You Have to Find Your Market

A part of my time I spend at a co-working space down in Costa Mesa. While there I’d fielded questions from many start ups and small businesses. Something that comes up a lot is that the business knows who their target customer is. They know who they want to reach out to. Where people need help is in finding the audience.Continue reading

Teach Something

Recently I’ve been learning kickboxing with a new training center. I’ve really enjoyed my time, especially when it comes to learning the techniques of fighting. One day after one of the sessions, I asked the head trainer if he would take a minute to help me with my footwork and the finer details of kickboxing. What started out as just 5 minutes of tweaking and working on my form eventually became 30 to 35 minutes worth of fighting instruction and strategy.Continue reading

Marketing, Like Business, is About Who You Know

The deeper I get into marketing, the more I realize how little power a brand and marketer really has. The reason being that at the end of the day, you can have all the best graphics, product benefits and greatest advertising campaign. But if there is no one to receive it or to help spread the word, then there is no point. Digital Marketing is something that is a collective unit. It necessitates the help of many individuals. This includes your customers, the media and influencers.Continue reading

How Your Business Can Participate during Appreciation Days

Its hard to think of how to give value. Everyone tells you to do it, but that is like when people say be healthy. What does that even mean? Well today I have some quick ideas on how to get your business to participate in global or community celebrations and to provide value. This will help save you from those days of creative and content back log.Continue reading

Marketing Spotlight: Tom Fishburne – Marketoonist

Sunday comics are always the best. Even though newspapers have long been replaced by digital media, comic strips have this vintage style that remind me of the allure of a vinyl record. I remember always being a huge fan of Garfield comics. I loved that cat. That was the one thing I would get from the library when my mom would force me to read something.Continue reading

What is Content Marketing? And Why Should I Do It?

What is Content and Why is it Such a Big Deal?

You ever heard the term, “Content is King”? Yeah I have too and just like you, I also hate hearing it. It is one of the most overused terms used in the business and marketing world right now. It is being used for the right reasons though and the adage “Content is King” overuse is the unintended consequence. Content truly is now the focus of many agencies and corporations. Now it may not necessarily be the king, but it definitely is the fuel powering campaigns.Continue reading

SnoopaVision: April Fools from YouTube

Today is the day I hate. Where everything is a lie. Things I read on social media reach a level of absurdity that somehow makes you want to go back to the normal weird level of Facebook. On a day like this, where people are scheming to make jokes, your darn sure that some really lame stuff comes out. Just ask D’Angelo Russel of the Lakers, who played a prank that went very badly.

YouTube Gets It

Luckily there are people who get it. Companies who help relax my eyes from the constant rolling. Saying that, man I got to say Google and YouTube get it so right. Today they launched Snoopa Vision. As a California native I thought it would be something totally different, but what actually was put together was a pretty entertaining campaign. I probably spent a good 10 to 15 minutes just looking through it all.

The introductory video was made extremely well and they actually put the effort into applying SnoopaVision to popular videos on YouTube. They have 10 videos that you can watch in 360 degrees with Snoop Dogg offering his commentary. Honestly, even without the 360 views, the commentary would have been cool enough.

Why This One is So Much Better Than the Rest

I think there is something about pranks. Knowing that someone is pulling your leg and causing you stress, discomfort, or anxiety at your expense, for their laugh has some give and take. You like to know that the person doing the prank or joke puts time and effort. If you are a fan of The Office, Jim Halpert offers probably the best example of tasteful pranks. While Michael Scott has terrible ones.

The point is, YouTube did an amazing job because they actually put time into creating a high-quality prank. It’s so thorough that they actually have content. The campaign features a celebrity, amazing technology, and entertainment. That’s what it should be all about!

It’s a Track Record

This isn’t the first time Google has killed it with April Fool’s Jokes. One of my other favorites was launched in 2012, with Google Chrome’s Multitask mode.

I will admit. I totally fell for this one when it came out. I’ll sheepishly concede that I did go looking for a second mouse. Only after showing my dad the video and accidentally scrolling down to the comment section did I finally start putting two and two together.


It’s okay though! It marked the first year I started noticing the Google April Fool’s Pranks!

There’s So Many More

Google is such a large company that they can invest in so many awesome April Fool’s Jokes. Here is a list by VentureBeat that has all of their pranks this year.

Marketing Spotlight: WatchMojo

Today’s spotlight is a YouTube channel that I’ve been watching for about five years now. They do a great job with their content and till this day I’m still really impressed how they have made a business out of their videos. The channel is called WatchMojo and it is often what I find myself wasting my day to. For some people its Netflix, for me its often WatchMojo.Continue reading

The Concept of Minimum Viable Product for Marketing

What’s great about marketing is that it’s the aspect of business where the brand can come alive. It allows you to step out of your logo and storefront and put out beautiful designs and graphics that make your brand start to feel tangible. Companies like Coca Cola, Google and Apple are great example of companies who have expertly made their brand into tangible beings. When it comes to marketing your brand, it can be exciting, but overwhelming. This is where the concept of minimum viable product comes into play.Continue reading

Content Ideas Your Business Can Take From TV and Radio Shows

I watch/listen to a lot of talk shows. Sports talk shows that is. And when you watch any genre  of talk show over and over again, you start noticing patterns. Well what I noticed with sports talk shows is how they make their show fun. Its hard enough sitting in a lecture or a seminar for an hour, yet how the hell do we sit through an hour long show or radio program. What I found is that it revolves not around the content itself, but around the delivery. They make the delivery fun. They even incorporate games. Continue reading