Healthcare SEO Pricing 2023

How Much Does Medical & Healthcare SEO Cost?

Healthcare SEO costs can vary a lot depending on your needs and goals. A good SEO campaign will require a lot of work, so we’ve done all we can to break it down and present you with everything our team of experts can offer you.

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Best Healthcare SEO Services

Search Business Group (SBG) is a Healthcare Marketing & SEO Agency dedicated to helping you reach new customers within the Healthcare and Medical industry.

With our customized Local SEO services, your practice will increase the number of patients and reach a bigger audience by providing and integrating appealing content into all your platforms.

While we keep your website and Google Business Profile up-to-date and optimized for current google standards, our healthcare marketing agency will ensure that your business achieves recognition, and your brand expands its local presence.

SBG has the expertise you are looking for to give your practice the authority, relevance, and visibility it deserves. Throughout the years, we have helped dozens of businesses succeed in the competitive digital marketing world. Our clients successfully reached new levels of notoriety, increased rankings, and acquired new leads.

Our customized campaigns and services offer great alternatives for each client. With an entire team of experts, your business and target audience will grow exponentially, your website rankings will soar, and your business will gross more profits.

How Much Does Local Healthcare SEO Cost?

For medical practices, SEO usually costs $2500 to $7500 per month, but the monthly cost can be as low as $500 or as high as $10,000 for some practices that want to enhance their website performance on search engines.

The cost of healthcare SEO varies depending on your provider, their pricing model, and the plan you select. However, you should expect monthly SEO services from a trustworthy agency or freelancer to include:

Healthcare SEO Plans


$ 2300 / Month
  • 1 Office Location
  • Healthcare Keyword Research
  • Entire Website Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Website Maintenance
  • Review Generator Tool
  • 2500 words

No yearly contracts 


$ 2700 / Month
  • 2 Office Locations
  • Healthcare Keyword Research
  • Entire Website Optimization
  • 2 Call Tracking Numbers
  • Website Maintenance
  • Review Generator Tool
  • 4500 words

No yearly contracts 


$ 3200 / Month
  • 3 Office Locations
  • Healthcare Keyword Research
  • Entire Website Optimization
  • 3 Call Tracking Numbers
  • Website Maintenance
  • Review Generator Tool
  • 6500 words

No yearly contracts

Service Plans Benefits

SBG knows that to have a successful online presence and business, today’s companies -regardless of their sector- are forced to compete in the aggressive digital marketing world.

So, building your local online brand is essential to the success of your business. We have customized plans to attract new customers to help you achieve that level of recognition.

But first, let’s analyze the benefits of an effective healthcare local SEO Campaign:

The Significant Advantage

A significant advantage over PPC campaigns and any other digital campaigns as SEO reaches a broader target audience with a more robust website.

One of the significant rewards of SEO campaigns is that instead of targeting a distinct demographic group, the spectrum of the campaign will reach a wider audience. The main reason is that SEO campaigns focus on keywords, content, and your website’s technical health.

Your site’s health is a technical measure of your website in comparison to your competitors. The metrics you will get will allow your SEO team to fix and work on all areas needed to strengthen your website’s technological needs.

The following applied SEO tactics let you solidify your relationship with google and help your campaign soar to new heights.


The healthcare industry is ferocious with its digital marketing efforts. Almost every practice, new or old, uses a form of online advertisement, from Google Ads to Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, and more. An SEO Audit will help you realize where you stand and with whom. By analyzing from an SEO technical point of view- your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and identifying yours, you will be ahead of the game. Plus, you will get valuable data and the upper hand over your competitors.

Every great relationship starts with a message.

Complete Strategy

SEO has proven to be a complete strategy that gives you higher results and repeatedly surpasses all competition within SERPs (Search engine results pages) and rankings. It analyzes, repairs, and optimizes all technical aspects of your site, giving it the strength, credibility, and authority that Google and the healthcare industry require. 

