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Top 5 Fullerton Printing Websites


Here comes our third edition of the Fullerton Top 5 campaign. This time what we decided to do was the top 5 printing websites. As a marketing and web design agency, a healthy list of reliable printing contacts is extremely important to our success. Thus we decided to compile this list.

Sadly though, it seems like Fullerton lacks a pool of printers that actually have websites. Quite literally, Ron had to scrape to the bone, look through every cranny to find five-yes five!-websites. No matter, we went through our process, individually ranked according to our criteria and now we have Fullerton’s Top 5 Printing websites.

5. Print Printing –

Top 5 Fullerton Printing Websites - Print Printing

If I could, I would give Fullerton’s most awesome business name award to Print Printing right now. Print Printing’s site is colorful and creates this feeling of comfort-ability and simplicity. More often then not, printing is the hardest part of the arduous design process.

All the information is conveniently located on the site and it is relatively easy to contact the business. Beyond that though, Print Printing takes the fifth spot because compared to its competitors, there is a lack of photography and sense of functionality. The site does allow for file upload, but there is a feeling of uncertainty. So in all practically the site doesn’t allow for you to upload and finish everything online. At some point you are going to have to call and discuss everything with the business.

4. Fullerton Digital Print & Display –

Fullerton's Top 5 Printing Websites - Fullerton Digital
A nicely laid out site that is simple and easy to read. Though a relatively commonplace template, the site gets the job done. It has links to all the printing services it can offer with images and examples for you to look at. Prices are available for reference and the FAQ section is thorough. Both are extremely important for those designers and teams who are up late into the night, needing to know if their files are formatted correctly. The gallery is extensive and lets you see that the company has done some serious work.

Just a couple notes to make this site better would be to create a more engaging home page and have a more inviting contact us. A contact us page with just one line of small text as the phone number is not exactly inviting. Otherwise though, the site does a great job for being simple, effective and appropriate for a small printing shop and its customers.

3. The Complete Package –

Fullerton's Top 5 Printing Websites - The Complete Package
A business with a beautiful story. Displayed right below the dominant image on the left you can find a story about a father and daughter. Definitely one worth reading!

Now to talk about the actual website itself. The Complete Package’s website is professional and has a home page that invites users to engage and understand more about their printing projects. A top gray bar will appear, showing a shopping cart, letting you know that if you really wanted to, you could complete that order in an instant. The functionality of the website and its home page makes you feel comfortable that your order will be taken care of correctly.

Once navigating through the site a little more, you’ll notice that navigation can be a little confusing. There isn’t a home page button on the navigation bar and the links displayed prominently (like the business cards) are hard to find once you start clicking away from home. Content itself on the different services and print orders is a little lacking and short. The site does, however, allow you to upload files specific to the order you are working with. That is a big plus as other sites just ask for an upload, without any specification on what kind of project it is.

So with a strong start, The Complete Package’s site does great at opening that online door and inviting customers in. However, from there content could be updated to include a little more and/or navigation could be a little easier.

2. Avanti Printing –

Fullerton Top 5 Printing Websites - Avanti Printing

A graphic design company turned printing company, Avanti Printing takes the second spot with a visually dominant page. The site is filled loads of information about any project that you may want to work on and you can tell the company completely understands all the printing work you may possibly need to deal with.

The site features a complete navigation, though unconventional. The home page is at the rightmost of the navigation panel with an infographic panel to its left. You can’t exactly order anything online, but they have a seamless “Request for Quotation” and “Contact Us” page.

If users don’t feel comfortable with Avanti, users can look through the reviews and customer testimonials that back up the company’s work.

And The Winner Is…

1. Graves Printing –

Fullerton's Top 5 Printing Websites - Graves Printing

This is one of those sites that once you enter, you know it means business. There is no dilly dallying with cute graphics or big headlines, it really is all about making sure you get your prints done. With an extensive list of items and services, users can work on any printing project they can imagine. Templates can be downloaded for designers so that all specifications are met.

The navigation panel makes sense and takes you through a wide variety of pages. A quick note, the headers on the panel are organized correctly, but for a common day consumer, its just printing jargon. The best part about the site though is that whatever order you may be thinking, a price is conveniently calculated to the right hand side.

An upload file button is also conveniently located for every item that you may want to print. So quite honestly, Grave Printing website can help you start your project and then finish it. A great site and resource for those who want to start doing consistent printing for their business.\

So there you have it. Another week of Ron Wave Design‘s Top 5 Fullerton Campaign. We hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Let us know if we may have forgotten your favorite printing site or if you used one of these sites and have a different opinion.

I’ll be back on next week sharing our next top 5. Until then, see you guys later!

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