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New Generation Dentistry

After 4 years of owning a practice, SBG helped New Generation Dentistry reach its best year ever, by acquiring on average 75 new patients a month

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Brookhurst Animal Medical Center

An old school veterinarian who didn’t believe in marketing decided to give SBG a chance. After a year of working with us, business is booming, the staff has all received a raise and the clinic has never been so busy.

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Orthodontics LA

Starting a clinic is hard, however Orthodontics LA was able to dominate search rankings in its local city and quickly find a consistent channel of new patients to help stimulate business growth.


Search Business Group is a company built of professionals who are obsessed with the search for deeper understanding. This obsession allows us to implement and refine growth marketing systems that help businesses reach the next level of revenue growth.

Search Business Group implements growth marketing systems to dentists, veterinarians and other businesses. Our systems include search engine optimization, call tracking and foot traffic logs.

Search Engine Optimization
People are searching. We make sure they find you.

Web Design
Outstanding websites with our creative and technology touch

Graphic Design
All related with print and online materials for your marketing campaign

Reputation Management
Monitor customer feedback with our team to manage your customer-facing business.

Call Tracking
Ensuring that every new customer’s first point of contact is a good one.

Our growth marketing systems will give you the power and control you want for your businesses’ marketing.