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Specials and Deals Are a Terrible Marketing Strategy

A marketing campaign based on specials is not a marketing campaign. It definitely isn’t something that builds a brand either. I have had the great fortune of working with clients for a number of years. In this time, I have run a variety of marketing campaigns and deals. This is

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Ultimate Veterinary Guide to SEO

What is Veterinary SEO? SEO is the digital marketing discipline focusing on obtaining the most traffic possible from organic traffic on search engines. Veterinary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses the marketing discipline specifically on veterinarian websites and driving more traffic to those sites. This is accomplished by implementing creative and

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Veterinarian Guide to Everything Online Marketing

There is just too much that every business “needs” to be doing. I’m sure you’ve seen the articles. The ones that scare the hell out of you. Titles will often sound like “10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Facebook”,  “If you are not on Instagram, your losing

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