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Twitter Chats are pretty much the pinnacle of Social Media networking. They offer real time engagement on topics you want to discuss.  Sometimes though, the most famous twitter chats just don’t work around your schedule. I know for myself, there are a couple Twitter Chats that are a little too early for me and because I work late, it gets difficult to wake up in time to participate. So I’ve had to go out and find Twitter chats that fit my schedule In order to help beginners who want to get started in Twitter Chats or your like me and your schedule (or sleep) is getting in the way, I’ve provided some resources.

Twitter Chat Directories

ChatSalad1. ChatSalad
Chat Salad has the best interface when looking for Twitter Chats. It is easy to read and find topics. The list is not as expansive as other directories, but it offers the best route for beginners.

I did try the search feature and it wasn’t as effective as I hoped. So my advice is to come to ChatSalad first to do a quick scan.

TwitterChatGoogleSpreadSheet2. Google Spreadsheet
Adweek call this the the “grandfather of Twitter Chats lists“. This sheet offers a pretty immersive list of Twitter Chats where you can pretty much Cntrl+F your way around.


TweetReports3. Tweet Reports
Tweet Reports offers a pretty thorough list comparable to the Google Spreadsheet. Like any spreadsheet, you can organize the columns to go alphabetical or from earliest to latest. It doesn’t super help, especially when you are looking for a specific time. It doesn’t offer any search features so you are going to have to Ctrl+F through this one as well.


TWUBS offers a daily schedule of Twitter Chats with a search function. TWUBS does has seamless integration in finding and immediately interacting. The company offers software to make it easier to participate in chats, so once you have found the one you like, you can interact from the the site.

GnosisArts5. Gnosis Arts

Gnosis Arts has an interface that looks almost exactly like Wikipedia. They organize the different chats into the weekdays and from there you can scan through the list. The site also has a search feature that is probably the best of the five sites listed. The cherry on top is that the site also will text you reminders of chats if that helps you remember. The company also seems to update the chats as they have crossed out a lot of the listings.

In Conclusion

If you want to get in the Twitter chat game then the resources are there to help you get started. Once you find the chats that work for you, rather than continually finding more and more to participate in, I’d focus more on cultivating relationships in a select few. Remember it is all about making deep connections.

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