At the same time, it enhances your clients’ user experience with premium content. An SEO camping is undoubtedly a complete digital marketing approach that encompasses all-in-one human needs and technical requirements that ultimately bring massive ROIs.

Competitive Keywords Analysis & Keywords List Creation

Competitive Keywords Analysis is one of the most crucial steps of the research process to create the accurate list of keywords needed for your business, which is an in-depth analysis of your business compared to your competitors. Besides helping you generate a tailored SEO strategy; the Keywords List will also aid you in achieving the best Google rankings possible.

SEO Campaign Application and Utmost Results:

Once we have a clear starting point and we finished determining what the weakest and most vital parts of your site are, what your competitors are doing, and what keywords fit you the best, we will be able to set up the proper SEO campaigns for your business.

SEO Strategy & Content Creation

SEO is about making your site wholesome in all aspects; it has to be friendly to users and search engines. For this, we must ensure that it contains high-quality content and technically clicks all google criteria standards (a fast site with dominant backlinks, regularly optimized with a strong site structure for all platforms, plus excellent user experience).

We will apply the proper SEO strategies for your account based on the data collected. The SEO team of experts applies the different strategies in three distinct phases that involve: An initial Setup process, followed by corrections and optimizations, and finally, content creation and on-site/off-site practices.

Long History of Driven Client Success


Google Impressions


Fill Form Requests


SEO Revenue


Calls Generated

Campaigns progression

We are always asked how long SEO takes, and the answer is, each case is unique, so be patient. Good organic SEO builds up with time, while some sites start seeing results within the first four months other might need more time. The rule of thumb is six-to-nine months at least as we have to consider all possible scenarios.

After the different SEO campaigns are applied, and as the site corrects its deficiencies, google will index the proper changes. There is no time for Google’s indexing process, but when completed, you will notice how your site progresses in user engagement and usability; calls and new leads will increase due to higher traffic, authority, and credibility.

And even though SEO strategies need a little more time to kick in, it continues to be the best cost-effective campaign for online marketing. The fact that SEO is organic will always give you a head start in comparison to any other digital campaign. 

Organic searches are the internet’s core and getting a piece of those already active users will give you more leads than all your other campaigns combined. Plus, for SEO, you need to correct every technical aspect of your site’s health and if you add substantial material and information, it will make your site pure gold for any other digital campaigns you would like to apply.

With Google’s support, your business recognition will increase, along with your ROIs:

As we mentioned above your site’s health will greatly increase after SEO, and your site’s visibility, strength, and authority will raise to the roof as you fix and optimize all technical areas.

  • Local searches are the first to benefit from your SEO Campaigns and Google’s support, increasing your traffic and local recognition.
  • As a result of this Authority, Relevance, And Experience, conversions will grow exponentially showing great ROIs.
  • Most companies that invest in SEO see the significant benefits that the campaigns bring. SEO is a wholesome journey with substantial long-term developments for your website, builds in your brand credibility, increases local recognition, and reaches new audiences, which translates into significant revenues.

Full Details Healthcare SEO Plans

It’s no more secret healthcare practices invest heavily in digital marketing and SEO is a complex field to understand. That’s why we have put together a table with our full deliverables. 

Healthcare Pricing List

Request Healthcare SEO Overview Pricing Information

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Healthcare SEO services in detail.

For you to see how expansive and detailed our healthcare SEO agency works, let’s dive into some of the primary services we offer:


The setup process is Phase One of your SEO journey. Once we go over your customized audit and competitors’ analysis, we will ensure that you know where your business is starting.

Knowing where we are will help us battle everything that will come ahead of us; it is crucial to know your competitors, what they are doing and what you need to succeed in your local area.

Based on this information, we will set up a customized campaign for you backed up with a monthly and secured SEO Agreement. Yes, we have monthly contracts with our clients as we trust our work. Most of our clients stay for years with us, as the only thing we need to prove how good we are is the ROIs that each one of our healthcare practices is getting. We will not try to get you under those “yearly” agreements as we trust in our work and our results.

Once your audits, agreements, and primary data are collected, we can start the general setup process and configurations.

