You Have to Find Your Market

Find Your Market

A part of my time I spend at a co-working space down in Costa Mesa. While there I fielded questions from many start-ups and small businesses. Something that comes up a lot is that the business knows who its target customer is. They know who they want to reach out to. Where people need help is in finding the audience.

It’s Not About Attracting Them, It’s About Finding Them

I always like to say, “build it and they will come” which is not a saying that applies to business. Especially if you are a business that is just trying to make it. In business, you have to put in the leg work and prove to people that they should work with you.  So if you have designated your target market, that is perfect! You are already on the right track.

Target markets should never be “everybody”. It’s a basic business tenant, but I still hear it a lot so I just wanted to put this here to remind people that this is a no-no.

The Chase is Afoot!

Once you have your target market, it gets much more fun. Many people get lost here, but it’s just because we aren’t used to hearing businesses chasing customers. We hear customers chasing businesses. But in this case, a little bit of guidance will take you on your path!

  1. What You After is Attention

The first thing you need to understand with chasing your target market, is you need to find them. What I mean by this is where these people congregate and put their attention. A great example is Nike. They know many of their target consumers watch sports. So Nike ensures that they market anywhere there is sports. Marketing isn’t just commercials either! It’s way more than that. It is a collaboration and sponsorship where they have athletes wearing their gear. Parts of the broadcast have the Nike logo on them.

The key for you is to find where your target market is putting attention. Of course, a national broadcast is a difficult place to start. Don’t worry though, no one is expecting you to, nor are they advising you. The plan here is to start small. For example, if your target market is mothers who like to crochet, you need to start finding blogs, YouTube videos, or local classes where crocheting is taught or discussed.

2. Give and Take World

Now that you found this target, please don’t be stupid. Don’t be that person who hands out fliers and tries to push products on people as they awkwardly try to walk past you. The best thing you can do is understand the audience there, the people who help organize and contribute. Everyone knows that we all have to make a living. The point here is though to let your intentions be known, and also offer something of value.

If you have a product that will make people’s lives better then share it with them. But before you hand them a flier, talk with them. Show them that you are experienced and understand their plight and that you want to help. There needs to be some input!

3. Continue Building Relationships and Identifying Funnels

Marketing takes time. Building relationships take time. So the goal is to not randomly try one day to enter a local forum and expect sales to come rushing in. The point is to establish relationships and continue to give to key community targets. Why do you think so many big business figures can always be found in the chamber of commerce or a part of important networking groups?

You have to remember that marketing is a must. That it takes time, but once you have these relationships and strategic partnerships built, your business will have a steady stream of leads and customers coming through.

It’s All About Authenticity And Following the Scent

You have every right to try sharing your product or service with the world. If you think it really will make people’s lives better and help them, then what are you really waiting for? The point is if you have identified your target market you need to gain a better understanding and identify where they put their attention. People don’t give time to those they don’t trust. So if people are seeking certain forums, local events, or figures out. The home run would be if you could get the figure or that event to give you a nod of confidence.

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It doesn’t even have to be an outright business partnership, but simply just a vote of confidence. The willingness and acceptance of you. That is all you need!

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Ron Arellano
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