How To Claim My Business on Foursquare

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To claim your business on foursquare, it is a pretty simple process.

1. Go to


2. Type in your business name and find the one that is yours


3. Click “Claim My Business”


4. Verify that you are the owner or affiliated with  him/her and click “Get Started”


5. Click “Call Me Now” and Follow the Instructions Given Over the Phone


The automated message will ask you to do a couple things, including reciting your name, business name and position. Also they will ask to input a code shown on the screen. It should take you less than 30 seconds. Once done you are essentially done. Note the number does NOT have to be the business phone number and can be any number that is most convenient to you at the time of completion.

Your Done! You Claimed your Business

From here, the rest will just to be fill in the information of your business with the general information like Business Name, Hours, Address, Telephone number etc. If the business already exists you only need to check through the information to see if everything is correct.

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