What is SEO? Explained in Laymen Terms

Search Engine Optimization in the last five years has catapulted to the very core of any online marketing campaign. What once was a new fad has quickly become a non negotiable, vital pillar of any successful business that wants to survive in the 21st century.

This hyper speed growth has produced a wide gap between those who know SEO and those who don’t. If your like most people, Search Engine Optimization is a mammath of a term. Knowing what it means is a whole other story that quite understandably is sometimes not worth it for many business people. Today I’ll go through Search Engine Optimization, most often represented as SEO, what you need to know and best practices.Continue reading

How SEO Builds Strategic Partnerships

At the end of the day Search Engine Optimization is meant to increase your rankings. To get there though you need a good site, great content and links. What often happens though is that if you do SEO right, business relationships pop up. What I have found is that conducting search engine optimization has brought about those treasured underlined blue fonts to get directed to your site, but it leads you to people and businesses that are more than willing to start a relationship with you. Today, I’ll take you through how SEO and linkbuilding helps get your business not only ranked higher, but it gets you more connected.Continue reading

Content Ideas Your Business Can Take From TV and Radio Shows

I watch/listen to a lot of talk shows. Sports talk shows that is. And when you watch any genre  of talk show over and over again, you start noticing patterns. Well what I noticed with sports talk shows is how they make their show fun. Its hard enough sitting in a lecture or a seminar for an hour, yet how the hell do we sit through an hour long show or radio program. What I found is that it revolves not around the content itself, but around the delivery. They make the delivery fun. They even incorporate games. Continue reading

If You Practice Good SEO, You Shouldn’t Worry About Updates

The Distrust for SEO

While starting the agency, I’ve been in my fair share of meetings. My central tenant in these meetings is Search Engine Optimization. Its what we specialize in and the focus of all our marketing campaigns. SEO just doesn’t get the cool kid attention that Social Media does though. Lots of business owners and marketing managers have pushed off SEO as a behind the scenes, sneaky method of marketing that has no backing. Back that up with few academic institutions teaching SEO but having full on classes and projects on Social Media, you can start to see why there is a certain distrust with the field.Continue reading

Small Business Guide to Adding Your Business Listing

Adding your business listing to directories is one of the basic necessities of ensuring high rankings on Google. It seems easy enough, adding a name, contact info, and such, but if you tried doing it already you already know what the headache is. For some reason, all the major data providers seem to have different ways of adding your listing. So pretty soon you are in a labyrinth of URLs and hyperlinks that seemingly take you through a loop of never-ending torture. I don’t know why it has to be so difficult but to make everyone’s life easier, I’ve created this guide with the exact URLs and the location where you can add your listing.

This list will be expansive and it will be updated as the different sites change. Hopefully this will make your lives as easy as it has been now for our agency.

Big Four Databases

Acxiom: Claim | How to Claim | Add | How to Add

Factual: Add | How to Add

Neustar Localeze: Claim | How to Claim | Add | How to Add

infogroup Express Update: Claim | How to Claim | Add | How to Add

Major Database (In Progress)

Best of the Web: Add | How to Add

foursquare: Claim | How to Claim | Add | How to Add

Superpages: Claim | How to ClaimAdd | How to Add

How to Update/Add My Business Listing on Factual

Factual has a pretty unique method of adding your business compared to that of the other database companies. With the help of Local Visibility Systems and Phil, I was able to figure out how to get listed. Below you’ll see the step by step on how to do this.

Note that you are unable to claim your listing on Factual. Your main purpose is to ensure that your information is correct.Continue reading

How to Add My Business Listing on Infogroup (Express Update)

Claiming your business on Express Update is imperative to SEO success. It is one of the largest providers of database information to other sites. Infogroup and Neustar Localeze actually ask to have all listings updated through Express Update. So ensuring that all your information is extremely important.

1. Go to the Express Update’s “Submit a New Place”


2. If You Don’t See Your Business Click “Click Here to Continue Submitting”


3. You Will Be Taken to Your Dashboard and Your Listing Will Not Be Reviewed


You should receive an email in a couple of weeks in regard to the status of your new submission. From there you can claim the listing and fix information as needed.

How to Claim My Business Listing on Infogroup (Express Update)

Claiming your business on Express Update is imperative to SEO success. It is one of the largest providers of database information to other sites. Below is a step by step guide on how to claim your business listing on Express Update. Continue reading