Be Different. Reap the Benefits, Accept the Consequences

Most people can agree that talent is not enough. Success and fame is built on many circumstances. Some people will cry luck, environment, chance and the popularity of the time. The amalgam of factors make many people just shrug and walk away. And its the same for many field including music, sports and business. Your either lucky enough to be famous or you aren’t.

Chance Taught Me Something

ChanceTheRapperWell today I decided to listen to an artist that helped Kanye West with the The Life of Pablo album. If we’re talking about greats, Kanye West is definitely one of them. Well, on his first track, Chance the Rapper is a featured artist. I really enjoyed Chance’s part in the song, so I decided to go download his album. What peaked my interest really was his unique voice and style of rap. Long story short, I’ve been listening on repeat for the last couple of hours.

With Chance (no pun intended) he offers a great example of how a business can find success. Besides the fact that he is a frequent contributor on other artist’s albums, he has an extremely unique style of Rap. If you just take a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

His style is different. Many people might think it weird, that it doesn’t sound like the typical rappers we hear on the radio. But that’s the point. He has carved out his niche because he is different. He doesn’t try to sound like just another rapper. In the beginning it always sucks though. People don’t like how it sounds. Its too new, too different. Before you know it though, people get used to it and it becomes the new norm.

Business is Exactly the Same

Its a copycat world, but the ones that stand out are the ones who can add something new. They aren’t afraid of the haters in the beginning. Being different is the only way to stand apart from the rest.

Are you Prepared to be Different Though?

Being different sounds great when you are selling millions of albums, scoring 60 points on a nationally televised game or when your product is being featured all over Forbes and Time Magazine. However, can you take the consequences of being different in the beginning. The risk that your work may be too unique, too unusual to be accepted by the mass market. People will brush you off as a joke and they will say that you will never amount to the greats.

Everything has its pros and cons. If your business wants to be different you will have to be prepared to take the good with the bad. If you only want the good, you might as well pack up and return back to the average. But always remember, not being unique means your average. When you are average, you will always be average and who pays attention to average?

An Extra Goodie

Talking about being different, I listened to a great podcast by RadioLab about a famous olympian who dealt with this very issue. If you need something to listen to on your commute I definitely recommend downloading this for your drive.

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