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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile Site


Update: As of 2023, creating a new Google Business Profile Site is unavailable. However, you should continue to read this guide if you wish to optimize an existing one.

We are committed to making the most out of our client’s digital presence at Search Business Group. We work on a content strategy that reaches their potential customers by SEO blogging and ranking higher on SERPs.

That is one of our specialties, but there is more that you, as a business owner, and we, as a marketing agency, can build together. Remember, the sky’s the limit in terms of growth and innovation.

Google Business Profile or Google My Business is an extra yet powerful tool we recommend. It is becoming more and more popular by the day, and it’s proven to give excellent results, especially in local and mobile searches.

If you are focused on your digital presence as only your website, you are missing part of Google’s potential. Nowadays, it’s usual to search for a service online, not asking your neighbor, and many users are navigating through their phones.

Google Maps has reached the stage of becoming one of those apps everyone has on their smartphone. You have probably noticed when you search on the app for directions to that restaurant you love that you also get their schedule, website, phone number, photos, and reviews.

Having all that info at a simple glance has proven to give excellent results for clients and business owners. That is called a Google Business Profile, and it’s not exclusive to Google Maps users.

What Is Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Google launched this tool back in 2014 to optimize the Google search experience. Since then, it has transformed into Google Business Profile. It’s the same app and service with a different name.

GBP’s purpose is to reunite relevant info about your business. But suitable for customers and potential clients. The point is people can find in a single square of content your address, your contact info, maybe your list of services, and stuff like that.

One of the greatest benefits a Google Business Profile has is that you get much more visibility on their platforms. Google My Business acts like an optimized ID for your business, making your profile more relevant than normal websites.

When a person types “pediatric dentist near me” or “best Invisalign providers in the U.S.,” that blog you once wrote about the services you offer at your dental practice is not as useful as knowing where you are located, what are your ratings, and reviews, how does your office look?

That’s why no matter how big or small a business is, it still gest visibility thanks to GBP. In that way, it makes everything easier for you and your clients.

Potential patients will not need to enter your page and find your ‘Contact’ section to find your address or phone number. They get what you do with minimum to zero clicks. You can also achieve this by optimizing your business profile.

What Is a Google Business Site?

When you create your Google Business Profile site, you will have to fill in basic data about your business. Google automatically creates a commercial profile that will pop up when people search for something related to your service.

And Google also creates a website for your business with the info you gave on your GBP. You can edit this website and customize it with the templates and tools they offer.

It’s a free service, and it’s generated automatically, so just have to personalize it in order to make it more appealing and resourceful for your audience.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Site

Now let’s say you already went through the journey of configuring your Google Business Site and your Google Business Profile. There are some things you can do to optimize the reader’s experience and continue to improve.

Also keep in mind that the info will automatically update when you make changes in your GBP, for example. But maintaining your GBP up-to-date is a job you will have to do periodically.

Since our readers are mainly related to the dental care industry, especially dental service, orthodontics, and vets, we prepared tips suited for them, although not exclusive.

Select a Theme

Google Business Site offers great simplicity to upgrade your page. A selected number of themes for you to choose from.

Since the number of themes is limited, the decision will be easier for you. You still have the option to personalize the site, so don’t worry about that.

Use a Header Photo

The header is like the front page of your website. It has to look good, and it has to show your office, your team, or your products. Remember, it is the header of your business’ website; it has to be enticing and say something about your work.

If you are in the healthcare field, images are vital. You look transparent when you show your office and yourself online. This way, people get to know a little bit more about your service or product.

Always try to upload photos of the best quality. Show your office work with images that have a good light and make sure everything looks clean and tidy. The same advice goes for photos of yourself: quality, good light, and neat appearance.

Add Services Descriptions

This a great feature you have with a Google Business Site. When you add info about the services you offer, it is displayed for your readers to see.

You should have your services listed on each one of your websites. And you should also add a brief description of every service and product in case your prospective client is not aware of what it is.

Mentioning estimated prices is another great idea for this section.

Add Products

The products you work with and the products you offer are as important to your clients as your list of services.

Patients want to know they are being treated with the best options in the market. You will have to talk about this regardless of your industry, but this is mandatory in the health industry.

In this section, you can have a small description of each product and estimated prices, and it’s recommended to have a link to the service page related. You have to make the most of the space you have because it’s limited, so try to add a Call to Action piece.

Adding Content to Your Gbp Site

Name of the Business

  • Use the same font as your logo.
  • Make it big and noticeable, so your clients know they’re on your website.

Business Description

  • A brief comment on your trade and services.
  • Make it enticing.
  • Mention where your business is located for both your readers and the algorithm to know.

Summary: header and body

  • Make sure you capture the basics of your business and lead your clients to the pages of interest.
  • Add positive reviews and service links to each product listed.

Important Links

  • Link the About Us section and inform prospective clients of who you are.
  • Link the map of your area with Google Maps as well as the Google Maps directions.

What Other Information to Add to Your GBP?

Know that your Google Business Profile is not the place to serve your clients all that extra content you have prepared for them. The GBP is all about practicality, so there are a few things you cannot miss, like

Contact Information

This is crucial. Add numbers and emails and make sure they are correct and working properly.

Business Address or Cover Area

Add a map and directions, and don’t forget to edit if your business moves to a different place.


Doing this will add an extra filter, so your profile shows up to your target persona. To know how to edit your business category, read here.

Take Your Business to the Next Stage

Google is always changing details to improve its product, and you should do the same. Whether you need to keep your GBP updated and optimized or you want to try a new content strategy to approach your clients, you can count on us.

At Search Business Group, we are ready to make Google love you.


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