying on auto-sharing leads to ineffective social media strategy. The post ended by saying that auto-sharing is one of those tools that is a necessity, however, it has become a shortcut that has sacrificed a good social media culture.

The point about scheduling and auto-sharing is to allow the user/marketer/business owner to not have to sit at his or her computer, waiting until the exact moment they can post. However, the fact that auto-sharing simply shares the same exact content at the same exact time across all mediums makes it a huge negative in social media efforts.

How To Auto-Share Effectively?

The answer is, don’t. Tweak and schedule out posts accordingly. The trick isn’t to create specific content for each social media. That is just a huge waste of time and I don’t think there is any organization that has the time for that. What you need to do is schedule accordingly and tweak for the different mediums. I’ve included an example case to make it easier to visualize.

Example: Ron Wave Design before and now officially Search Business Group’s Top 5 Food Websites

Top5FoodWebsites | HowToAutoPostEffectively


Above you’ll see an example post from our Fullerton’s Top 5 Campaign.

Thus we have one piece of content that we would like to share. Well here is how you can cater the posts to the different social media’s.


You can create 6 tweets out of this one post. Remember the Twitter environment necessitates quick bursts and tweets throughout the day. So make the blog post a real time event, by posting the winners throughout the day. Using this strategy you can have Twitter be the medium where users can first stay up to date, in real time, about the announcement.

How to Auto Post Effectively | Ron Wave Design PieDog | Ron Wave Design MrBBQ | How to Auto Post EffectivelyDripp | How to Auto Post EffectivelyElAmerikano | How to AutoPost EffectivelyHopScotch | How to AutoPost Effectively


FacebookPost | HowToAutoPostEffectivelyThe Facebook community is all about posting, at most, one time a day. Unless you are one of the leading news agencies, you really shouldn’t be doing more than that. However, you can simply link your dominant image with the link to the page.

In tandem with our Twitter posts, it is a good idea to post on Facebook either later in the day, when you have already completed the real time launch of the Top 5. If your social media schedule allows you can even post the article a different day.


PieDogsInstagram | HowToAutoPostEffectivelyOn Instagram, the photo is everything. The Instagram environment lives off beautiful scenery, mouthwatering food photos, and of course your typical models. Ensure that the photo you use here is in correlation with the Instagram “feel”.

For this post, we are lucky, we can re-purpose content to help create an Instagram post that makes users want to know more about the beautiful burger and where they can get it. To just post a picture like the one we did on Facebook wouldn’t be respecting and optimizing the Instagram community. The medium is for visual aesthetics and eye catching imagery, not announcements or heavy text.


In Conclusion

Then you have one post for the three different mediums, without having to write three different pieces. What you are doing is just adjusting and tweaking your posts. Once you do that, like we said last time, DO NOT post all topics at the same time. The different posts should at least be at different times on the same day. From there, you can start truly respecting the users that are following you and increasing your efficacy online.

So remember don’t auto-share the same content, tweak, and schedule posts.

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