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Get in touch with the experts to feed your website with engaging and attractive health content that helps your patients trust your services and guide them through their decision-making process.

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Healthcare SEO Content That Works!

We’ll take care of developing content that helps drive traffic to your page organically, answers frequently asked questions, and turns web users into loyal patients. You’re already a star when it comes to delivering high-quality service; we’ll ensure your readers get that message and learn more about you.

Let us help you with amazing healthcare marketing, healthcare copywriting, and the best practices that make search engines, such as Google, love your website!

Healthcare Content Resources

Web Copy

We’ll make sure your identity and preferred tone come across all your digital assets. From the moment your patients land on your homepage all the way through the pages explaining who you are and the services you offer, they will feel as if they are talking to you directly.

Learn more about our website copywriting process.

Blog Posts

What best way to keep your patients informed and knowledgeable about matters they consider important? We’ll carefully examine some of the most important and attention-grabbing subjects surrounding your area of expertise and write articles about those topics. 

Learn more about our blog post-writing process.

Google Business Profile Optimizations

We don’t limit ourselves to the output of creative content. We are an SEO Digital Marketing Agency committed to delivering you with the best possible ROI and leveraging all available resources that make your practice grow. We’ll make Google love you and use some resources people may not know about to maximize your growth.

Improve your ROI with Search Business Group

How do We Create Your Content?

First Things First

Our content team does a lot of research to come up with the topics that your audience is craving to know, learn about the keywords that will get you the best results, and learn all about your brand to make your website an extension of how you connect with your patients.

Organization and Execution

Our team of experienced copywriters will start working on the many content resources required to populate your site and other platforms. Besides, it’s not just about writing content. Our team excels at creating guides and indexing all the work we complete and plan to tackle for your website. We don’t make the mistake of repeating content we’ve previously completed for you, and we don’t do cookie-cutter content where you share articles with countless other professionals.


We don’t just churn out as much as our copywriters can make. All content resources undergo careful review to ensure everything is up to our high standards. Also, when you see something you don’t agree with, you can let us know, and we’ll change it to match your vision of things. 

SEO-Optimized Content Writing

We aren’t your typical healthcare marketing agency; instead, we focus on optimizing the topics we choose, how we create content sections, the headings we use, how to implement keywords and long-tail keywords, avoiding duplicate content, choosing the best URLs, writing an eye-catching description, and building an internal-linking strategy that keeps your audience engaged. 

Healthcare Content Marketing Services

The healthcare marketing content field can be complex, and that’s why Search Business Group excel. Hire an expert partner today!

Healthcare Content Strategy

Get everything organized and develop an action plan that gets you ranking higher than the competition. A good content strategy works like magic. Get help from a team that knows how to get you more conversions and do better with Google Rankings.

Healthcare Content Audit

Know what you're up against and where to focus your attention. Don't work aimlessly and get in touch with our team to learn more about your website's welfare. This is how you identify critical areas that need work urgently and all your growth opportunities.

Content Writing by Healthcare Specialty.

We have been working with healthcare specialists and practice owners all over the United States. Hire us and let us bring your vision to your digital space. You can count on a team of marketing experts that know your healthcare specialty.

  • ABA Therapy Content Writing
  • Addiction Treatment Content Writing
  • Allergy and Immunology Content Writing
  • Alternative Medicine Content Writing
  • Audiology Content Writing
  • Bariatric Content Writing
  • Cancer Care Content Writing
  • Cosmetic Dentist Content Writing
  • Oncology Content Writing
  • Cardiology Content Writing
  • Chiropractor Content Writing
  • Dental Content Writing
  • Dermatology Content Writing
  • Endocrinology Content Writing
  • Family Practice Content Writing
  • Gastroenterology Content Writing
  • Hospital Content Writing
  • LASIK Content Writing
  • Mental Health Content Writing
  • Neurosurgery Content Writing
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Content Writing
  • Optometry Content Writing
  • Ophthalmology Content Writing
  • Orthodontics Content Writing
  • Orthopedics Content Writing
  • Otolaryngology Content Writing
  • Pain Management Content Writing
  • Physical Therapy Content Writing
  • Plastic Surgery Content Writing
  • Cosmetic Surgery Content Writing
  • Podiatry Content Writing
  • Pediatric Content Writing
  • Pediatric Dentist Content Writing
  • Rheumatology Content Writing
  • Senior Care Content Writing
  • Urgent Care Content Writing
  • Urology Content Writing
  • Veterinary Content Writing
  • Women’s Health Content Writing

How Much Does Healthcare Content Marketing Cost?

There is no clear answer to this question because it will depend on the practice size, the number of locations, the goals they want to reach, and of course the budget.

A one-location private practice can spend between $600 to $1500 a month for extra content without adding healthcare SEO services yet.

Once you work with us, you don’t have to worry about content optimization and research. Our content team is SEO-oriented ready. That’s all we do all day and every day.

What you get with our medical blogger service

  • SEO Optimized Articles
  • Unlimited Topic and Blog Revisions
  • Clean HTML Formatting
  • Stock Image Included
  • Qualified Healthcare Niche Writers

Healthcare Content Marketing Plans

SBG X 1,500

Healthcare Copywriting Services 1500


* Content can be divided into 2 articles of 750 words

SBG X 3,000

healthcare copywriting services


* Content can be divided into 4 articles of 750 words, or 2 articles of 1,500 words.

SBG X 4,500

medical copywriting services


* Content can be divided into 6 articles of 750 words or 3 articles of 1,500 words.

Are you looking for something more specific?

We have created a content estimator for you to play with the number of blog posts and a number of words you are looking for. All these prices are an estimate, the purpose of this tool it’s to give you a better idea.

How do we make your website stand out with search-engine-optimized content?

We look for trends

We analyze your industry and the competitive advantages of your business to channel them with valuable information.

We get started

We write attractive and optimized content so that each piece of information reaches more netizens.

We present the results.

With your review, we make the last adjustments so that all the content is aligned with the style and vision of your brand.

We share it with the world.

We publish the information generated so the world knows about your line of business.

We invite you to watch our animated video below:

FAQ About Healthcare Content Writing

What are the skills required for healthcare content writing?

Healthcare content writing requires a combination of creativity and organization. You won’t go too far if you don’t perform sufficient research; you won’t know what your audience wants. Creativity will get you writing amazing content, but you’ll also need the proper organization to keep track of everything you’ve done and require for the future.

What are the benefits of healthcare content writing services?

When properly executed, healthcare content writing services can help your healthcare institution grow considerably. Content writing services help you remain focused on delivering services related to your specialty while your digital footprint continues to grow and attract more potential patients.

What are the benefits of hiring a content writing agency vs a freelance?

By hiring a content writing agency that focuses on healthcare, you get a team that knows your industry and is committed to learning about your branding. Freelance copywriters are very skilled individuals, but they may not have the resources, manpower, or availability that an agency can offer. Besides, content writing agencies are more willing to enter long-term partnerships that can provide you with resources tailored for you.

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