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Local SEO Pricing Calculator

Welcome to our Local SEO Pricing Calculator, your gateway to understanding the cost of boosting your business’s online presence in your target locations. Local SEO is the key to standing out in today’s digital marketplace, and it’s essential to know what it entails.

In the context of local SEO services, a “city” represents more than just a geographic area; it’s the heartbeat of your business’s online presence. Think of it as the foundation upon which you build your digital visibility. Cities are dynamic, diverse, and made up of countless neighborhoods, each with its unique character. Cities like:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Houston

These urban giants are our playgrounds in local SEO. When we optimize for a “city,” we’re not just targeting a single point on the map; we’re aiming to conquer the entire urban landscape. Our goal is to ensure that when potential customers within these cities search for services or products related to your industry, your business shines brightly on their screens.

But what about a "location" within these cities?

Within the vast expanse of a city, there are smaller pockets, neighborhoods, or districts that form distinctive “locations.” Each “location” carries its own character and local community.

These locations are like hidden gems within the larger urban treasure trove. Locations like:

  • Greenwich Village in New York City
  • Santa Monica in Los Angeles
  • Wicker Park in Chicago
  • South Beach in Miami
  • The Woodlands in Houston

Optimizing for a “location” means we’re drilling down to engage potential customers in these specific areas. We tailor our strategies and keywords to ensure that when someone within a neighborhood searches for your services or products, your business is their top choice. To achieve this, we deploy laser-focused strategies and keywords, such as:

  • Family dentist in Greenwich Village
  • Orthodontist in Santa Monica
  • Cosmetic dentistry in Wicker Park
  • Pediatric orthodontist South Beach
  • Emergency dental care in The Woodlands

These location-specific keywords are the compass points guiding potential customers to your doorstep within these smaller, defined areas. As you explore our Local SEO Pricing Calculator, you’ll gain insights into the costs associated with elevating your online presence in both cities and specific locations. Whether you’re a dental practice in the heart of a bustling city or nestled within a charming neighborhood, our calculator will help you chart your course to success. Try us today and discover how local SEO can transform your business in your target locations.

1. Number of locations

2. How many cities are you planning to target?

3. How many counties are you planning to target?

4. Word Count Included

How Will Your Content Be Allocated?

Great question! The answer will depend on the actual situation of your Content Marketing Strategy with the ultimate goal of making you rank to page 1. The word count budget will be distributed by city, the level of importance, and that will be decided by your practice goals. Below is an average word count table for each task, so you can have an idea of how the word budget count will go.

📃 Content Type✍🏼 Average Word Count
Blog Posts750 words
Service Pages750 words
Location Pages750 words
FAQ Sections250 words
Additional Content250 words
Blog Post Optimization450 words
Service Page Optimization450 words
Fixing Duplicate Content **250 to 25,000 words
Google Business Profile Posts480 words
Guest Posts750 words

*Please note that actual word counts may vary for each content piece due to competitor analysis and SEO requirements.

** The resolution of duplicate content issues may be treated as an additional project if it existed before our collaboration began. Each case is evaluated individually

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5. Additional Content

The volume of content plays a pivotal role in reaching your target audience and enhancing your online visibility. Should you seek to expedite your results and accelerate the growth of your practice, we recommend considering additional content as part of your plan. More content equates to more opportunities to secure higher search engine rankings, attract a greater number of visitors, and convert more patients.

Interested in increasing your word count for maximum impact? 🚀

6. SEO-Centric Video Marketing

Integrating videos that address specific public inquiries can be a powerful traffic driver for your website. We can strategize to identify these questions and create videos that promote your practice. Here are a couple of samples:

How many videos would you like to add?

7. Web Maintenance & Updates

Entrusting us with your website maintenance and SEO efforts allows for a seamless, integrated approach to your online marketing strategy. This alignment empowers both teams to harmonize goals, methods, and metrics to optimize your website for both users and search engines. If another agency handles your website maintenance, please be aware that delays, misunderstandings, or conflicts may arise, which we may not have control over. Are you interested in having us manage your website maintenance?

Would you like us to handle your website maintenance?

Total for 1 Location Only

Overcoming Major Obstacles for Healthcare Practices

Our website is currently not attracting as much traffic as we'd like.

To address this, we have a team of seasoned SEO professionals, creative copywriters, and savvy digital marketers ready to elevate your website’s visibility. They specialize in ensuring that when your potential clients search online for the services you offer, your site appears prominently, thus steadily boosting both traffic and revenue for your business.

We're excited to announce the opening of a new location!

