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Orthodontics SEO | Orthodontist Marketing

While your orthodontic practice might be going well, there is a lot more that needs your attention, and getting new patients through dental marketing is one of them. You might be working for eight to nine hours a day but to keep up with the ongoing competition and the growing digitalization, having a website is just not enough. 

New patients = Healthy Practice

With the help of our result-oriented Orthodontics SEO services, you can work 24/7 and generate more foot traffic, phone calls and appointments. Our Orthodontics SEO services engage with new patients

Keep also in mind the number of adults seeing orthodontist is all the time high according with the American Association of Orthodontist.

So, how can you increase your exposure and make your orthodontist practice reach all these potential new patients? With Orthodontics SEO

Make sure to leverage the power of an online search engine to grow your practice.

Orthodontists SEO: The Secret to Practice Success

People Use Google-First

The facts are straight forward. When people are looking for information, they turn to Google. The first three searches that appear are the ones that get ALL of the clicks.

About 75% of people don’t go past the first page of results. If you’re past the second page, your practice is nonexistent to users.

What makes orthodontics SEO so effective to grow your practice is what happens when people click through to your website. They’ll look at your services, make a determination to call you, and take action.

SEO tends to have a higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing, making it a great way to grow practice revenue.

Improved Online Reputation

A successful orthodontics SEO marketing campaign is one that allows your brand to be easily recognized among numerous other such service providers. Besides boosting your website’s SEO for dentist SEO, your strategy needs to focus on how you inculcate trust into your brand and attract more patients to your place. From your page titles to your website’s contents, everything needs to be fine tuned in order to reflect the fact that your services are the best for your patients.

When someone gets your name from a friend or colleague, they’ll research your practice themselves before calling to schedule an appointment.

Where do they conduct research? You guessed it, they go to Google. When your practice appears high in search results, it sends the message that you have a credible practice.

Having a well-designed website and several positive reviews will solidify that impression. That will turn a referral into a patient.

orthodontics seo customer engagement

Customer Engagement, Feedbacks, and Reviews

Healthy feedback from your past clients can do wonders for you. It allows your patients to get a sense of trust within your services. This indicates the importance of getting positive feedback from your existing clientele as a part of your orthodontics SEO campaign. You can also look forward to different social media platforms to interact more with your audience to respond to their queries and get their opinions about your Orthodontics practice. Remember, People are greatly influenced by online reviews

Orthodontics SEO Help You Capture New Patients

Orthodontist SEO Help You Capture New Patients

The prime aim of you hiring a reputed Orthodontics SEO Agency is to generate more revenue for your practice. Unlike other marketing channels, orthodontics SEO might need some time to show its results, but patience is well paid off. Maximizing your rankings across search results attracts more visitors, gradually leading to increased appointments on your desk.

SEO orthodontics take control of competition

Orthodontics SEO Take control of the Competition

An effective orthodontics SEO strategy is more than just working on keywords and generating traffic, a major part of it includes understanding your competition and market analysis to help build your strategies accordingly. With a reliable team at your side, you can work on improving your service while they take on your competitors to make sure your brand name tops the list of every relevant search queries.


28 Reviews


13 Reviews


11 Reviews


9 Reviews

Yelp Reviews

5 Reviews

Google Search: How to Hire a Useful Orthodontist SEO Agency

When it comes to search engines, there’s no doubt Google is the leading and dominant player in the market. They are the ones setting the rules of the game when it comes to online exposure and visibility.

Fortunately, they are not all hush-hush about their secrets and provide great advice for dental practices and businesses to make the most out of their marketing campaigns. There’s also great advice to find a high-quality orthodontics SEO marketing firm.

Check out this video from Google Webmasters explaining what you should look for in a Search Engine Optimization Agency.

Dentist SEO: What Google Says
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Let The Numbers Speak...


Google Impressions


Fill Form Requests


SEO Revenue


Calls Generated

Orthodontist SEO Services at Search Business Group

Search Business Group is a marketing agency that can help you boost the reach of your dental practice website to the very top of a search engine’s first result page. Make sure to reach your audience exactly when they need you. As a local business, search engine marketing is a great tool to connect with new and returning patients. You can trust our experience helping over 100 orthodontics practices expand their bottom line and reach more patients.

With a large number of users looking for Orthodontics around their location, it’s just a matter of a well-executed SEO orthodontics strategy to get them to visit, call or book an online appointment. We, at Search Business Group, understand how orthodontics are different from other forms of dentist services and thus offer specific digital orthodontics marketing solutions accordingly.

