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How To Add My Business Listing to Best of the Web

Best of the Web is one of the mid level directories of the web. Below we take you through how to add your business to Best of the Web. Be careful as if you go the wrong route on the website you may accidentally sign up for the billing and marketing plan. What the tutorial shows you below is how to add your business to Best of the Web as a free listing.

1. Go to the following page


This page is almost impossible to find through the home page. Thus your going to have to use the link I provided above. If your on the home page and click “submit site” you will get to a landing page that asks you to sign up for a contract. As a small business, if you don’t have the budget and just want to add your business, then follow the page above.

If you click submit site on the home page you will be sent to a billing plan


2. Create an Account and Fill in Your Business Name


Once your done filling everything out, click the button you see at the bottom.


3. You Will See the Following Page Confirming Your Free Account

Unlike the billing plan, you can see here that the listing process is free


4. Click the link, where it says “please click here”


5. Complete the Listing and Fill In All the Corresponding Information


 Then Click


Once you click “Finalize Listing” your all done! You’ll be taken to a page that confirms your listing.

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