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What Are the Top Digital Marketing Tips for Orthodontists?


Everyone is telling you what to do with your business, how to get more clients, and why driving traffic to your website is so important. Few people are actually answering the questions and giving you the tricks to succeed.

Sometimes it may even look like they are just inventing problems in your marketing and content strategy because it is hard to understand what they are talking about. What are search engines? What is SEO writing?

We get you, and we are here to help. Marketing is a pillar aspect of every business, so fundamental that it may even pass unnoticed. You can find it in the simplest interactions with your customers, from a sign by your office door to a paid campaign on Google.

There are specialized marketing plans for various types of companies and trades. This happens because your clients come to you bearing different mindsets depending on the nature of your product: orthodontic treatment or high-fashion clothes, for example.

We work with healthcare and orthodontics marketing and already know what your audience is looking for. However, let’s not forget that deep knowledge of the target and the channels they use comes before any digital marketing strategy.

For instance, orthodontic marketing is special because there are two basic problems in your client’s mind, being the appearance of their teeth and the experience during the treatment. In some cases, the financial investment comes first or second. As marketers, our focus has to be on this.

Local SEO for Orthodontist

Local SEO Orthodontists

Thinking of your clients means thinking of your business and vice versa. Working towards improving the user experience of your website and ranking higher on search engines as Google translates into your customers having easier access to your products.

Whenever we talk about local service businesses, as happens to be the case of orthodontists, SEO becomes indispensable for your content strategy. And why is this?

In contrast to many other services that can ship their products all across the world, local businesses like dental clinics can only work with people in the same geographic area. It is highly improbable that a patient from Texas is traveling all the way to Fullerton, California, to get their orthodontic appliances.

Your potential clients are already near you; you just need to be noticed. This is when SEO comes in. Orthodontic SEO services have the power to put your website on the map.

As you may or may not know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means improving your content for platforms such as Bing, Google, Mozilla Firefox, and more. This means working towards the goal of providing your webpage with relevance in the eyes of your users and the algorithms.

Google Business Profile

Google has come up with yet another service that works perfectly for both sides of a service — provider, and consumer. On one page, Google Business Profile offers simplified information for potential clients and the possibility of being found for service providers.

If you are a dental clinic or an orthodontic specialized center, you should have a GBP to show your exact location, your schedules, your website, photos of your premises, and doctors to gain credibility.

Google My Business is an alternative to creating shortcuts for your main website. You can (and should) list your services and customize the contact section so your clients can easily make an appointment with your team. Most users affirm this feature is a time-saver.

Perhaps you have noticed that the Google Maps app always suggests places near you. With a free business profile on Google, you get to land on your clients’ screens not only on Maps but also in Google Search and Google Shopping.

HTML Tag Optimization

HTML Tag Optimization for Orthodontists

Yes, that title can sound intimidating if you have never heard it before. Tasks involving coding are often branded in a way they look scary. But they are not; we can assure you that.

HTML tag optimization simply consists in working through your content coding to clean up any unwanted luggage.

For example, unnecessary blank spaces usually make your page heavier to load. And the loading speed of a website is vital if you want your readers to stay. This is something you can optimize from your text app of choice.

Another trick is to keep your titles not too long, with a maximum of 10 words, and add your blog’s most relevant keywords. This will allow your website to look appealing on the SERP (Engine Results Page).

The goal here is to convert your website into easily readable text for the Google bots, which read in a different language than your average users.

Internal Link-Building

Internal linking is a practice of major importance in SEO strategies. Pillar content blogs and cluster post strategies are all about building a library of related content within your website.

In the eyes of search engines, your readers will be staying longer on your page and will translate into relevance and value. In the eyes of your clients, you will be providing them with lots of information that interests them, and they have it all one click away, thanks to your orthodontics website.

Building these internal links takes time because you need to create quality content for the different entries.

Link Disavowing

There are occasions where said link-building might reflect negatively on your website. This is a problem when too many poor links are related to your page because it sends a message to the algorithms that your content is the same quality as those low-performing ones.

How can you avoid this? You have two options -you can ask the other site’s owner to put down the link to your page.

If that does not work, then you can try disavowing the unpleasant links. This means letting Google know that a particular link is not helping your site in terms of ranking.

Importance of Guest Posts

Heard of Guest Post before? No, well, here’s what it means:

You know when you see that an influencer you like on social media does a collab with another account (perhaps with a larger audience), and then you end up following the other partner? Well, this is pretty much the same.

You ask for a space or special feature in an important and big blog in your field, so when their readers get to it, they will find out about you and your services. It’s basically asking for leverage and it works.

You can broaden your audience and have a good-looking relationship with another reliable website.

Auditing Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a problem for your blog for obvious reasons. And for not-so-obvious reasons too. Google algorithms work with crawlers that collect entries, websites, and blog posts. And even though they are robots, there is only so much content they can put in their relevant archives.

These algorithms need to prioritize the better-ranking content from the millions that are not so good. In this process, it simply discards anything copied or duplicated in various sites, so it won’t show on people’s searches.

You can monitor this from happening by conducting deep investigations through your competitor’s sites, avoiding mainstream sites, and keeping your content unique and user-oriented.

Add FAQ Sections

When you, as an orthodontist, prepare your website to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions, you improve your user’s experience 100%.

If instead of wandering over your webpage to find the rates you charge for dental consults, chances are they will get tired and move to the next best link on the SERP.

But if you offer your customer all of this information at a glance, they will probably stay through the read.

This FAQ also gives your site some credibility because it often means a lot of customers have already had your services.

Dedicated Service Pages

Dedicated Service Pages for Orthodontist Services

Service landing pages help accelerate your customer’s intention to buy your products. They have to list the benefits you offer accurately and lead to a CTA (Call to Action) for your clients to ask questions or set an appointment.

The pieces of these service pages have to be enticing and clear. If you work with orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign, you should briefly explain what they are and how they work.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

For a specialized strategy on SEO for orthodontics, the prices vary depending on your geographic location and particular needs.

The average price of orthodontists’ SEO services and orthodontics marketing plans goes from $1.200 to $2.000 a month in the United States.

If you want to consult with an expert on the matter rather than a marketing agency, the cost is somewhere between $80.00 to $200.00 an hour.

Attract More Patients Through Orthodontist SEO Practices

We are sure you are already an experienced dentist, and we want to allow your mind to focus on your craft by letting us focus on SEO improvements.

Ask all the questions you need in a meeting with our team of orthodontic marketing experts.


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