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Sunday comics are always the best. Even though newspapers have long been replaced by digital media, comic strips have this vintage style that remind me of the allure of a vinyl record. I remember always being a huge fan of Garfield comics. I loved that cat. That was the one thing I would get from the library when my mom would force me to read something.

The Marketoonist

Today I can’t cop out with Garfield. I run a blog on marketing. So today we will be talking about Tom Fishburne’s cartoon series, Marketoonist. Its exactly what it sounds like. A cartoon series about contemporary Marketing topics.

I promise it is way more fun that it sounds. The reason it is so awesome is because it is a satire on marketing. And if you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of satire.

Some of Tom’s Greatness

Tom Fishburne VR

Tom Fishburne VR

Tom Fishburne Social Media

It’s Good To Laugh At Yourself Sometimes

When your deep into an industry, its easy to get caught up in the best practices and new trends. What I love about this though is that Tom’s comics really are a circus mirror of yourself. Its goofy and hilarious. But at the end of the day it still is a mirror and it is exposing some facts. Whenever I look at these comics I laugh at the ridiculousness of the industry, but also a part of me thinks about if the cartoon is applicable to me.

Creative and Unique

Tom’s work is amazing. It is also a great reminder that to stand out does not mean you need to have the slickest, newest styles of design. That means you don’t have to follow the start up world’s aesthetic. Because following that route will mean you look like everybody else. Though cartoon strips may seem a little old, Tom helps spin that modern twist. Its like when modern day artists sample music from the past.

Tom Fishburne Creative Brand

Don’t fixate on trying to look cool and hip. Just focus on looking unique and true to your brand. If your brand right now is just to look cutting edge, but your modeling yourself after Apple, Facebook, Tesla, then our really just following. Take a risk, take a chance to stand out, because at the end of the day, taking a risk is being innovative. Following the innovative is not being innovative.

Tom Fishburne ProfileGive Tom Fishburne and Marketoonist a Follow!

I’ve followed Marketoonist now for 3 – 4 years. Its a great way to get a chuckle while seeing the marketing industry from a different perspective. Definitely recommend hopping over and taking a look!

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