What is the total cost of a hosting package to start my web design project in 2020?

When I decided to write this article I thought of those people who are not in the digital age, but for evolution reasons, they need to have web presence. Surely it has happened to them that they receive a business card without any link to visit a website, at least the owners of companies like me immediately ask themselves, how does this business operate? Will be real? Without doubt nowadays having a website is essential. That is why I have decided to clear up all those doubts and total costs when building a website.

I must clarify that the company mentioned here did not pay me. I do it simply by sharing my experience with those who are looking for technological stability.


Domain is nothing more than the name of your website. There are different types of extensions: com, org, online, co, me, club, and many more versions that come out year after year. But which one should I choose? The most common is .com, the average cost of hosting is $11.99


This word is scary at first, at least me when I was 18 years old. Happily from today you will understand what a server means. This is nothing more than a computer with functionality similar to that of an external hard drive that is connected to the internet. That’s it!

When someone visits your domain from a browser, the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) calls the server to display the information as images, content and data stored on that computer. There are servers for all the budgets but if you try to look for the cheapest one, you will sacrifice performance and customer service.

Hosting Services

The hosting company owe servers, they are responsible for the servers to work 365 days a year, this way your website works 365 days as well. In the event that a server does not work, they have an obligation to repair it since you pay a monthly fee for this service so your site is up and running immediately. These companies have employees in the areas of customer service, technicians and engineers waiting your call in case is there is an issue.

Type of Hosting

I have done more than 800 web pages in my professional career, I have worked with different web hosting companies and until this day I consider 1&1 the best company. There were moments I have worked on projects until 2:00 AM and I was in shock when they answer the phone at 2 am for technical support. Below are the most common hosting options:

Windows Web Hosting Microsoft

Web colleagues say: “The problem of Microsoft is the security”. I’m almost sure they have improved their security issues. I personally work before, and I have not find an issue. But my preference will be Linux.

Basic WindowsUnlimited Plus WindowsUnlimited Pro Windows
Unlimited sitesUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
2 GB Email StorageUnlimited Email StorageUnlimited Email Storage
Unlimited EmailsUnlimited EmailsUnlimited Emails
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


Linux Web Hosting

This always has been my favorite, it works very well. I never had any problems with this.[/vc_column_text][mk_table]

BasicUnlimited PlusUnlimited Pro
1 siteUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


WordPress Hosting

Most websites are now made in WordPress. This Linux hosting in particular is like having a smart mobile. You look for the application and install it from the control panel.

1&1 Managed WP1&1 Managed Plus1&1 Managed Unlimited
1 website5 websitesUnlimited websites
50 GB SSD Storage250 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Storage
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


What type of hosting is ideal for my project?

The ones I normally suggest are the following:

  • Linux Web Hosting, Unlimited Plus for $ 9.99 per month
  • WordPress Hosting 1 & 1 Managed Plus – $ 9.99 per month

In this services I do not recommend try to find a cheaper option, we are talking about your business, your 24/7 salesman, you will hate if the site is not there if a visitor come. You will get mad with the hosting company, but then you have to ask your self. What hosting company did I choose?

What is the difference between Linux Web Hosting and 1 & 1 Managed Plus?

The difference is only in the form of the installation of the applications to build the website. In Linux Web Hosting you must do everything manual, that is, create a database, download the application to your computer, then upload it, connect it to your database, and install. Unlike the 1 & 1 Managed Plus you enter the control panel, choose the application and press install and wait.

What is the SSL Certificate?

The most recent updates of search engines, especially Google, mention that they give preference to websites that have the SSL certificate. This certificate is the only way to prove legally that your company or business is legitimate. In some cases the company that gives you the certificate asks you to send a document that proves that you are the owner of the company and that the company is legally registered. It is very easy to realize, if you visit any web page, you will see sites that start with http: // and sites that start with https: // and on the left side of the search bar you will see a green color with a padlock or the word “safe”

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

My recommendation will always be that yes, SSL certificates have an extra cost but 1 & 1 offers 1 free, since it includes in the cost. Acquiring another certificate would cost you $ 29.99 per year.


1 domain$11.99 per year
Hosting$119.88 per year
SSL Certificate$0.00
Total Setup Cost$131.87

When becomes to hosting choose a good package, I will suggest 1and1 for cost and service. If you find something better and cheaper it’s at you own risk.

What is the best platform available for a web design in 2020?

To create a website, you have to think about the future, and why do I say future? Simply because the direction of a company can change in days, and because we need to have a platform that is flexible for those future changes.