We start with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager Setup, Call Tracking, Google Business Profile creation and optimizations, and a variety of SEO tools to start gathering information for examination and comparison of each campaign applied.

It is worth noting that we will optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) for each SEO campaign. The GBP is also actively used to post relevant content that supports each campaign, expand the brand image, create traffic, and -the essential benefit- acquire new leads.

Finally, our healthcare SEO experts’ team uses all the data collected to create your customized SEO campaign anchored on your Industry’s Local Rankings. At the end of every month, the data is analyzed and reported to our clients in a user-friendly Data Studio report that includes a monthly meeting to review all the campaign details and their positive results.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking (CT) is a Dynamic number insertion (DNI) tool used to attribute online and offline data and to track how successful the SEO campaigns are. The Source-level tracking system follows calls from offline marketing pieces, and its internal access to each lead’s name, number, location, and call recordings, is also offered to our clients.

The CT system is also best for our clients to measure their ROIs (Return Of Investment). When your calls start to increase, it is helpful to know from which sources those calls are coming, and CT marks precisely how successful the SEO campaigns are and how much you are getting in return.

In addition, to see your ROIs, the CT internal access is a great tool to track and supervise how your office staff is performing. Clients can listen to each call received; the system even offers after-hours receptionist services and a list of the numbers that called your practice.

Content per Industry (i.e., Healthcare, etc.)

Once we complete your local Keyword research, we start customizing your Keywords List, and the information gathered is used to create the SEO content needed for the campaign.

Each piece of content needed goes through a strict writing creation process. SEO content creation is a careful, well-integrated process from the word count to the topics, analysis, editing, and optimization. And our SEO agency ensures the material is mindfully crafted and entirely original, meaning we take pride that every article, excerpt, tag, and material is unique. Google’s policy on duplicate content is simple, no duplicate content allowed. Although no “official” penalties exist, Google will filter your duplicate content, and your pages will lose authority and visibility.

Based on this, when we receive a new website, we will audit, analyze, and revise its content to alert you -the owner- of any possible infringements that might put your brand name and site in danger.

We also perform monthly content reviews and optimizations to customize all the SEO strategies and progress analyses need to increase your website’s authority, credibility, and traffic.

Lastly, we promote internal and external traffic with attractive service and location pages, up-to-date blogs, GBP posts, and engaging Guest Posts.

Technical Local SEO

Humans are not the only ones who see our websites, as the world-wide-web world is also seen and analyzed by bots, and for that, you need advanced Technical Local SEO.

Humans are not the only ones who see our websites, as the world-wide-web world is also seen and analyzed by bots, and for that, you need advanced Technical Local SEO.

In general terms, Technical SEO refers to all actions taken to aid Google’s bots and other search engines to crawl and index your server and website correctly.

Your on-site SEO includes Title Tags, Meta Tag Creations, URL Optimizations, Robots.txt, Sitemap (creation and submission), Page optimizations, and Website Speed Optimizations. These are just a few tactics we use to help you get the organic and natural exposure that comes from a well-accepted and indexed site.

Keywords Research and mapping to target pages are mainly beneficial for pairing your keywords and landing pages/blog post postings. These techniques increase your rankings and your site’s health while we audit and correct your site regularly.

Finally, we will cover for you all other technical aspects of your on-site SEO process, such as backend coding, schema codes, and canonical analysis. Internal and external Link analysis, disavow, redirecting, restructuring, and error page setup to speed up your site, increase traffic, and create conversions.

As part of the Off-Site SEO, we will also work on your NAPs, directory listings, industry links, guest posting, outreach, infographics, Google stories, PDF submissions, and competitor link creation, to mention just a few.

Google Business Profile (GBP)

Google Business Profile is a free Business Profile offered by Google to strengthen your site and online business presence, including Google Maps.

This feature is an excellent aid for local SEO campaigns. According to Google stats, 70% of people visit your GBP profile rather than your website, so claiming and maintaining a GBP account is crucial for your business. Maintaining and optimizing the profile is time-consuming, but the benefits of having a current, well-written profile are endless.

