Google My Business Messaging Guide for Veterinary Practices

Since July of 2017, Google has been rolling out a new feature called, Google My Business Messaging. Leading experts have been reporting that the platform started rolling out back in July and the [...]


Sham Surgery: A Look at Placebo’s with Seth Godin

Today’s post comes after a great piece by the best selling author, Seth Godin and surgeon Ian Harris. In his groundbreaking book, “Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo“, Harris finds [...]


Being Original Is Overated

There’s nothing like being inspired to maintain a blog. If you have ever dabbled in marketing or websites, you probably have had some motivation or goal to keep up a blog. I’ve been [...]


Specials and Deals Are a Terrible Marketing Strategy

A marketing campaign based on specials is not a marketing campaign. It definitely isn’t something that builds a brand either. I have had the great fortune of working with clients for a [...]


Excellence in Marketing is Doing the Small Things Everyday

I have this joke. When the moon comes up, some people turn into werewolves. For me, when night falls I don’t turn into a mythical beast. I turn into a pig. A big, fat pig. What I mean is I [...]