Our Marketing Agency Also Provide SEO Services in Following Field: 

Pediatric Dentist SEO |  Periodontist SEO |  Veterinary SEOChiropractor SEOAcupuncture SEO | Catering SEO

High-Quality Content For Your Dental Practice

Patients expect to find at least something from your practice when they're looking for solutions. Modern orthodontics practices should provide informative, valuable, and relevant content to online visitors on your website if they hope to convert casual visitors into loyal patients. Our talented content team will create that compelling and keyword-focused content that drives more visits to your website and makes people want to become your new patients.

How to Improve Your Website Architecture

We know you do your best to provide caring and high-quality customer service in your practice, so why not do the same online? Make your business's digital experience as user-friendly as possible. Keep in mind that a well-structured site and proper internal links will help potential patients navigate your site with ease and make them more inclined to interact with your site.

Uniform Directory Submissions For Your Practice

Search Business Group will help you make sure any listings online have the right information about your orthodontics practice. We will take care of everything and keep you in the loop. Forget about stressing over login credentials and phone verifications. We'll manage all this so you can focus on your high-quality service.

For Better Results Technical SEO Consulting

Several hundred elements can affect your SEO, but we know how to identify key components that affect your rankings. Search Business Group will make sure to update meta tags, develop a mobile-first design, and minifying Javascript to fix any problems as soon as they arise.

Reaching New Patients With Local Targeting

Understand where your audience is and how to reach them with our Dentist SEO strategies. When your information is readily available on Google Business Profile, patients are more likely to trust you and navigate to your location. Expand your business by getting ranked in your city and surrounding areas.

User Experience & User Interface Design Consulting

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is very important for the success of your dental practice. Understanding what you are building, why it is being built, and how we are going to leverage your brand experience is part of creating conversions.
Having a dental website is not enough to convert we need to understand how your users navigate thru your site and place the call of action buttons right where they are.

Keyword Research & Patient Intent

There’s no point in ranking a site for terms that nobody is searching. To ensure our marketing efforts support your bottom line, our data-driven strategies are based on your patient’s intent. We will determine what specific phrases and keywords your target demographic is searching. Our team prioritizes high volume keywords.

Competitor Audit

For us, it's crucial to know what's happening in your virtual "backyard." We take the time to identify your competitors and select three to five of them to determine which are the keywords and search terms they are ranking for. We take into consideration the rankings for the content on their home page and service pages to provide you with a better description of what you're up against. Search Business Group will analyze your competitors' weaknesses and strengths to help you develop a strategy that will help your website score even better.

Why Are Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Are Important

We'll help you include action-oriented and keyword-optimized title tags and meta descriptions because we know they are critical to increasing the traffic levels and click rates to your site. Search engines need these elements to rank you at the top of the search result pages and your audience relies on them to understand what your site is about. We do not use generic titles and descriptions; instead, our experts will analyze the top keywords and integrate them organically into your site.

SEO Testimonials

Healthcare Doctor Testimonial

This team took my practice to the next level! We are very busy and I’m the type of doctor who did not believe in dental SEO. Trust me you are missing the opportunity to get new patients. Give this guys a call you’ll see results.

Dr. Kathryn McDonald

Orange County, CA

Orthodontist Marketing: Maximize Your Practice Online Presence

Is orthodontics marketing that important? It is if you want to keep your practice open.

Get visibility across the internet to achieve better search rankings, improved trust among the audience, better orthodontics local presence and be found when patients go searching for traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisible braces, Invisalign or clear aligners. It’s time to capture more patients online and start making a difference.

We follow a robust process to plan the most effective orthodontics marketing strategies for your practice.

Orthodontics Marketing

Orthodontics Marketing Help You Stand Tall In The Crowded Market

When you hire us as your orthodontics SEO agency, our team looks into the competition of the market you are trying to penetrate. In order to sustain high growth, you need to analyze your targeted market and generate detailed insights to help us devise your next move.

Pioneering the Science of Growth

Once you know about the competition in your “backyard” you can get ahead of them. It’s time to come up with a high performing orthodontics marketing solution. We share the most profitable approach to follow, equipped with proven marketing tools, techniques and knowledge.

Orthodontics Marketing

We Help Your Clients Fall In Love With Your Orthodontics Practice

Now that your potential customers have arrived on your website, it’s time to leverage them into booking an appointment or a free consultation. We make sure your brand appears to be engaging and appealing to your visitors.

