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SEO Services

Unlock the power of search

​Showing up on the first page of search results on Google establishes your business’s authority and trustworthiness to customers. Search Business Group can boost your site to the top of popular search engines, so your audience can find you when they need you. As a local business, search engine marketing is one of your best tools for connecting with new and returning customers to increase your bottom line.

We use a variety of effective on-site and offsite SEO strategies to position your business above competitors where it can get the greatest exposure. Our team stays on top of algorithm updates and digital marketing trends to ensure your site is performing better than your competitors’. We research and select hyper-local targeted keywords and phrases that are specific not only to your medical practice but also to your neighborhood. Our SEO services include (but are not limited to!):

Unique, high-quality content

In business, you need to give a little something to get something. By providing informative, valuable content to visitors on your site, you’ll be much more likely to convert them to patients. Our talented content team will create the compelling, keyword-focused content you need to attract new business.

Improved website architecture

You believe in providing compassionate customer service in real time, so why not online? Make your business’s digital experience as user-friendly and simple to navigate as possible. With a well structured site and proper internal links, your patients can find and explore your site with ease.

Uniform directory submissions

With Search Business Group, you’ll never have to worry about those pesky listings online having the wrong information again. We will take care of everything but always keep you in the loop. No need to stress over login credentials or phone verifications so you can do what you do best.

Technical SEO consulting

There are hundreds of elements that affect SEO, but we know how to zero in on what’s affecting your rankings. Whether we’re updating meta tags, developing mobile-first design, or minifying Javascript, you can trust Search Business Group to find and fix any problems as soon as they arise.

Local Targeting

Understand where your audience is and how to reach them with our local SEO strategies. When your information is readily available on Google My Business, patients are more likely to trust you and navigate to your location. Expand your business by getting ranked in your city and surrounding areas.

Before your patients even step foot into your office, ensure that they’re getting 5 star service by providing them with a user-friendly site at the top of the search results. Our SEO company can develop a custom strategy for your business’s unique needs. We will optimize your site to increase brand awareness and visibility online, so you can focus on growing your business.


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Our Strategy

Our analysts and strategists will work with you to create an integrated digital marketing plan that supports your long-term goals. We believe in transparency and communication over all else. To provide clarity on our SEO process, we have outlined exactly what you can expect when you choose to work with us.

SEO Services We Offer in Orange County

SEO Consultation

We will audit your local competitors to see how they are positioning themselves, what products/services they offer, and what their strengths and weaknesses are, in order to differentiate your business from the crowd. We also provide insights on how to expand your digital marketing efforts, track calls, and improve patient experience because we want your business to thrive.

Google Map Optimization

Target your local audiences by getting your business listed and verified on Google Maps. Our team will update your page with information, services, locations, and posts, so your patients can learn about your business on-the-go and navigate to you in a jiffy. A well managed listing can result in increased visibility for your business and more traffic to your site.

Link Building

Having high-quality, organic links pointing to your site signals to search engine crawlers that your site is relevant and authoritative. Our experts will build links from relevant directories, local businesses, and blogs to your site to increase your rankings on the SERPs. We will also monitor your site to ensure no inappropriate, irrelevant, or broken links are pointing to your site.

Tittle Tags and Meta Descriptions

Having action-oriented, keyword optimized title tags and meta descriptions is imperative to getting more traffic and clicks to your site. Search engines need them to rank you at the top of the page and your audience needs them to understand what your site is about. Instead of automating generic titles and descriptions, our experts will analyze the top keywords and integrate them organically into your site.

Keyword Research

There’s no point in ranking a site for terms that nobody is searching. To ensure our marketing efforts support your bottom line, our data-driven strategies are based on your patient’s intent. We will determine what specific phrases and keywords your target demographic is searching. Our team prioritizes high volume keywords, but we can also develop campaigns for long-tail keywords that are trending.

Content Marketing

Nurture your leads by providing valuable, informative, and interesting content on your site. At Search Business Group, we provide authentic, compelling content in the form of semantic blogs, pages, guides, and more. Our talented in-house copywriters know exactly how to appeal to your audience’s needs using the latest content and PR strategies.

Our SEO Process

Always and forever communication regarding the status, priorities a tasks that need to completed. The timeline below show you an estimate delivery time if you choose Search Business Group as your landing page design agency. Our goal always will be delivery an outstanding piece so you can be proud of it.

What do you hope to achieve? What can we provide? Our first meeting with you is to establish expectations and explain more about what SEO really is. Let us know what you envision for your business and how we can support you through digital marketing.
Every business owner needs to know who their audience is, where they are, and what they’re thinking. By conducting keyword research, we can figure out what your prospects are searching online and optimize your business to answer these queries.
See what your competitors are doing online, so you can get ahead of them. Our team will perform a digital audit of all your local competitors, so we can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to them. This gives us a better idea of exactly how we can improve your online presence.
After completing an in-depth analysis of your business, we can develop and coordinate an integrated SEO strategy. This includes implementing keyword-focused meta tags, building links to quality sites and everything in between.

Title tags and meta descriptions
Alt tags & H1 tags
Local listings
Link building
XML Sitemap
Semantic content
Structured data/schema
GMB updates

With the cooperation of your web developers and staff, we can increase brand awareness and generate leads through organic search.
In the span of 6 months, you will start to see your website gradually “climb” the rankings to the first page. Every month, you will be provided with your business’s position on the SERPs for relevant, high-volume keywords. Our account manager will walk you through your progress, so you understand exactly what we’re doing on the backend to improve your marketing.
Once your site is the first result among competitors for major keywords, you can expect to feel the real impact of your investment. However, reaching the top of the search results is just the beginning. Our team will work to track the clicks and calls to your business, so you can increase your conversion rate, nurture leads, and improve user experience on your site. We will also be tracking algorithm changes and monitoring your competitors to ensure you not only get to the top but also stay there.

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