The main benefit is that your brand gains local recognition, as it provides your future clients with additional, objective information about your site and services.

As part of your SEO campaign, we ensure that your GBP Business Information (hours, address, contacts, description) is up to date. We also provide content and optimize your GBP account with the correct keyword information representing your brand, image, and business goals.

Our content department will post Weekly GBP Posts, CTAs, and Images for you, as well as write all categories, locations, products, and services content and media updates.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what our SEO experts will do and why they will do it regarding your Google Business Profile. 

We Utilize the Google Ecosystem to create a GMB listing that will bring patients rushing to your door!

Our Google Business Profile optimization services handle every aspect of your listing, from your business description to the posts, so you can focus on serving your patients.

Local businesses no longer compete to rank at the top of Google SERPs; instead, the focus is on obtaining a spot in the highly sought-after three-pack, which Google displays above search results when users look for a specific good or service.

Our SEO specialists can assist you in claiming your business listing, creating a description that is optimized for it, and then enhancing this listing with accurate company information and consistent blog posts to interact with your audience.

All this helps increase your sales by multiples and get the phone ringing. What’s best? Since we put our patients first, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions along the way.

A properly managed Google Business Profile listing can aid in reputation management, enable regular patient interaction, and make you visible to most mobile users.

Branding for Google Business Profile is Your Best Friend

Branding, or brand guidelines, is the set of rules that establish your brand’s overall look and feel. They assist you in developing a brand identity that your target audience can identify across all platforms.

A thorough brand style guide covers everything from typography and color palette to a brand’s voice tone and mission statement. As a result, every time you create new marketing materials for your company, it provides you with all of the instructions you need to communicate the right messages in the right way.

The end result? The messages you send to your patients will feel more complete and connected.

Here are four reasons you need to put brand guideline creation on your to-do list, or better yet, why at Search Business Group, we always set Brand Guidelines for our clients.

1. Patients value consistency

Brand consistency is a huge moneymaker in almost every industry. You can increase your revenue by up to 23% if you use the same branding guidelines across all of your marketing collateral, including blog posts, social media posts, and Google ads.

The strength of consistency stems from the fact that repetition promotes brand recognition. Simply using the same brand color scheme can greatly increase the number of consumers who can identify you, so expect results when all of your brand elements come together.

2. Your brand becomes more recognizable

Every business has a brand, but some are much more distinct than others. If your brand needs to be clarified, you’ll be defined by your product or service, which won’t leave the best impression.

Brand guidelines assist you in bringing together all of the elements that make up who you are, allowing you to create an identity that extends beyond what service you offer. When your patients hear your name, they can picture what you stand for.

Because we continue to spend so much of our time online, having a distinct visual identity is more important than ever. Image search is becoming more popular, meaning people are discovering brands on search engines solely through visuals.

3. You’ll stand out in a crowd

Most of us spend a lot of time on the internet these days, and the plethora of content marketing on our screens can begin to blend together. However, if you consistently promote a clearly consistent brand, your audience is bound to pay attention at least once.

Whether you commit to a sassy brand personality or a friendlier tone of voice, adhering to your own brand guidelines can help you not only increase brand awareness but also become a brand that people can’t wait to hear from.

4. Branding increases loyalty

Consumers form emotional bonds with companies that share similar core values, and your brand guidelines assist you in translating those values to your target audience uniquely.

Here is an example of great branding done our way:

How to Improve Your Google Business Profile Listing and Use It to Increase Sales

While you may have already developed an excellent marketing strategy that places a strong emphasis on social media optimization and diverse marketing, failing to optimize your Google Business Profile listing is a major blunder that could cause your metrics to plummet.

It helps patients find your business and allows you to tell them about it. You can even verify your Google Business Profile listing to make it more credible.

With more than 90% of Americans owning a cell phone, utilizing the depths of online directories has become one of the simplest ways to increase audience reach, engagement, and retention.

