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In What Ways Do SEO And Web Design Contribute To The Success Of A Dental Business?


Content marketing and web design (UI and UX) have many things in common. They both work together to create a website with excellent performance for your clients. In the digital marketing world, this could be the equivalent of having your dental practice at the city center in a well-connected area and in an ideal state.

In the same way, that would be so convenient for you and your patients equally. They would not have to put effort into showing up for their regular visits, and you will probably have more clients due to being accessible.

So, yes, that is how a well-built webpage and valuable content will reflect on your dental care business. Your dental website is your online presence; it is your virtual office.

Both aspects —content marketing and web design— are made of various separate wings that require individual attention and work to function properly. For instance, content marketing needs a lot of effort put into SEO dental services to optimize your site. And your web needs UI and UX designers to make it look and work how you want.

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If we are to dive deeper into this article, and we should, the truth is that yours is a dental business, and that means you need digital marketers and designers prepared to operate with the specifics of your field.

Every industry has its peculiarities and characteristics, and dental practice is no exception to this. Being a dentist or orthodontist is not the same as being a neurologist or traumatologist. Patients in between these fields have very different demands.

Even though you are all doctors and we’re all marketers, our craft is different. Dental marketing strategies differ from others, as do SEO services for orthodontists. So having said that we can move on to a quick guide of the requirements on your webpage.

There are certain things you should be talking about, and we don’t mean trends.

About Us

Your website will benefit from having a section where you can talk about your team of dental experts. Why? Well, you would surely like to know who your orthodontist is, right? And check their credentials, if possible; even a photo would be great. You will probably feel more comfortable this way.

You have some alternatives to do this. We recommend briefly talking about each dentist or expert individually. What’s their specialty, and how many years of experience they have would be a great start. Again, adding a photo can be a good idea.

You can also have a more general and briefer piece on the team to create a bigger picture in your patients’ minds. This way, they can have an idea of who you are, which will help them decide on your services.

The power of this section resides in making your dental practice look transparent and, therefore, reliable and professional.

Service Pages

Here we have another pillar point for your webpage. In a certain light, the services section alongside contact information can be the most important. All the content on your page serves one goal: helping your patients.

How do you, a dentist, help your patients out? With dental care, dental treatment, and dental appliances. Those are the services you provide and should be evident to your readers.

Blog posts are for your patients too, but the core of your work happens when you get the opportunity to check their mouths. This is why even the content of your blog post should lead the readers to choose your expertise and visit your dental office.

In this section, you get to explain to potential patients what are your main dental procedures, which orthodontic appliances you work with, and so on. Since this is an important part of your website, it should be optimized with Dentist SEO services.

Essential keywords for the treatment are paramount, such as metal braces or traditional braces, retainers, aligners, and their variations if needed. For example:


Traditional metal braces are still a huge favorite for orthodontic treatments. Metal braces are resistant and can correct a wide range of issues in your denture, from mild to severe misalignment and more.

But, indeed, metal brackets and metal wires are not usually the patients’ favorite. It’s understandable, of course; they can be a little harsh in the beginning. That’s why many alternatives are being invented and experimented on.

  • Self-ligating braces: this variation is often called automatic or passive braces since they do not require elastic bands because the archwire goes through the brackets and is held by them.
  • Lingual braces: this is an alternative created for discretion. The lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth, making it harder to spot the brackets and wires. They tend to be more expensive.
  • Ceramic braces: these are pretty much like the typical metal braces, but they are made of ceramic, which makes them clearer to the eye. The treatment is similar to metal ones with the difference that ceramic brackets tend to be a little more fragile and expensive.

Clear Aligners

Clear or invisible aligners are the newest trend in the orthodontic appliances business. Although this dental procedure is fairly recent, it’s becoming a big contender between patients and orthodontists.

Clear aligners offer the possibility of getting rid of brackets, which makes them friendlier to your teeth. They can be more expensive, though, because, during your orthodontic treatment, you will need new invisible plastic molds every 3 weeks.

Some popular providers of this new technology are:


Sometimes people mistake invisible aligners for traditional orthodontic retainers. They do share some similarities like both are removable and are meant to hold your teeth in place.

However, retainers are commonly used after the orthodontic treatment is finished. Once you had your braces removed, orthodontists recommend wearing retainers to prevent the movement of your denture. They help the fixation process of your new smile and that is the reason they are so important.

Contact Us

As we were saying above, the section dedicated to contact is one of the most important for your dental practice. When your orthodontic patients reach this page is because they want to know more about your course or hire your dental services.

One key is having an easy-functioning and very clear contact space. This page has to show your current location, phone number, and e-mail address. Please do not leave out the location part, since naming it will not only allow your clients to visit your dental office but will drive local traffic (prospective patients) to your website.

Dedicated Appointment Pages

We are living in the days of automation. We all want things to be accessible and fast, and orthodontic patients are not an exception.

If they already know your dental work or they are ready to set an appointment for a first dental check, they will prefer to do it online and by themselves rather than calling your office or doing it in person.

Many professionals in the dental care field assure this feature helps them save a lot of time. Organization of schedules can be optimized, too, if you use strong software tailored for this purpose. There are some good options in the market already.

Blog Posts

One of the many reasons why dental marketing services are different from other forms of marketing is that in healthcare, you need to build a strong bond with patients.

When someone buys a pair of shoes, the commercial relationship can be ended as soon as they leave the store. However a dental patient will need different treatments and attention over the years, so the bond has to be stable.

You have to constantly give information to your customers and sometimes remind them that they need to make a new appointment at your dental office because it’s been a year since they last visited you.

Blog posts help to build this bond and keep your website relevant for your old patients and attractive to potential ones.

Search Business Group Is a Dental Marketing

This article was created from experience. We are a group of specialized marketers and creators, and our field is your field. Your work with dental and orthodontic treatment, and we work with orthodontic SEO and the best dental marketing strategies.

We can help your business if you set an appointment with our team.

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