Orthodontics Marketing: Free Consultation

Client Referrals Keep Coming For A New Smile

The secret of success isn’t just getting new patients but delivering an experience that keeps your audience coming back again. Our team works on long-term orthodontics marketing strategies that allow you to outperform your competition and keep you on the top of others.

orthodontics marketing track results

Orthodontics Marketing Track Results

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to track the results of your efforts. Most of the time, those marketing their practice have no idea what’s working and what’s not. That means they’re investing in campaigns that generate little-to-no profitable results.

We have both the software and the skills to make sure your investments aren’t wasted.

How do we get you on the top of Google searches?

We investigate thoroughly

It all starts when we discover how your potential patients will reach you online

We awaken sensations

Our goal is to capture attention with creative and trending content for your target audience.

We configure everything

We mold your website so that search engines identify it as a safe site with reliable information.

And we repeat

We track Google trends and optimize the results you’ve already achieved online.

Check if your practice qualifies to work with
Search Business Group

We have mastered the art and science of SEARCH. On behalf of our clients, we keep studying and researching every day for new strategies to implement. We challenge ourselves to become the best. If your practice qualifies and it’s accepted, you will be one of the practices we partner with. Partnering with Search Business Group will help you achieve your practice goals.

Grow your Orange County Orthodontics Practice With Our Premium WordPress Design and Development Services

Web Design Services Fullerton

Over the past few years, users are more inclined towards online information than any other sources. Your potential customers are probably visiting your orthodontics website before they actually book an appointment with you. Doesn’t it make it crucial for your website to stand out from your competitor and deliver what your visitors have been looking for?

You need not to worry anymore. Our team of expert orthodontics web designers and developers are here to offer your the best in class WordPress design and development for your orthodontics practice. We ensure that you have a well designed website that reflects your brand while following the best User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) design practices. Each orthodontics website we deliver is fine tuned to offer great user interface with quick response time.

Being a complete web solution agency for orthodontics, we deliver websites that scales well across multiple platforms, thus, delivering seamless user experience on mobiles, tablets, and desktop. With Search Business Group, you get a perfect blend of design, best orthodontics SEO practices, and latest technological implementation that is just perfect for your practice.

The Search Business Group Difference

Each project is an unique challenge and has its own dynamics. Once you work with us we’ll provide you an exact timeline so you know exactly in which stage your project is. We make sure you have a beautifully designed website that radiates professionalism In our dental websites we incorporating the latest trends in User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) design, and packed with effective digital conversion mechanisms to convert into a relentless client conversion machinery.

dental websites
Strategy Session 100%
Competitor Research 100%
UX Design 100%
UI Design 100%
Web Design 100%
Web Developing 100%

Recent Web Design Work

We work with a perfectionist approach meaning pixel by pixel, line by line until a website become integral part of your business.

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A Few More Reasons To Choose Us...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Orthodontist SEO Fullerton is a digital online strategy for local practices to appear on search results. Nowadays is considered the #1 orthodontist resource to attract qualified patients. Orthodontist SEO is a proven method to increase foot traffic, phone calls and online appointments.

We can assure your competitor is doing SEO to show on local results taking qualified patients from you. So if you don’t step in the game of Orthodontics SEO Fullerton you are losing potential clients looking to improve their smile. We know they look for the best in town offering services as metal braces, ceramic braces, clear braces or Invisalign.

There are many techniques and strategies for Orthodontist SEO Fullerton. From our experience it will depend on how competitive your local area is. The most common ones are local listing, link building strategies, page optimization, site structure and content. It’s necessary to run a SEO website audit to determine the best technique to be implemented. Think like you are going for surgery without any previous exam or X-Ray. Hard to determine and guessing is the worst investment.

From the perspective of Orthodontics SEO Marketing Orange County the first step will be to make sure you own all your assets. Meaning you need to have 100% ownership of your domain (, hosting, Google Business Profile, Google Analytics and Search Console. It’s sad to see how big companies who call themselves seo orthodontics experts run an old fashion business model of leasing websites, content and images without mentioning that to the practice owner.

Orthodontics SEO Marketing Orange County is about figure out what is the best online strategy to dominate your local area. The word marketing for practice owners can be scary but to write in terms of orthodontics is like figuring out what type of procedure will apply best for a patient. So let’s say SEO Marketing is spinning the head of our team analyzing your local area, your local competitors and executing tactics to increase the traffic qualified patients to your website.

The road map is long and there are no shortcuts for Orthodontics SEO Marketing Orange County. Shortcuts are really expensive to fix. Trust us, we deal with these cases in the past and practice owners totally regret hiring a shady SEO agency. The first step to market your practice through SEO will be Google Business Profile listing, build local relations with chambers of commerce, schools, local blogs and sport local communities. Let them mention your practice and point a link back to your website and of course hire a Orthodontics SEO Marketing Agency.