Businesses can give patients exactly what they’re looking for—and more—by creating a profile rich in operating information and engaging text, photo, and video posts.

Google Business Profile is the most popular and efficient online tool for businesses to leverage in 2020, with over 97% of US consumers using online platforms to shop locally.

Ok, enough statistics; let’s take a look at how we kick things off. 

We begin by creating a Google Business Profile in order to optimize for greater brand visibility.

If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile, we will claim your business by creating a Google Business listing for you. As we optimize your Google Business Profile, your business will begin to climb SERPs, thereby helping you reach a greater audience. 

Our team will create an engaging, informative, and creative listing to give your brand the boost it deserves.

Your listing will Include the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Business Hours
  • Category
  • Types of Payment Accepted
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

An updated and relevant online listing will not only help your business attract new patients but will also boost credibility, reputation, and authenticity.

This will allow you to keep existing patients and expand your patient base, boosting business metrics.

We also recommend applying for verification to take advantage of all of the tools available on the GMB dashboard and improve your visibility across Google Search and Maps.

Ensuring NAP Consistency

Short for name, address, and phone number, having a NAP inconsistency greatly damages your brand’s identity and trustworthiness on the internet.

Improve local traffic by maintaining consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) across your Google Business Profile, website, and social media platforms.

Consistency will give your business a professional appearance while also assisting users in finding accurate information across all digital platforms.

For example, if your phone number is listed on your website without area codes or prefixes (e.g., 1-800), your Google Business Profile page must follow the same format.

Listing accuracy also fosters trust, making patients more likely to complete transactions with specific businesses. Consider opening a brand’s Google Business Profile page and being met with inconsistent information, informal writing, and sloppy uppercase and lowercase usage.

The informality will likely turn you off and compel you to continue browsing until you find a competitor with a less impressive product range but a seamless and professional Google Business Profile.

Utilize Local SEO Services to Optimize Your Listing and Make It Stand Out From the Competition.

Need help attracting more local visitors? It’s time to optimize your Google Business Profile with Search Business Groups’ local SEO Services.

We have years of experience and the most recent information on lead generation, SEO Services, Web Design, and organic Google Business Profile optimization. Our cutting-edge marketing techniques will not only assist you in moving up the SERPs, but you’ll also see an improvement in key performance indicators.

Produce Engaging, Creative, and Compelling Posts That Leave an Impression.

Google Business Profile posts are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience and increase sales. To captivate your audience, post engaging, creative, compelling, and original content. This will not only encourage repeat patients to return to your establishment, but it will also attract new patients.

Furthermore, happy patients are more likely to spread the word about your company to their friends and family. Whether you use rich, high-quality images to highlight a new clothing line or an engaging video to highlight a recent launch or event, your page will gain traction, increasing local traffic and helping your business climb the SERPs.

We recommend including an eye-catching profile and cover photo. Furthermore, share compelling text, image, and video posts on a regular or semi-regular basis, including content that captures the outside appearance of your business, interior aesthetic ambiance, products/services, and happy patients.

Google Business Profile Posts in Detail

Google Business Profile Posts (also known as Google Posts) are updates that are mostly created and controlled by the business and typically include an image/video, text, and a link. They can be used to promote special offers, highlight products, and events, and do a variety of other things.

Through posts, you can connect with existing and potential patients via your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. You can create and distribute announcements, offers, products, services, and event information to your patients directly.

Here is what a Google Post looks like:

Types of Google Business Profile Posts. 

There are different types of Google Business Profile posts you can use to achieve a specific interaction or action with your current or potential patients. 

1. Update Post

This Post type can contain images, copy, and a CTA.

GBP Update Posts appear on a mobile’s ‘Overview’ tab, low in the profile, and also in the ‘Updates’ tab. They appear in the ‘Posts’ section of the business profile on a desktop:

2. Offer Post 

Maintain an open mind about what constitutes an “offer”: it doesn’t have to be a discount; it could be something you give away for free, such as a download, a whitepaper, or a brief consultation. Make an Offer Post with a long valid period if you have an ‘evergreen’ offer (something you offer all year).

