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Search Business Group a Healthcare Marketing Agency in Orange County and Los Angeles County

About Search Business Group

Precision, Passion, and Purpose in Every Pursuit

In the vast digital wilderness, a distinct scent emerges amidst the clamor of countless tracks and trails—a path carved with care, dedication, and expertise. Welcome to the terrain of the Search Business Group.

Our Legacy

Born from a vision over 22 years ago, our quest has been to elevate brands in the Healthcare and Veterinary sectors. Our journey isn’t just about marketing—it’s an art form honed by decades, driven by passion, and perfected with precision. Like a seasoned hound, we’ve learned, evolved, and taken the lead, ensuring our clientele doesn’t merely navigate but dominates the digital landscape.

The Pack

At the heart of Search Business Group is our multicultural and bilingual pack. We are more than just a team; we’re a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, languages, and perspectives. This diversity isn’t just our strength—it’s our signature. In a world filled with cookie-cutter solutions, our pack brings forth a blend of culture, experience, and knowledge, making every strategy bespoke and every solution authentic.




Director of SEO


Head of Customer Service


Content Strategist & Editor


Marketing Executive & Copywriter


UX/UI Designer


SEO Analyst

Juan Pablo

Copywriter & Researcher


SEO Analyst


Director of Paid Search


Creative Specialist

Our Territory

Navigating the vast lands of digital marketing, our pack claims expertise in:

Tracking Healthcare Marketing

🔍 Healthcare & Veterinary SEO

Our SEO scouts ensure your brand leaves an indelible mark in the digital wilderness, leading patients straight to your door.

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Transparent AI Healthcare Content Writing Services

📝 Tailored Content Marketing

Our storytellers weave tales that inform, resonate, and captivate, perfectly tuned to your healthcare and veterinary niche.

Learn more about our Content Marketing Services

healthcare marketing strategy

🌎 Content Strategy

Like skilled cartographers, we chart the content landscape for your brand, meticulously planning and strategizing to ensure your message reaches its intended audience with precision and impact.

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Website Design Orange County

🎨 Branding

Our branding alphas work to define, refine, and amplify your brand’s identity, ensuring it stands distinct and memorable amidst the myriad of voices

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How to Choose a Healthcare Marketing Agency For My Practice This Year?

🖥️ Custom Digital Solutions

Our digital artisans craft bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that every tool, platform, and strategy is aligned seamlessly with your brand’s objectives.

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Website Design Orange County

🌐 Premium Website Design

Our designers craft digital dens that are aesthetically stunning and intuitively welcoming, fostering trust with every visitor.

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Accountable Agency For AI Healthcare Content Marketing

🤖 Harnessing Healthcare AI

The innovators in our ranks delve into the power of AI, delivering messages that are as personalized as they are data-driven.

Learn more about our Healthcare AI Writing Services

Top Healthcare Web Designer
best healthcare marketing in California
Best Creative and Design Orange County
Top Healthcare SEO Agency
Web Developer Orange County
Local Excellence 2022 Award
3 Best Rated Orange County
Best Marketing and Advertising Winner

Our Expertise

Our deep roots in Healthcare marketing and Veterinary marketing grant us an unparalleled understanding of these sectors’ nuances and needs. Beyond mere algorithms and analytics, we offer empathy, genuine care, and a connection to the heart of the industries we champion.

Healthcare Branding
Beyond the ordinary healthcare marketing

Beyond The Ordinary

In the saturated landscape of digital marketers, our distinct scent stands out. We don’t follow; we forge paths. We don’t imitate; we innovate. Drawing from our rich cultural mosaic and honed expertise, we craft campaigns that resonate, relate, and radiate.

The Call Of Distinction

As the digital horizon expands, our howl resonates louder, more precise, and more distinct than ever. In the realm where healthcare and technology intertwine, we stand as guardians, guides, and go-getters

Join Our Hunt

Eager to redefine your digital narrative in the healthcare and veterinary sectors? Align with the Search Business Group pack, and we’ll chart unexplored territories together.


