What we do

We are changing the game.

No contracts, no paying for marketing that doesn’t guarantee results. What Search Business Group is doing is making the playing field fair.

What is the point of paying for marketing that you aren’t sure is even helping. What veterinarians need is a marketing agency that guarantees results and if we don’t get you any patients, you don’t pay us a dime.

It’s time to level the playing field for veterinarians.

The Search Business Group is the industry’s most exciting agency for online marketing and the only one that allows clinics to pay for performance.

Case Study

Brookhurst Animal Medical Center (BAMC), a local family veterinary clinic in Anaheim, was no stranger to rising prices with lower and lower rates of customer traffic. However, they had many attributes that make a great veterinary clinic.  Brookhurst Animal Medical Center still had trouble converting this to any online success. As a result, their sales and customer traffic took a hit. They struggled to attract new customers.

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