Many businesses fail to incorporate ‘value added’ elements into their offers, which are excellent opportunities to populate an evergreen Offer Post. As an example:

If you’re a therapist, each new potential patient receives a free 15-minute consultation; if you’re a dentist, each Invisalign patient receives a free annual scale and polish.

There must be a start date and an end date on offers (with an option also to add timings). Your offer may be active for a maximum of 12 months after the offer start date.

The “Add more details” fields are optional, but I’d always advise including a link in the “Link to redeem offer” field that points to the appropriate offer content on your website. In this manner, you can determine whether the offer Post successfully attracts visitors to the website and any subsequent conversions.

On a mobile device, search results and the Google Maps app will display active Offer Posts (within the start and end date range) in a dedicated “Offers” section in the company profile:

3. Event Post 

An Event Post can include a photo, the event title, start date, and end date (with optional start/end times), optional ‘Add more details’ text, and an ‘Add a button’ CTA for a link.

4. Product Post 

Product Posts were previously a separate Post-type from Google Products, but this changed in 2020 when they began directly populating the Google Products section rather than Google Business Profile Posts.

If you’ve ever used Google Product Posts, you’ll notice that they’re now featured in a product category called ‘From product posts’:

Help Improve your Google Business Profile Ranking with an Engaging SEO-Friendly Description.

We advise creating a clever, educational, and SEO-friendly description to draw audiences while boosting metrics. Keep things brief and entertaining to keep patients interested.

We will Include keywords that people use to search online actively. This will not only boost local traffic but also make it easier for patients to find what they need. When they find information that matches their search criteria, patients are likely to become more satisfied. This is especially true if your description largely deviates from your products or services. Additionally, due to its irrelevant nature, your listing might not even be eligible for the top searches.

To guarantee that your description appears on Google Maps and aids patients in finding your location, keep it succinct, intriguing, and SEO-friendly.

Track Google Business Profile Insights and Google Analytics Actively to Gain Knowledge

We will track demographics and audience reach, engagement and retention reports, and much more with Google Business Profile insights and Google Analytics!

This data will let us fine-tune your SEO strategy and increase traffic from local visitors. Furthermore, the insights will be a powerful indicator of how you can increase revenue, improve rankings, and generate more sales.

Make your Google Business Profile work for you.

Google Business Profile is filled with options that help businesses give patients just what they are looking for. 

Your profile already makes it simple for potential patients to find important information about your business, such as where to find you, what hours you’re open, and how to contact you. So, why stop there? Our experts want to give you every opportunity to rank high in Google’s search results. 

A way to make your Google Business Profile work harder for you is by adding and optimizing your products and services. 

Before visiting or contacting your business, patients can view the products you carry or services you provide. All Google products, including Search, Images, Shopping, Maps, and Lens, feature your products for free. Through your Business Profile Manager, we can quickly add products and services using the Product/Service Editor. Patients can click on a product or service to learn more about them. 

Remember, it’s important to provide your patients with as much information as they may need possible. Your transparency with your patients will make you more reliable and trustworthy in their eyes and in Google’s Search Results.

Take advantage of your business’ special attributes.

Google allows you to include specific features and other characteristics about your business that will appear in your listing and related local searches. Depending on your type of business, you could include features like accessibility, acceptable payment types, or whether you’re pet friendly, etc. Including all of the relevant attributes in your Google Business Profile is essential. Attributes have an effect on how a business appears on Google when people search for these types of businesses.

As you can see, Google Business Profile is a crucial tool your business needs to reach the next level of success.

Web Development

Google Business Profile (GBP) Web development plays a significant role in our healthcare SEO services as it complements our technical work on keeping your site functional, current, and optimized.

We will cover all WordPress matters, such as redirections, CSS, PHP, HTML, and database issues, plugin resolution conflicts, and -when needed- web migration.