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How We Treat Our Pack Members: Clients at the Heart

Following our pack philosophy, we believe in relationships beyond business. Forging genuine bonds is our true north. At Search Business Group, our relationship with clients mirrors the loyalty and dedication of a faithful hound to its pack.

Loyalty & Trustworthiness

Much like the unwavering loyalty of a devoted hound, our allegiance to our clients remains steadfast. From the initial handshake to the culmination of a project, we stand beside you, ensuring that every step is marked by integrity and trust.


In the same way, a dog’s expressive eyes hide no emotion, and our work ethic is built on openness. With us, there are no hidden tricks or obscured trails. Every strategy, every result, every success and challenge is shared transparently, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Professionalism & Experience

Years of traversing the digital landscape have honed our skills like seasoned trackers. Every member of our pack is an expert in their domain, ensuring that your brand receives nothing short of top-tier, professional service.

Above & Beyond

Just as a faithful dog would traverse mountains and valleys for its pack, we push boundaries, stretch limits, and delve into the uncharted to bring supernatural results for our clients. The norm isn’t our benchmark; we aim for the exceptional, always.

Client-Centric Commitment

At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to meet and exceed expectations. With every campaign, every strategy, and every interaction, our goal remains unwavering: to ensure that, much like the enduring bond between a dog and its owner, our relationship with our clients flourishes with mutual respect, admiration, and success.

Medical Practitioners Providers Testimonials

“I did not have a clue about SEO until Search Business Group explains to me the reason why my website is not ranking. Now my practice receives way more phone calls and online appointments. Thank you, Guys!”

Pediatric Practice Owner

“As a practice manager our Doctor expect us to perform well in our position. But the true is I don’t know where I will be without the Search Business Group help. Their healthcare marketing knowledge bring results and the best of all, my boss is really happy!”

Emergency Practice Manager


“I have been doing business with Search Business Group for 8 years now. During this time they’ve been working with us and they have always responded to my needs in a timely manner. Always efficient, professional, creative, and always trying to correct what needs to be corrected. I am very happy with their work and I strongly recommend them.”

Veterinary Practice Owner

“Working with SBG has been great, we have seen a huge impact in our Google rankings for one of our main keywords in the first 6 months of using their services. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with them.”

Orthodontics Practice Owner

Piqued by the Pack's Prowess?

You’ve journeyed this far with the pack, signaling a curiosity to unite with our ranks. Venturing into new digital landscapes can be daunting, but in the company of our loyal pack, the path becomes clear and inviting. At Search Business Group, surprises are left for delightful discoveries (think a surge in leads), not unforeseen pitfalls.

If this is your first venture with an agency, or you’re simply curious about the lay of our land, browse the articles below. They’ll provide insights into our pack’s approach, ensuring you make a well-informed choice for your brand.

Pack Purpose: Giving Back to Our Community

At the core of Search Business Group lies more than just our dedication to digital distinction – it’s our unwavering commitment to community enrichment. Guided by our pack philosophy, we believe that as we thrive, it’s our responsibility to uplift those around us.

Through lively ping pong tournaments and memorable community meet-ups, we create more than just events – they catalyze change. A portion of the proceeds from our gatherings is channeled directly to cherished causes, making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

While we navigate the digital domain with prowess, we’re equally passionate about contributing
to the real world, ensuring it flourishes for everyone. Join our mission; let’s leave lasting impacts online and on the ground.

First Time Champions

Our agency decides to participate in the first Media Temple Table Tennis Tournament. Our Agency didn’t know what to expect and we give them a try! After playing ton of matches against different creative agencies, they call us to play the final against Red Interactive. Luckily we got first place and we shake hands at the end.

Table Tennis Champions - Search Business Group

A Donation to Teens Exploring Technology

A non-profit organization that uses technology to promote positive youth development and leadership among inner city teenagers. We play the final against Red Interactive and we won for second time.

Donation to Teens - Search Business Group

A Donation to TxT

A South LA tech nonprofit that encourages inner city teens to code. Media Temple as organizer and Search Business Group as participant of such a great ping-pong tournament.

Search Business Group and Loot Crate playing an amazing final. We end up having a great conversion and become good friends. Read More

Donation to TXT - SEarch Business Group