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Healthcare Content Audit

Is Your Actual Content Matching Your Healthcare Content Strategy?

We make sure that your website is as healthy as possible. There’s plenty of work involved in our initial audits and all the maintenance we constantly perform to keep your site strong against attacks and working properly. Check out below what we do during our content audits.

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Why Is It Important

Without a good content strategy, our team cannot help you achieve your goals. We need a strong foundation to determine what you need, what you exceed at, who you are, what your aim is, and who you’re up against.

We leverage the power of highly specialized tools and provide your healthcare organization with solutions for a long-term growth plan based on real data. Your marketing strategy needs planning and thoughtful execution.

Google has dominated the online search space with over 60% of the market share in the US alone! 

Our work ensures you improve your digital presence and tap into all that potential.

Doing it is not impossible, but it requires organization and thinking hard on what is most effective at reaching all those potential patients. Think about how you’d engage with them. Maybe you know people always ask you similar questions, so you set out to answer some of them online. How do you write that content? How do you make sure people find those answers online? Have you made sure you’re not repeating the same answers? How do you keep track of all that?

This is why proper healthcare content marketing is critical for your growth.

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What Does Search Business Group Achieves With a Content Audit?

We have two main reasons why we always recommend a content audit. First of all, content audits help us prepare a comprehensive report that highlights everything that requires urgent work. Likewise, this initial content audit reveals which are the opportunities for growth and where the competition is hardest.

Second, frequent content audits allow us to determine if the content we’ve prepared according to our healthcare marketing strategy is reaching the goals. In the best cases we’ve worked on, yearly content audits reveal our clients’ digital assets overdeliver, allowing everyone involved to start looking at more opportunities for growth and increased ROIs. 

In a nutshell:

  • Update your content;
  • Improve online rankings;
  • Provide data-driven insights into your online performance;
  • Understand your digital audience;
  • Repurpose any content assets that need work;
  • Identify your strong points;
  • Index your online resources.

Your content audit can achieve all these.

Setting Up an Action Plan

The teams at Search Business Group analyze all the data and set up a plan of action to achieve all the desired results. So how exactly do we go about doing all of this? Where do we focus our efforts to help you out?

  • Reusing any existing content;
  • Rewriting content that underperforms;
  • Add more content wherever necessary;
  • Properly optimize H1, H2, and H3 tags;
  • Update all CTAs and build strong internal linking strategies;
  • Optimize metadata;
  • Solve problems related to 404 errors and broken links.

What Do We Focus On?

Our content audits aim to increase your website’s efficiency, and we can only know we’re doing a good job when we have data that supports our work and shows the results we’re getting. So here’s what a content audit focuses on to determine what’s going wrong and how well we’re doing.

Organic Traffic

This is the main focus of our SEO content strategies. Organic traffic is all the people who go to your site without clicking on any ads. People who find your site naturally do so because Google considers you are the right match for their needs.

Bounce Rate

What good is a bunch of people coming happening upon your site if they’re not going to interact with it and set up appointments? High-bounce rates tell Google people don’t like what they find on your site at all.


When people like your content, they may link back to it as a useful reference or as an authority on the subject. But we only want those good backlinks. However, we need to be careful. Quantity over quality, as some may say. We have to be careful not to have backlinks that lead to dangerous sites.

Time on Page

We want to make sure people spend enough time on the content we prepare to ensure they are interacting with it, learning from it, and being persuaded to get in touch with you.

Page Load Speed

Not many digital marketing agencies focus on this point. Search Business Group is a healthcare marketing agency that doesn’t like to overlook the small but important details. We coordinate with our clients to strike a balance between their design decisions and the existing best practices that make your UX/UI earn you important points with Google.

Duplicate Content

One of the banes that plague so many who venture into digital marketing is duplicate content. Unfortunately, some agencies are extremely unethical and decide to create identical copies of content resources that get sold to many clients at a time. Recently, Google started paying a lot more attention to these errors and punishing them. Luckily, our clients won’t have to deal with that from the content we prepare.

Get Started With a Healthcare Content Audit

Get in touch with our team to start a content audit that gets you on the right track. We’ll help identify the areas that need work and develop a content strategy that will get you ranked number 1 in your city.

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