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Do You Know Your Brand Goes Far Beyond a Powerful Name and a Visionary Logo?

A company that prides itself on having an excellent brand design stick up for using the same style in all its marketing documents and information, this includes its digital resources, for a consistent brand voice.

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Branding: An Essential Business Resource

When you think of corporate branding, what comes to your mind? Well, If we conduct a short poll, we might encounter some common elements in our customers’ descriptions. Some might say having a website, social media interaction, and getting some print collateral [business cards, brochures, & banners].

Yet, current branding goes far beyond this picture. When you think of branding, we mean an attractive and distinctive design that enhances the persuasiveness of your digital products. Indeed, from selling your product, transforming the visual identities of your brand, or just simply communicating a message, your objectives will have a powerful and efficacious impact if accompanied by an outstanding visual design.

Our company name is Search Business Group, an Orange County branding team seeking to join forces with your company to collaboratively shape and give rise to an attractive and compelling brand.

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Our Branding Services in Orange County

Search Business Group, Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County, is your company’s right arm aiming at delivering an all-embracing branding design experience. We serve Orange County with a branding products offer that will make your business stand out from the traditional.

Logo and Identity

Logo & Identity Design

It is said that creating a logo is a unique job that combines lots of creativity with an artistic touch and mastering the use of digital tools, and that is precisely what we do best.

Brand Tuning

Brand Tuning

Do you have a logo or even a brand, and you're not happy with it? We can help. In fact, you are just one call away from getting your branding campaign boosted. We audit your brand to define weak points and tighten some nuts.

Identity / Secondary Elements

When we talk about branding, we talk about a process that incorporates secondary elements in analyzing the existing logo, like its accordance with the color pattern that best fits the industry schema.

Brand Book Manual

A book manual comprises all the elements that your company brand's image requires. Starting from your logotype and several unnoticed but important elements like the letterhead and special signatures, all lead to a comprehensive manual that gives you control of this important asset.

Stationery design

It's all about design? Not really, and yes really. We start with a catching brand and logo design, then we use a magic wand to make these designs flow in all possible extra print or digital marketing materials. So, it's also about making your brand work on all platforms.

Print Solutions

Graphic Design and Print Solutions

We also provide specialized services. Do you have an idea? We help you translate it into a design. Do you need printed materials? We also deliver Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures, Catalogs, and more to your door.

Logo and Identity Design In Orange County

What is the purpose of a logo? In short, it frames the recognition of your brand in the consumer. When a brand’s recognition solidifies in the customer’s mind, a differentiation process operates without noticing that it makes your business sound.

But there are also key elements like the industry in which your business operates, the type of services offered to your clients, the differentiating factor, and other extrinsic factors like demographics, all of them subtly incorporated in a logo.


Creating a logo is like making a Jambalaya. Of course, there are some ingredients you can’t omit, but for the most part, it is a taste and spice-up process that repeats until the designer and the customer celebrate the final result. Here we include some of the elements we work on when designing your logo:


To define typography, we can elicit many worthy definitions. Therefore, we will try to condense some of them for you.

Typography is the art of arranging letters (font style) and text to make the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. Then, a designer structures the design visuals of the letters to unchain emotions by transmitting an intended message, making the letters come to life.

An excellent and structured typography impacts a website’s interface design. For instance, typography is fundamental to

  • Establish a powerful visual hierarchy;
  • It gives visual harmony to the website and;
  • Determines the product’s accent.

In short, well-selected typography, one that goes according to the product design, serves in a communication strategy, enhances accessibility to a more significant number of readers through readability, and, most importantly, boosts customer experience.

Brand Imagery

Have you entered a door and had an olfactory experience that makes you feel a pleasant sensation you enjoy? Later you come back to this delightful place ignoring something inside you makes you want to come back over and over again.

Brand imagery evokes subconscious “images” that we associate with a pleasant sensation perceived through our senses. A beautiful packaging design, a scent, or even a song might make your experience something you want to repeat.

We explore visual brand imagery. We make your prospective clients stay connected and feel attracted to your brand imagery.

Brand Colors and Shapes

Brands need colors and shapes. Colors and Shapes also make a brand and logo distinguishable. A brand’s color immediately evoque a message that represents something in the customer’s mind; it means something we decode and interpret as a message, a wordless message. Does the color red make you think of food? Think about it.


Some things that make sense to a baby boomer might be inexplicable to a millennial, but we might feel tempted to send the same message to both groups.

So, when we think of a brand, there might be instances when we must stop and think, what is my target audience? What are the demographic features of the market? Is this the right moment to deliver this message?

Getting in context helps our customers narrow the target audience, direct their efforts to a group with a legitimate interest in the product, and go after them with a strong brand voice constructed with this segment and the right opportunity in mind. All of these after a market demographics analysis.

Brand Static Elements

A logo or brand might remain unchangeable. This means your company logo is the same on all platforms and does not vary even from software to software or operating system. Also, it remains unchanged from your website, social media profile, email, newsletters, and tangibles like branding strategy materials, regular mail, triptychs, and more.

Brand Dynamic Elements

A dynamic logo is adaptative. This means it changes according to the platforms and their inherent restrictions or developments. For example, let’s think of a billboard in Times Square. It is bright, colorful, playful, and animated. But you might find a simple monochromatic logo of the same company in a newspaper.

These adaptative changes do not occur spontaneously. For example, sometimes, a digital media artist might need to adapt to the platform or media limits, or some interface components might require emphasizing getting the highest resolution, like in your product cover photo.

Logo Design and Identity Portfolio

Branding Design Guide Orange County

Have you ever written a blog? Can you imagine that a piece of content from your blog is part of your brand? Indeed, your brand is the totality of all your marketing, advertising, and communication efforts. So, it needs a consistent brand voice, which means it must be solid from all standpoints – look like a single unit (same color here and in China).

