What is the Search Business Group?

The Search Business Group is an Orange County agency passionate about helping our community’s veterinarians get more clients. We have many qualified, compassionate veterinarians available to help our community’s beloved pets. However, many veterinary clinics have been left behind by the advances of technology and change in consumer behavior.

We help veterinarians get more clients through the door by getting them up to speed. Pet owners have turned more and more to mobile and search when making decisions for their pets. We do this by utilizing veterinary powerful web design and meticulous reputation management. These 3 specialties allow our company to ensure that our veterinary clients are found when pet owners look for them online.

The Search Business Group Story

Search Business Group began after the founder, Jason Khoo, and his dog Kana were involved in an accident at the groomer. After receiving an emergency phone call from the groomer that Kana had been accidentally injured, Jason rushed back to find what felt like a scene out of a horror movie. Surrounded by scattered dog hair, an apologetic groomer, and Kana barking in the background he did his best to comfort his terrified dog and find a veterinary office open on Sunday night that could help Kana immediately.

All the veterinarians that partnered with the groomers were closed, and the only open pet hospitals were an hour’s drive away. Frantically searching Yelp and Google for a closer option, he was about to give up when at the last second he finally found a veterinarian that was within 10 minutes and rushed over as soon as he called. Dr. Lopez from Brookhurst Animal Medical Center was waiting at the door when Jason arrived and able to get Kana into surgery immediately. After an hour of waiting, Kana was done and Jason was reassured that she would make a full and complete recovery.

Now that everything was over he was finally able to sit back and think about everything. This was the first time he had ever been in this situation—usually his family just took Kana to Petsmart to get her shots. Before this, Kana had been his sister’s dog until she moved away and it was the first time he had to be responsible for Kana in this type of major medical emergency. He felt like there should be an easier way to find this information in times of crisis.

After talking to Dr. Lopez, Jason felt grateful for their help and realized that he wanted to connect other pet owners who found themselves in similar situations to friendly, compassionate care of veterinarians. Accidents happen—and the two founders and proud dog owners, wanted to make sure they could help other pet owners in need. And so the Search Business Group was born–out of the need to better connect pet owners with personalized compassionate knowledgeable veterinarians.

Jason Khoo

Marketing Director

Ron Arellano

Creative Director

Elisha Gupta

Search Marketer