To ensure this new venture thrives, we’re deploying a suite of dynamic digital marketing strategies. These are designed to prominently showcase your new practice to potential patients, highlighting the treatments you offer and inspiring them to engage with your services. Get ready to welcome a wave of new clients and set the foundation for lasting success at your new location!

It's a challenge to drawn in as many patients as we'd like.

To turn this around, we’re implementing expertly designed strategies that focus on creating a seamless and captivating user experience on your website. This approach is tailored to not only attract visitors but also to inspire them to become your patients, ensuring a consistent influx of new clients to your practice.

We're are having an issue with high patient turnover.

Are you introducing new treatments or services and looking to effectively showcase them to potential clients? Our comprehensive suite of digital advertising and marketing solutions is here to help. We’re focused on capturing the attention of those who need your services the most, ensuring that your offerings are prominently displayed and driving substantial revenue for your facility.

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Our Content Writing Process

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SEO Growth

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SEO Growth

On-Site SEO

Think of your website as your business storefront online. Our On-Site SEO service ensures that your business is easy for people to find online. First, we identify the best words (Keyword Research) people use when searching for businesses like yours -Then, we spruce up your business’s online presence to make it more appealing and organized. We even create catchy signs (meta titles and descriptions) that entice people to visit. And, to keep things fresh, we add new content to your business regularly. This helps more people discover your business and appreciate what you offer!

Off-Site SEO

Think of it as spreading the word about your business beyond your storefront. Our Off-Site SEO service focuses on building your business’s reputation and visibility across the internet. We begin by checking the connections (backlink audits) that lead to your business, ensuring they’re strong and reliable. Then, we pinpoint the local areas where your business should be known and engage with local media outlets. We also contact industry directories and blogs to share your business’s story. And we keep an eye on your competitors to ensure your business stays one step ahead in the online world.

Call Tracking

Imagine having a personal assistant who keeps track of all the calls your business receives. Our Call Tracking service does just that. It assigns unique phone numbers to your marketing efforts, so we know exactly where your business calls come from. This helps bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts and provides valuable data to measure your return on investment (ROI). Plus, you’ll have access to all your leads’ information and call recordings, giving you a complete picture of your business interactions.

Why do I need Call Tracking?

Local Listings & Directories

Your business’s online presence is like having a listing in a digital phone book. We ensure your business stands out in local directories. With Lead Tracking, Operational Reports, Rankings, and Competitive Analysis, we keep your business visible and competitive. We also provide Web Analytics, NAPS Citations, and connections to major data aggregators, ensuring your business gets noticed.

Review Tool

Online reviews are like word-of-mouth recommendations for your business. Our Review Tool helps you collect and manage these reviews effectively. You can request customer reviews, personalize requests with your business branding, and even monitor all your reviews in one convenient place. It’s like having your review management team.

Content Marketing

Content is the storyteller for your business. Our Content Marketing service ensures your business tells a compelling story online. We perform monthly topical research and SEO audits to keep your content fresh and optimized. We distribute content across various platforms, create original content, and manage blog and Google Business Profile optimization (GBP) and postings. Monthly reports inform you about your content’s impact on your business’s online presence.

SEO Account Manager

Your SEO Account Manager is like the captain of your online journey. They’ll steer your business through the world of search engines, making sure it’s seen by the right people. They analyze data, set strategies, and ensure your business stays on course towards online success.

Content Strategist

Think of your Content Strategist as the master storyteller for your business. They craft a narrative that captivates your audience, using the right words at the right time. They plan what stories your business should tell and where to tell them, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.

Content Editor

Your Content Editor is like the grammar master for your business. They meticulously check every word and sentence to make sure your content is clear, engaging, and error-free. They ensure your business’s message is polished and professional before it reaches your audience.

UX/UI Designer

Your UX/UI Designer is like the interior decorator for your business’s digital space. They create a welcoming and user-friendly environment for your website visitors. They make sure your business’s website looks good and feels even better, providing an enjoyable experience for all.

Web Designer

Your Web Designer is like the architect for your online headquarters. They design the blueprint for your website, creating a layout that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate. They ensure your business’s digital storefront is inviting and functional.

Graphic Designer

Your Graphic Designer is the artist who adds visual flair to your business’s image. They craft eye-catching logos, graphics, and visuals that make your business stand out. Their creativity gives your brand a unique and memorable identity.

Web Developer

Your Web Developer is the tech wizard who brings your website to life. They take the designs and ideas and turn them into a fully functional website. They make sure your business’s online presence runs smoothly and efficiently.

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