Web development is vital for your users’ experience and the site’s speed. It is also essential to have SEO-knowledgeable web developers, as this expertise will benefit you in getting to a site that is SEO optimized and built up with that online marketing mentality.

Graphic Design

In the same way that web development interconnects with SEO, Graphic Design also intertwines with SEO. Google’s requirements for a website are precise in terms of images. Our graphic designers will ensure that your images’ creations and adjustments are current with the correct codes when uploaded. High-quality, licensed stock photos are also a must in all the website’s versions (Mobile, desktop, and tablet).

Review Tool (Per Location)

Our review software aids our clients in collecting and leveraging customer feedback. The SEO services include the review tool per location. The feature allows you to review services (Via the system), convert leads, get referrals, messaging has text customers with inbox, address missed calls with receptionists, meet customers face-to-face with video chat and collaborate with teams. Reviews allow the client to get new reviews automatically, Google direct reviews, monitor reviews from 150+ sites, respond to reviews from one place, and review sharing on social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

The system also allows you to create personalized campaigns, send requests, launch drip campaigns with your branding and messaging, and get reminder settings for unanswered messages.

Finally, the tool allows clients to connect apps and automation, app integrations, and CRMs, and monitor all their reviews in one place.

SEO Team of Experts

As an experienced and responsible healthcare Seo agency, we guarantee your account will have a complete team of experts dedicated to your SEO Account.

Your SEO Manager will ensure that communications flow effortlessly with your team and that the monthly tasks are completed within the expected timelines quickly and efficiently. In addition to your SEO Manager, you will also have a Content Writer/Editor, a Web/Graphic Designer Media Expert, and an entire team of Developers.

At the end of every month, your team presents its work in our monthly and quarterly reports with comprehensive campaign steps and comparison results.

Types of Specialty Practices We Work With

SBG has worked with healthcare practices all over the USA. See below our Healthcare Specialties:

  • ABA Therapy
  • Acupuncturist
  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Audiology
  • Bariatric
  • Cancer Care / Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Chiropractor
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Practice
  • Gastroenterology
  • Mental Health
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Optometry / Ophthalmology
  • Orthodontics
  • Orthopedics
  • Otolaryngology / ENT
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontists
  • Physical Therapy
  • Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Another Healthcare Providers
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Senior Care
  • Urgent Care

How to choose the best Healthcare SEO Agency?

As you already guessed by now, a good SEO Agency is not built overnight and needs the know-how and experience to work for you. You need a solid online marketing Agency to create a strong online brand and business. Think of these three aspects as a base:

  1. Make sure your SEO team and agency are experts on the matter. Knowledge of technical processes and marketing campaigns is crucial for your business’s success and for bringing revenue effectively.
  2. Good agencies always offer sincere, open work and opinions. Meet with them and see if they listen to you as a client. A trustworthy agency will work diligently on a successful client-customer relationship.
  3. Look for case studies, reviews, and references.

Be always cautious with black-hat companies that promise immediate results and those that lack experience and offer a long-term contract for a “reasonable” price. Remember that knowledge, quality work, and openness with a client are vital factors when choosing the right SEO agency for you.

About Us/Why Us?

Search Business Group is an experienced hands-on SEO agency, we have over a decade of working with local healthcare practices, and most of them are still with us.

Our team of experts are masters in their fields, love what they do, and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. This expertise allows us to apply successful SEO healthcare campaigns to help you reach recognition, authority, and massive ROIs.

By providing great content and applying the proper techniques, your brand will soon target the right audience and reach new levels of attention, as we believe a good online campaign can impact users and create an engaged community.

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After going through a few of the main aspects of an SEO campaign, it is safe to conclude that SEO is vital for your website and business to strengthen your authority and visibility, increase your traffic, engage users, and create new leads. These business opportunities will make the difference between your practice and your competitors.

To get the best from your website and business ensure that you are surrounded by a great team of experts that are knowledgeable and that will have your back. Search Business Group is the healthcare agency for you, and if you are interested in getting a free audit or contacting us, our team of experts would be happy to assist you.