If your product differs from what you offered, your brand lacks consistency, and it might not be a brand after all. Customers have expectations and know exactly what they want and where to get it. These consumer interactions help them judge the level of trust a brand provides for them.

So, in addition to a good product, a good style guide for your business works to reach a strong brand and visual identity. A style guide is the content of the book. For example, you might find an index containing its components, from a company’s logo and the color palette to the core marketing planned ideas.

We combine all the units and organize a guidebook that explains how to use your company logo, its colors, graphics, typography, and business messages.

A comprehensive branding design guide includes your own graphic identity for social media feeds. Furthermore, we provide promotional support to magnetize your customers to get new leads.

Do you have a story to tell? Think about a great story connected with astonishing graphics. Your business posts will undoubtedly captivate your target audience’s attention.

Branding Guide Portfolio Samples

We invite you to review each of our samples by clicking the left and right arrows.

Brand Tuning Design

Management is about decisions that influence the course of action of a company. When a leader decides to steer the wheel in a different direction, one of the most significant nuts and bolts adjustments occur in brand design.

Indeed, several forces drive the changes in a business, from changing the target audience seeking to appeal to a different segment or maybe a disruptive situation eroding the brand’s reputation, and management resolves to start fresh.

Brand tunning comes in handy in identifying strengths, making them more potent, and revitalizing the brand in the consumers’ minds.

Here you can see the before and the result after branding tuning:


Branding and Logo Design Services by Industry

Search Business Group is a Top Branding Agency with 22 years of experience in the marketing industry. With more than 18,933 digital and print materials, we accompanied and served businesses spread along different industrial areas.

  • Engineering Branding Design
  • Construction Branding Design
  • Technology Branding Design
  • Automotive Branding Design
  • Religious Branding Design
  • Social Branding Design
  • Education Branding Design
  • Human Resources Branding Design
  • Sports Branding Design
  • Financial Branding Design
  • Insurance Branding Design
  • Consultation Branding Design
  • Architectural Branding Design
  • Food Branding Design
  • Medical Branding Design
  • Health Branding Design
  • Travel Branding Design
  • Matrimony Branding Design
  • Catering Branding Design
  • Art Branding Design
  • Communication Branding Design
  • Entertainment Branding Design
  • Environmental Branding Design
  • Fashion Branding Design
  • Spa Branding Design
  • Craft Branding Design
  • Music Branding Design
  • Navigation Branding Design

Branding Design Price List

Do you have a logo already? We can help

If you have an existing logo, you might need a tune-up to revitalize your brand. Maybe you need to have a branding book manual, but if you want to keep your existing logo, we can also do that.

At our branding and design agency, we can design your brand from scratch or work on your current marketing elements to deliver a brand that inspires. If you would like to get our pricing delivered to your inbox fill out the information below.

Branding Price List

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Graphic And Print Solutions

Search Business Group formed a team of creative geeks and branding experts specialized in Graphic Design. In fact, creativity is at the core of our formula for success. But we don’t want to miss a thing. We deliver printing solutions for the graphic products we design for you and work with some of the most respected product brands in the industry.

So, when it comes to design + printing solutions, we dominate artworks, vector files, print graphic files, pixels, resolution, margins, offset, promotional products, 3D rendering, and, you mention it, lots more.

Digital and Print Artworks Designed and Delivered


Branding Guides


Brand Tuning Projects


Marketing Materials

f you are still a little dubious and need to know if we print our marketing materials, the answer is a bold yes! We also deliver your products to your door.

These are some of the digital artworks and print solutions we offer

  • Ad
  • Album Art
  • Annual Report
  • Apparel
  • Banner
  • Billboard
  • Book
  • Book Cover
  • Brochure
  • Business Card
  • Calendar
  • Catalog
  • Door Hanger
  • Envelope
  • Expo Display
  • Flyer
  • Folder
  • Hang Tag
  • Invitation
  • Label
  • Letterhead
  • Magazine
  • Mailer
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Newsletter
  • Notepad
  • Postcards
  • Poster
  • Sell Sheets
  • Stage Scrim Sticker
  • Table Tent Ticket
  • Vehicle Wrap

Graphic And Print Design Portfolio

We have come a long way in this design journey, but we are sure that now, you have the certainty of how we will develop your brand. So, to reinforce the description of what we offer you, let us show examples of recent works that we have delivered and that we are sure will fascinate you.

Branding Design Process

At Search Business Group, we are process freaks. We have a thorough customer-centered design process we polished along 22 years. Thanks to our proof and error experience, we can deliver a branding guide tailored to your business needs that will blow your senses. Check this video and learn a little more about it.

FAQ About Branding Design

What Is Branding?

Branding is a comprehensive strategy that defines what you and your company are and that effectively communicates that message to your audience. To do this, we ensure that your digital and printed resources follow a specific design to secure that customers think of you when they hear, read, or see something.

How Do I Brand My Website?

Branding services ensure that the same styles are used across your digital assets to guard that the customer knows when they engage with “you.” This means standardizing logos, fonts, colors, and shapes.

What Is the Role of a Branding Agency for a Website?

A branding agency will care for efficiently communicating your identity to others. You already know your business, but we make sure that others understand what you mean and what you are when they find you on the web.

What Does a Branding Company Do?

A branding company will focus first on determining your identity, the context in which you operate, and the message you wish to communicate. Then, we will design or redesign visual resources that transmit all the information that makes up your unique identity to the customer.

How Do I Choose a Branding Consultant?

A good branding consultant won’t just try to make things look pretty; they will try to get to know you, understand what you and your company want, and then design tools that represent that message. When hiring a branding consultant, look for one who sits down with you and listens attentively to know you better.

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