Search Business Group is the leading nationwide healthcare digital marketing agency, teaching practice owners, and managers how to attract and retain customers through search engine optimization, web design, and branding.

Ron Arellano
That’s all we are trying to do. I have been doing this whole marketing thing for a while now and Ron has been designing even longer. What we care about is helping people, specifically business owners. The reason for business owners is because the whole entrepreneurial business world is an extremely personal one for Ron
Ron Arellano
Now that we are all situated, its time to do the introductions. Ron Wave Design is a two person team made up of a graphic designer and a marketer.
Ron Arellano
How Ron Wave Design become Search Business Group After two months of preparation, even more months of brainstorming sessions, and countless late nights, a new agency is born. It started out at a local boba shop in Fullerton. I, the boba cashier, was working part-time during my off hours from school to gain some experience
Ron Arellano
Google continues to enhance its offering for its customers and with their latest update, it seems like Google has heard the cries about how we search for businesses. What I mean is all those times you head to a business to get a quick drink and BOOM! Line out the door. We’ve all been there.
Ron Arellano
On our last post I went through what Search Engine Optimization is. Today I’m going to help you figure out what you can tangibly do to start your SEO efforts. If you haven’t read my prior post, I’d advise you to go through it if you don’t know What Search Engine Optimization theoretically is. Step

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