How To Add My Business Listing to Best of the Web

Best of the Web is one of the mid level directories of the web. Below we take you through how to add your business to Best of the Web. Be careful as if you go the wrong route on the website you may accidentally sign up for the billing and marketing plan. What the tutorial […]

How to Incorporate TV Shows into your Social Media Strategy

TV is still a big deal. Netflix, mobile phones and tablets may be more prevalent, but nothing draws more attention than TV. People still tune in for big events like the Super Bowl, season finales and of course just the weekly ritual of catching up with your favorite characters. These shows are an extremely integral […]

What is a Twitter Chat?

Twitter Chats are the unsung heroes of the Twitter world. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a social media where people are actively looking for a conversation. Tools like hash tags and Twitter’s live events just optimize the opportunity to find new people to follow and interact with.

Best Way to Schedule Posts for Different Social Medias

In our post about auto-sharing I talked about how relying on auto-sharing leads to ineffective social media strategy. The post ended by saying that auto-sharing is one of those tools that is a necessity, however, it has become a shortcut that has sacrificed a good social media culture. The point about scheduling and auto-sharing is […]

Utilizing Google to Access Competitor’s Customer Traffic

On July 28th, Google announced yet another update to its search engine app, by rolling out a functionality that allows users and customers to see how busy a business is. The update is geared towards helping users identify not only the best place to go, but also if that potential location is too crowded, or […]

The Search Business Group Story

How Ron Wave Design become Search Business Group After two months of preparation, even more months of brainstorming sessions, and countless late nights, a new agency is born. It started out at a local boba shop in Fullerton. I, the boba cashier, was working part-time during my off hours from school to gain some experience […]