If You Practice Good SEO, You Shouldn’t Worry About Updates

The Distrust for Search Engine Optimization

While starting the agency, I’ve been in my fair share of meetings. My central tenant in these meetings is Search Engine Optimization. It’s what we specialize in and the focus of all our dental marketing campaigns. SEO just doesn’t get the cool kid attention that Social Media does though. Lots of business owners and marketing managers have pushed off SEO as a behind-the-scenes, sneaky method of marketing that has no backing. Back that up with few academic institutions teaching SEO but having full-on classes and projects on Social Media, you can start to see why there is a certain distrust of the field.

Some of this distrust has been brought about by companies paying 6 figure budgets to companies to improve their rankings. Usually what I hear next is that once Google went through their update, all the rankings disappeared. Their traffic dropped and the whole search engine optimization experiment didn’t work, in fact, it was a huge waste of money. Here is where many businesses go down the wrong path.

You Can’t Avoid SEO

As long as there is a search engine, there will be search engine optimization. There are two options, with very many different outcomes. You can either not do SEO and hope that your competitors won’t or that you are just extremely lucky and your processes follow SEO habits. Hey, who knows, freaks of nature exist, people win the lottery, and all of us know too well, that small percentages can sometimes lead to some luck. The other option is to do SEO. The goal is to do good SEO though so that you have long-term stability and success. Do it badly, it will be worse than not doing anything. Those companies that saw a major decline in traffic and rankings essentially underwent black hat SEO.

The reason why Google updates every so often is to improve its algorithm so that it can deliver better results for its users. This entails adjustments to the algorithm that will remove those who are trying to cheat the system. So doing things like link farming or duplicating content will be wiped out once Google updates its algorithm. For those companies that stick to the fundamental of search engine optimization, they won’t be affected, or it even can increase your rankings.

Just Make Sure Your Doing Good SEO

So those who are skeptical understand that search engine optimization isn’t just some patch or plug-in that magically affects your SEO. It’s like any other business practice. There is good accounting and bad accounting. There is good SEO and bad SEO. You just have to make sure that the digital marketing company you hire is doing it the right way.

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Ron Arellano
Ron Arellano
President of Search Business Group, Ron is a Healthcare Business Consultant, Digital Marketer, Award-Winning Senior Creative Director Who Loves UX/UI, Web, SEO, Data, and Animals.

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