11 Yelp Reviews That Remind You Why You Treat Animals, NOT Humans

We hate Yelp. You hate Yelp. There’s nothing like finishing the day tired from all the chaos that is working at an animal hospital, just to find a 1-star review. And you know 1 star reviews are never short and sweet. They are always literary epic novels, where customers mix in ALL CAPS WORDS and exclamation points everywhere!!!

They just suck. But sometimes, you just have to laugh at the pure ridiculousness of some of these 1-star reviews. Here are some amazing 1-star reviews that will make you laugh on the outside, but kill you on the inside.

1. When People Don’t Like That Your Animal Hospital Has Animals

“the bad thing about this [place] is, the doc’s assistant/wife needs to surround herself with pet cats, one of which is fat and very mean, snarling and hissing at dogs who, by nature, aren’t too happy about cats walking around on the countertops like spoiled queens”

We’re veterinarians, we treat animals! We are going to have our furry friends with us. No need for name-calling.

2. Apparently You Don’t Feel Pain

I took my dog into this vet muzzled and the vet took off the muzzle and my dog jumped and scratched with his nail…the vet reported is as a bite. I couldn’t believe it.”

“He comes back, and says to me ‘your dog tried to bite me.’ Ok. Well, you’r a vet. I’m sure that happens. Then he says it again. Really? You’re going to complain about a dog trying to bite you?” 

Oh, that’s right your a Vet, you don’t feel pain if it’s from an animal.

The User actually wrote, “Really? You’re going to complain about a dog trying to bite you?”.

YES JONATHAN WE ARE! We’re talking about veterinarians, not Iron Man!

3. Calling Out Your Math Skills

“Vet tech put my cat on the scale and announced, ‘20.125 pounds. Just under 21 pounds.’ I’m not good at math but even I know that that is just over 20 pounds.” 

We had to re-read that portion too. Apparently, there is a  major difference between under 21 and over 20 lbs. *Shrug*

And let’s not forget “the third string” haha!

4. This User Didn’t Even Come In! They Just Didn’t Like the Price

“Just called them to get a price quote on teeth cleaning for a young cat in good health not requiring a blood panel or extractions. YIKES!!! $250!!!” 

Let’s be honest, this kills all of us inside. It’s one thing if the customer was charged a price they thought was too high, but this user didn’t even come in! They just called and ask about the price. *SCREAMING*

5. When the Celebrity Treatment isn’t Good Enough

No Excerpt Here, Just take a look at the photo

Though we understand the user’s complaint about the grooming job not being perfect, her picture of the singer, Sia, was too amazing to not include on the list.

6. You Didn’t Say Hi to my Puppy, Obviously, You Must Not Love Animals

“I brought in a new puppy and not one person got down to say hi to her. Now I’m not saying that’s required but it goes to show they clearly don’t have a love for animals and/or their job.”

It’s not required to say Hi to, but if you don’t you must not have any love or passion. Yeah, that’s fair.

7. You are a Vet, You Shouldn’t be Making Money

“I will not be going to a vet that makes money”

You are a veterinarian because you love helping animals. You shouldn’t be asking for money for that!

*Slowly Dying Inside*

8. 1 Star for Asking for Permission to Save a Puppy’s Life

“the lady in the front who I recall was the manager kept rushing me to make a quick decision to lay because my dog was in ‘critical condition’ if my dogs in critical condition, why the f#$* are you standing there asking for money rather than doing something?”

9. This Client Is Just Trying to Help But Really Isn’t

Not sure if we love this user for standing up for the clinic or asking her just to stop. Why did she have to write a 3-star??? Because she has no “derp commitment”?

Let’s just say this whole review is derpy.

10. When You Do Everything Right, And It Still Goes Wrong


11. 1 Star for People Who’ve Never come to the Clinic

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