The fact that my nephew’s friend who works in a web company, recommends me to use the X platform to build my site, does not necessarily mean that it is the right one. Nowadays, having a consultancy with a web agency is very easy since 90% do it for free, at it will take you like 45 minutes.

In the statistics made by W3Techs we find that 71.5% of websites are in fact in WordPress, followed by Joomla 7% and Drupal 4.7%


WordPress is the best CMS (content management system) for your a website, take it from a professional web design agency who have been working on web since 1998.

Does My Website Need to Meet ADA Compliance Requirements?

This is a complicated question with many answers, none of which can be accepted as the right one at this time. While there have been a handful of lawsuits since 2016, a couple of which did obtain a ruling in court, there is currently no legislation that outlines specific requirements for ADA compliance on the web. However, understandably, the issue has made business owners nervous about how to protect themselves and their businesses from legal trouble.

While The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to mandate certain standards for businesses to provide physical accessibility to the public, it is becoming relevant to online business as well. The internet is becoming more and more central to how we receive goods and services, so its only logical that we should also strive to make it accessible to everyone.

However, with no firm specifications required by local or federal government for websites, business owners are left wondering how exactly to make their websites accessible, even if they truly want to make the change. Meanwhile, lawsuits have been popping up since 2016 making business owners worried that they might be targeted—and making them vulnerable to marketing claims that their website can be made ADA accessible for a whopping fee.

Be wary of any promises you might come across to make your business website ADA compliant with big ticket prices. While there are Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that can lead you in the right direction, they are quite obfuscated and still open to interpretation.

This is not to say that ADA Compliance on the web is not important. Website accessibility is important to a sound business strategy as well as a solid moral standing as it offers equal opportunity for all people to enjoy your goods and services. People with disabilities make up nearly 20% of the country—that’s quite a customer base that you could be missing out on (United States Census). Not to mention, the WCAG overlaps significantly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, meaning that making your website more accessible will also likely make it excel more in search engine rankings.

If you are concerned about legal conflicts with ADA Web Compliance, here is a breakdown of what you can do at this time to help protect your business:


Graphics and visual content can be an excellent way to draw attention to your business and its unique brand, however, individuals with visual disabilities may be unable to interact with this content and thus barred from using your website to its full potential. This could include banners, buttons, or text in images placed on your website that provides critical information to website navigation.

This is not to say that you can’t use these visuals, but you would do well to provide an alternative. Individuals with visual disabilities rely on equipment such as text reading software that picks up on text on a webpage and reads it aloud to them so that they can receive the information.

If your text is formatted in an image, say as a jpg, png, etc., then its likely a text reader will not register it as text. You can now include something known as “alt text” or “alt tags”, which is an alternative description of the visual content that could stand in its place. Many web hosts such as WordPress make this easy and even provide a field for this information whenever an image is uploaded.

If you have videos on your website, they should always have a text transcript provided or subtitles that can serve as an alternative.

This applies to attached documents as well. If you have PDF documents on your website, these act as an image on a computer and may not be accessible to a text reader. Consider including an HTML or RTF version of the file.


Ultimately, you want your website to be easy to navigate for persons with and without disabilities. Keep your menus simply, clean, and ensure that you have good contrast between the colors and sizes of your fonts. It’s a good rule of thumb to provide a plain version of your website without all of its graphic elements for users to toggle between.

A user should have the option to close, pause, or minimize any content that blinks, flashes, or plays automatically, and you may even consider disabling these features altogether. Be mindful of why a user might visit your website, how much time you would like them to spend there, and how often you’d like them to visit—anything too obnoxious is bad for web traffic regardless of accessibility.

Make a Plan

ADA compliance is a process, not something you can do all at once and check off your list forever. On the other hand, don’t ignore it hoping it will go away or wait until there is legislation to start making changes. Aim to be proactive and methodical about updating your website and take it in small steps to keep it manageable.

Start with making everything accessible to text readers, caption and tag your images, work on simplicity and clarity, but also implement lasting policies going forward that apply anytime you update you update your website content. Establish a plan, start implementing it step by step, and perhaps most importantly, make that plan public to your customers and encourage feedback.


Especially since the guidelines on ADA compliance are still evolving, it’s important to be transparent with your client base about the changes you’re working towards. Make it clear to your customers that your goal is to make your website ADA accessible and that you welcome suggestions they might have to streamline the process.

It’s important to stay up to date with ADA news as it comes out and make updates respectively. Although we can offer you advice on ways to make your website more ADA accessible and move you in the right direction, we can’t offer you promises that you’ll fit legislation that has not yet been released. The internet is a moving target, so the best that you can do to protect yourself and your business is stay alert and strive to be as accommodating as possible.