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Orthodontist Web Design: The Key Strategic Elements


From a digital and marketing perspective, the web design of your orthodontics practice is a core element of your business. Many of your potential patients will search on Google for the practice that suits their needs.

As many business people say, the first impression is the most important. The first impression applies to your orthodontics practice as well. Also, patients first know about your orthodontics offer through the web.

An exceptional design and content, along with an offer providing a service that excels expectations define a path to success. With this said, we include Key Strategic Elements of an Orthodontist Web Design.

Why is it so important to have an Orthodontist web design?

“There is no way a potential patient feels comfortable with a website that denotes a lack of professionalism.”

A website without images and a well-organized and intuitive navigation bar that produces no engagement will transmit a negative message, even if you provide a top-quality service.

Therefore, excelling in this area requires some effort in displaying your potential patients an impression of cleanliness, organization, and added value. Not to mention the importance you must give to ease navigation and intuitiveness.

Thus, use these strategic elements and discuss them with your website developer to better professionally promote your practice.

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What are the Key Strategic Elements of an Orthodontist Website?

When you think of your practice, you think of getting the best of your talent to deliver a service that excels among competitors. You might also think of added value and an outstanding experience.

The same concepts apply to your orthodontics practice. Assuming your patients’ needs and incorporating them into your website will generate a positive impact. Your website is a crucial element of your practice nowadays.

We brought you the Key Strategic Elements of a Superb Orthodontic Web Design.

Selection of Colors and Fonts

A superb design has well-defined brand colors and fonts. Therefore, selecting the appropriate colors and fonts according to your target patients can make them feel comfortable.

The correct selection of colors and fonts depends on your patients’ age. For instance, if you specialize in children, you can choose some bright and vivid colors, along with a couple of types of fantasy fonts.

If your orthodontic practice is there for all ages, a more neutral shade of colors is your choice. Also, many adult professionals are now considering orthodontic treatment, so you might want to consider patients who have problems reading. A larger and easy-to-read font is the most suitable option.

User Friendly, Predictable, and Intuitive Navigation

User Friendly, Predictable, and Intuitive Navigation, summarize in making your website easy to find what your potential patients need. Having the right colors and fonts will do little to none if your website isn´t easy to surf.

Hard-to-navigate websites result in potential patients leaving it and choosing another option. Therefore, creating a website with tabs with explicit and intuitive content will allow your patients to get what they need.

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The main idea is to go from general to specific. Most commonly, navigation bars include simple but broad-spectrum words like About Us, Services, and Contact.

You can add some other specific and engaging elements like Certifications, Staff, or a Blog. The main idea is to create a website that brings out the best of your practice and is solid at the same time.

Tabs break down into lists of more specific and detailed tabs like the main tab named Facilities, which breaks down into a list of cities, and clicking on each will direct patients to a page with a map, an address, phone numbers, and a picture of the facility in each city.

Engaging essentials

There are tons of different elements you can use to make your practice´s website engaging. Multimedia resources like pictures, a well-defined and aesthetic logo, links to social media, and access to videos and graphics are some of the resources you can add to your website to make it go from boring to engaging.

Examples are vast. Some good ideas include asking your patients’ permission to post before and after pictures and reviews, including photos of your facility, your office, a 360° walkaround, and photographs of your equipment and staff. If you specialize in orthodontics for little children, you might want to consider creating a video with some fun animated characters brought to life.

On the other side, if your idea is to project professionalism, you might opt to include a blog with interesting articles, a list of certifications like Board Approvals, and stimulating data displayed in infographics depicting the different phases of an orthodontic procedure.

Patients User Experience

Experience is all about understanding a patient does not always have patience. We all want a website that responds when clicking within a fraction of a second. There is no mystery that many of us do not want to keep navigating a website if a command takes more than three seconds to work.

Underestimating the user experience can be fatal. For example, patients might choose your competitor because of a slow page load. Indeed, Google ranks pages according to their loading speed. It would be foolish for Google to rank a slow website on the top of the search page, so that the best and fastest are placed at the crest of the search options.

CTA – Calls To Action

Implementing all of the previous elements and resources will significantly impact your overall image. But, notwithstanding, it is imperative to make the final step, and this is to take advantage of all you have placed in your patients´ hands and give them the tools to act.

A call to action might be a phrase, a form, or a know more button. These resources are essential elements to take advantage of the engagement you have already created in your potential patient and transform him/her into an actual patient.

You might want to create a carousel of images with a picture that causes an encouraging impression and an outstanding straightforward and short message and add a “know more” button on it. Other options include short and easy-to-fill forms in which you request your patient´s contact information, with due permission to collect it, and you can send promotions and valuable information that motivates your patient to go from potential to actual.

I Want My Orthodontics Practice Website to Look Stunning

We know you have depicted in your mind the perfect website for your practice. The colors, the scheme, the content, the structure, and your personal touch. Now is the time to put all of the ingredients into action. At Search Business Group, we can help you insightfully materialize your most desired ideas. So make an appointment or call us to get the website you have been looking for for your orthodontics practice.


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