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Importance and Benefits of Call Tracking

Discovering the origin of a caller’s connection to your business is a vital component of effective call tracking.

The process of determining how callers have found your business is commonly referred to as call tracking. Our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts utilizes this valuable data to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns and to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy for the future.

Call tracking is an indispensable tool for any business that relies on phone calls as a means of generating leads, clients, and customers.

How does Call Tracking work?

Our call tracking system employs dynamic number insertion (DNI) to allocate unique phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns, regardless of whether they are conducted online or offline. These tracking numbers are then redirected to your primary business phone number, enabling your team to respond as though the caller had dialed that particular line directly. As a result of this setup, you can obtain more detailed information about the caller when a call comes through a tracking number, as opposed to if they had phoned your business line directly.

With the help of call-tracking software, you can analyze the phone traffic generated by each tracking number. This will assist you in identifying which marketing efforts are yielding the best results and providing a good return on investment in terms of time, effort, and money. For instance, you may find out that your website is more effective than your conventional marketing or that your digital ads on one site are more successful than those on another.

Furthermore, the data obtained through call tracking can prove to be a valuable resource in improving the performance of your staff. By analyzing this information, you can identify specific areas that require attention and take actionable steps to enhance the level of service provided to your customers. Such efforts can lead to an efficient optimization of your business’s budget while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Call Tracking Services
Call Tracking Process

Incorporating call tracking (CT) into your website has no adverse effects. In fact, it facilitates the accurate tracking of phone leads and yields critical analytical data on phone calls. This data is paramount to comprehending your customers’ experiences with your brand. Without call tracking, it can prove challenging to attribute phone leads to a specific source and attain a clear understanding of your customer’s journey.

Call Tracking Benefits

One can effectively optimize their marketing strategy and gather valuable data by utilizing call tracking. Through the evaluation of various metrics, numerous benefits can be observed.

Call duration

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with our call duration feature, which allows you to identify which campaigns result in longer, more in-depth calls that lead to higher conversion rates.

Call time of day and location

 Discover the most effective call times and locations for generating strong leads.

Online Campaigns Performance

By utilizing our Online Campaigns Performance tool, you can track landing page performance and accurately calculate the ROI of any online marketing campaign by linking the number of incoming calls to advertising channel efficiency.


Our CT technology provides detailed analytics, allowing you to discover which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site and measure expenses for all marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Patient Experience

The implementation of call tracking in healthcare practices prompts a patient response and personalized care, ultimately resulting in an improved patient experience.

Improved Operational Efficiency

The integration of CT reduces administrative burden, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Decisions

Call data analytics furnish valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize patient care, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare organizations.

In brief, with this data, you can find out the keyword that brought a person to your website, the source of conversion, user activity on your website, caller’s phone number, office agent who answered the call, caller’s region, user’s device and its screen resolution, call duration, and conversation recording. All of this information can be used to optimize your marketing strategy, leading to increased call volume, qualified leads, and higher conversion rates.

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Call Tracking In-Office Uses

The implementation of call tracking can provide valuable insights into the performance of your customer-facing teams and help identify the top lead converters. By using this tool, you can easily monitor and analyze call data to gain a better understanding of your team’s communication style, customer engagement, and conversion rates. This information can then be used to make data-driven decisions, optimize your sales process, and improve overall business performance.
This data can be highly beneficial in determining the optimal distribution of calls among your team, as well as identifying employees who deserve recognition or advancement. Moreover, the data can be utilized to pinpoint critical areas for staff training, ultimately resulting in top-notch customer service.

There are several advantageous call-tracking services that you can enjoy, such as:

Call recording

Recording calls can help you identify areas where your team excels in phone customer service, as well as areas that need improvement. It is one of the most effective training tools available to you.

Caller ID & History

Instantly recognize returning patients and access their call history for improved service.

Secure Call Recording

Store and retrieve call recordings for training or quality purposes in compliance with HIPAA healthcare regulations.

Get notified instantly

You’ll receive an email or text message alert every time a call comes in, allowing you to promptly follow up on any missed calls or listen to a call recording immediately after the call has ended.


Call tracking integrations with various digital platforms, such as EMR to seamlessly integrate with Electronic Medical Records for streamlined patient management, and other platforms as Google Analytics, are crucial to effectively measure calls as conversions within Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising. This will enable businesses to gain deeper insights into their marketing strategies and make more informed decisions.

Real-Time Call Analytics

Monitor and analyze call metrics to understand peak call times, call durations, and caller locations.

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Ways Call Tracking Helps Your SEO

Call Tracking helps with landing page optimization

The utilization of CT allows for the monitoring of your customer’s journey to your landing page, commencing from the keyword. This process enables us to discern the keywords that demonstrate the highest performance and yield conversions, thereby providing valuable insights for optimization purposes.

Call tracking maximizes the performance of your highest-converting pages

Tracking calls can optimize your website’s most effective pages for conversion. When a user dials your business from your website, it is considered a successful conversion.

By monitoring calls made from the pages with the highest conversion rates, we can identify which pages are most effective and improve them to generate even more conversions.

Call tracking is a great conversion indicator

In the realm of successful SEO, it is imperative to determine the effectiveness of your website’s traffic. The objective is not solely to attract visitors, but to elevate conversions, deals, and sales.

To accurately assess the conversions of your traffic, reliance on call tracking (CT) is necessary, and CT serves as the link between conversions and your website, providing valuable insight into which strategies are most effective for your business.

To summarize, call tracking has become an indispensable tool for businesses that are involved in SEO. It offers a plethora of valuable data through analytics that can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. Moreover, call tracking can be leveraged to optimize your website’s performance and maximize the efficacy of your SEO endeavors.

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FAQ about Call Tracking for Healthcare

Why is call tracking important for healthcare providers?

With call tracking, healthcare providers can pinpoint the sources of their incoming calls. By recognizing these sources, they can allocate more funds to advertising campaigns that yield positive returns and discontinue those that don’t.

What does call tracking software do?

Call tracking software provides marketers with insights from phone interactions with customers, clearly indicating which marketing campaign or strategy triggered the call and the outcome of that conversation. By understanding what drives calls to your business, you can assess the effectiveness of your online campaigns and fine-tune subsequent marketing strategies.

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