Persuading search engines is an art

Reaching the goal means that Google recommends your content as the best option to the questions of users on the Internet. But it is not about paying for ads, because with the organic optimization of the content on your own website, Google qualifies you as a reliable option for netizens and shows you among the first results.

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Are you ready to raise your company visibility on the Internet?

Our team has developed a meticulous process for your clients to find you among the first results of their searches. Check out this animated video of the Search Business Group SEO process. Then scroll down to dive in deeper on each phase.

Learn how we make Google love your web content

1. We investigate thoroughly

We prepare the way


For this tour, we begin with the evaluation of the health status of your website, as well as we do it with the portal of your competitors, in order to identify opportunities.

Here we discover the factors that determine the positioning, we know the keywords, we measure the speed of the web page, we review the site map, among other components that allow us to do an exhaustive analysis.

We choose the keywords


Through technological tools and advanced search engine analysis, we conduct a local market study in your industry. Here we analyze the way in which users search, on the Internet, for services similar to the ones you offer.

Next, we present a proposal for the use of keywords or phrases, based on data analysis of how users seek to reach business professionals like you, in your area.

2. We awaken sensations

We establish a baseline


On this occasion, we collect data and information about you or your business, here we detail the services you offer, the products you sell, we select information about service, location and other data that will allow netizens to identify the great professional you are.

We include creative content


It is time to incorporate the keywords into the general content of your website, here we use creative and natural wording so that the result is genuine, as well as attractive to readers.

We locate the topics that generate the highest volume of searches in your area to write about them on your own blog, as you always dreamed of.

3. We configure everything

We mold each space of your site


With attractive titles, suggestive descriptions, new calls to action, renewed links, among other actions, we optimize each space on your website to earn points with Google, since the goal is to improve the ranking and relevance of your site.

Here we give emphasis to the creation of the site map and the refinement of your services page, contact and blog.

We report the good news


It is time to inform Google about the optimization carried out so that it can analyze it, thus recognizing that your website is already in the best conditions to provide effective responses to netizens.

This report will allow it to identify your website as healthy, without errors and ready to be a reliable source of information on the net.

We target cybermarketing


Now is the time to search for authority on the Internet, with the help of other pages that are in your industry, as long as they are a reliable source they can suggest your links and content as recommendations.

To attract traffic from search engines, it is essential to ensure good links from relevant websites in the area in which you work.

4. And we repeat

We keep you updated


Through a monthly report, we inform you about the behavior of new users, the results of Google searches, the volume of traffic in the different sections, and we even count the phone calls you received by direct action from your website.

We also inform you about the current keywords and check if it is necessary to incorporate new phrases to optimize the results.

We start the cycle


On the Internet everything is evolving and we guide you on this permanent path. If you have new services, want to venture into new positioning options or need to follow a trend, we will always be there to help you.

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