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Over this weekend, Search Business Group took a trip to CatCon in Pasadena. The event was a 2-day event that was made for every person whose dream it is to be a crazy old cat lady :).

Now that it’s been a couple of days and I’ve finally recovered from the weekend, I wanted to share my favorite finds from the weekend.

Capture Creatures by Beck and Frank5. Capture Creatures by Becky and Frank

Capture creatures is inspired by Pokemon, which is my childhood cartoon. I had the original games and knew every single Pokemon.

Well, these two amazing artists, Becky and Frank did their own spin of Pokemon by illustrating over 300 characters themselves.

It took them 2 years however, they finished creating all the characters, evolutions, and elements.

I was so mesmerized by the characters, I went through almost the entire book at their table. I made sure to ask where fans could keep up to date on the series. For now, the Capture Creatures site is still in development.

If you’d like to buy the book you can find it here.

However, fans can follow Becky and Frank at their website.


4. Nevertheless She Purrsisted by TeeTurtle

I loved this shirt. When I saw someone wearing it at the convention I was gushing. Luckily, I figured out one of the vendors at the convention had the shirt and they were selling it.

Only problem, they ran out of the shirt 🙁

It’s okay though, Mallory, who worked the booth, hooked me up with some free shipping.

Besides the amazing pun on the shirt, the context of the message on the shirt is simply amazing. If you don’t know where this is from you can read more about it here.

I’ve always been a big fan of TeeTurtle and I’m happy to be buying my first shirt from them, especially one with such a witty, yet powerful message!

If you’d like to order one, you can here.


medicine-cabinet-amber-tillman3.  Medicine Cabinet by Amber Tillman

When I came across Amber’s comic series, Medicine Cabinet, I couldn’t believe my ears. Her cat characters were each named for a drug. Their names were Rita (Ritalin), Zac (Prozac) and Morph (Morphine).

I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

I’ll leave it to Amber’s official site to properly give the low down about her amazing series:

What happens when an “ex crazy-cat lady is rehabilitated and becomes a pharmacist? Well, not much and a lot at the same time. It depends upon which of her 3 “quota” cats you ask.

Rita (Ritalin), Zac (Prozac) and Morph (Morphine) have differing insights.

If you think it couldn’t get any better, the villains in the series are also named based on drugs. Their names are:

  1. Kane (Cocaine)
  2. Mushroom
  3. Angel (Angel Dust)

Everything about this comic series, Medicine Cabinet is so creative. Everyone go support Amber at her site!

moon-cat-cafe2. Moon Cat Cafe

I call myself a raging fan of Moon Cat Cafe. I’ve only known about the cafe for about a month and a half and yet I’ve already been to the mobile truck about 5 times (And I’m PROUD OF IT!)

The cat cafe can be best explained:

A brand new and unique take on the cat cafe concept, Moon Cat Cafe brings the cat cafe experience on the road to the public, utilizing a renovated step van outfitted with a modern aesthetic.

It offers a small but comfortable sit-down cafe environment (with two cats and great coffee!), as well as fine artisan goods for sale.

10% of all proceeds go to a Cat Rescue and all the cats you’ll find in the truck are adoptable kittens and cats. It’s an amazing concept and I’ve already worn my Moon Cat Cafe shirt proudly!

One of my favorite parts of Moon Cat Cafe is that the business proudly supports female-founded businesses and artists!

To keep up to date on the Moon Cat Cafe’s travels, you can follow them on their Facebook, Instagram, or their website.

farm-cat-pharm-cat1. Farm Cat! Pharm Cat! by Michelle Thies

This book was my favorite find of the whole convention. I’m a huge history nerd and I love anything that helps retell world history in an entertaining way.

Well with “Farm Cat! Pharm Cat”, the author and illustrator retold the evolution of the agriculture and pharmaceutical industry through the history of mankind.

It’s a pretty amazing piece and I read the whole book in front of the booth and couldn’t resist buying it. Definitely, one that is great for anyone who loves history.

Here is the official description of the book:

A series of illustrations depicting the evolution of a dysfunctional friendship between two cats through the ages. This friendship is set against the backdrop of the agricultural industry and the pharmaceutical sciences.

If you’d like to see some of the illustrations you can see them on Michelle’s site or if you’d like to buy the book, you can get it here.


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