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Dental Marketing Guide

Proven Strategies That Help You Reach More Patients!

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Understand the Complexity of The Digital Dental Marketing Industry

Digital marketing for dentists has evolved rapidly into an extremely competitive industry.

Most of today’s successful practices and businesses understood -early on- the role that the internet and its online campaigns played in advertising. And with this awareness, they were able to grow exponentially.

The dental industry was no exception to this new era of digital advertisement. Still, before diving into everything digital marketing for dentists online entails, we first need to debunk the myth that traditional advertising is less expensive or more productive than digital advertising when, in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Dental Marketing Research & Fundamentals

Let’s navigate together through the essential ideas that helped build today’s online marketing world. We will dig into all the advantages and profits we can generate for your business and brand across the leading Ad platforms for organic, social media, and paid search advertising.

This section will help you navigate the fundamentals of the general advertising world, how much it has changed to a new online marketing format, and how effective a well-researched campaign is for your business.

Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Advertising

Recent studies have shown that digital marketing is more cost-effective and directly attracts and connects with your target audience.

Given the growth in the digital world, it is only a matter of time before digital advertisement will completely replace a traditional dental marketing plan.

Currently, the main difference between both marketing approaches is that traditional advertising efforts focus on conventional media like printed newspapers and magazines, which -at present- are consumed by a small population.

On the other hand, we have constantly-growing digital advertising which uses online media, such as social media platforms or websites, where the population is active and increases as we speak.

Get More Qualified Patients Online

When you partner with Search Business Group, we’ll help you identify your strengths, and your target audience to earn more patients for your practice.

In the end, traditional advertising may only provide you with a conventional campaign that does not reach a significant audience. Furthermore, these limitations could limit any direct interactions with prospective patients.

In brief, digital advertising offers direct interaction with your target audience, bringing far higher levels of engagement, conversion rates, and R.O.I.s, making it a less expensive and more effective marketing strategy.

Dental Marketing Research

First and foremost, any successful digital campaign starts with research. You need to know your website’s reality and where you are standing to build from the ground up.

Based on your needs and goals, you can choose the campaign that is right for you.

A site’s analysis and examining your current situation will stop you from buying a service that you might not need.

Not all practices are alike, and there is no such thing as a one-size plan/campaign that fits all. Be cautious of boilerplate plans. Many companies offer cheap plans that promise fast, quick results, but these plans don’t necessarily cater to your needs.

Remember not to rush; avoid the quick-cheap campaigns that will lack the know-how and effectiveness, and will -certainly- be a waste of your time and money.

A job well done requires research, time, and effort to be applied and well-executed -and- it will provide you with the long-lasting results you need.

Learn more about dental marketing:

Dental Marketing Strategies

Most online dental marketing plans can be a powerful and successful approach that will bring a significant R.O.I. to your dental office when properly applied. An excellent online marketing tactic will increase your site’s visibility, expand, and solidify your brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and bring you higher traffic and rankings in the SERPs.

In this section made for dental practices, we will give you the basics of the most current and successful strategies in the industry, such as Branding, Dental Oriented Websites, Content, Google Business profiles, Online Reviews, Email Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots.

Dental Branding

How your patients see your brand and how familiar they are with it is crucial for your practice.

Your brand represents your practice, its services, and all your staff. It is your vision and your vow to your patients.

Dental branding is the ideal tool to focus on your image and the good reasons why a patient should choose you over the competition. It also helps you in acquiring new patients and maintains your current ones.

The benefits your practice will receive from a solid online dental branding campaign are endless. Not only will it put you up at the front of the race over your competitors, but it will also increase awareness and -as a consequence- the value of your brand and business.

New better and more qualified leads will come naturally when visibility and traffic improve.

It also boosts employees’ morale and pride, trust within the community, and raises referrals and sales.

Learn more about dental branding:

Dental Websites

In the era of D.I.Y. and quick fixes, where we may find many tutorials to create a website. Is it a good move (business-wise) to create our own site?

A dental website has a definite purpose, and that is to attract new patients and to keep our current ones happy and well-informed about all our digital marketing for dentists services. This efficient type of website needs to be crafted, well coded, and must have all the necessary elements to generate significant R.O.I.s.

Mobile devices generate over 70% of web traffic worldwide. If we want a piece of that pie, we must consider that our site (layout & design) must be adjustable to all platforms.

Desktop, mobile, and tablet versions must download properly. Your online content must encourage users to take action (buttons, forms, phone calls tracking systems) and always include essential and useful content. Likewise, your content must look good with an appealing design.

In brief, if we want an effective conversion machine site, we better invest a little bit in it and leave it to the professionals that can share with you their expertise and know-how.

Learn More About Dental Web Design:

Dental Content Marketing

Information was the sole motivator for the creation of the internet. Back in the 60s, it was used for military purposes; but today, this technology also helps feed our world with data, news, material, and more.

We can only reach and nurture our target audience with a successful content strategy that provides relevant, original, and meaningful content. Good information yields happy patients.

Such an approach will attract and retain patients, keeping your users engaged and informed with our practice and the services you offer. Comprehensive content strategies such as this one will stimulate long-lasting relationships with your old patients and create new ones.

Learn more about dental content marketing:

Google Business Profile For Your Dental Practice

As more internet searches evolve into no-click searches (meaning the users don’t engage with any content options from the search engine result pages), you have to make the most out of any opportunity you have to engage with a user.

Google Business Profile (GBP) does precisely that. Your dental marketing plan needs to consider the value of every tool at your disposal. Your G.M.B. profile offers users who search for you by name a bird’s eye view of your practice, including what you offer, your business hours, valuable updates, and more.

Make sure you make the most out of this tool and keep new and existing clients well informed about your dental practice. Offering reliable information quickly through search engines such as Google is one way to keep users engaged.

Learn more about Google Business Profile:

Dental Online Reviews

Our online reputation matters to us and most of our audience. Some estimates calculate that 5% to 10% of clients write reviews, and over 80% of individuals trust those reviews. With those reviews, your potential patients will decide if your practice is the one for them.

Google values reviews as well, and it gives review sites a special interest and podium position. So, it is wise to pay attention to our reviewers and make sure that we fulfill their needs as we grow from each interaction.

But not all patients give reviews; hence we need a good strategy to help us get them.

To create a winning strategy that will generate good positive reviews, we must consider that the number of reviews a practice receives is as important as the frequency with which users write them. It is a popularity contest, and we want you to be the best option.

A successful online review campaign that focuses on getting worthy reviews carefully considers the positive impact of local traffic, visibility, and branding.

Such a campaign constantly promotes positive reviews and welcomes more of them. Patients also need to be reminded to write reviews (as awkward as it might feel) but -be at ease- as there are always tools that we can apply which will help you and your staff smoothly ask for them, and that will help any patient writing them in a convenient, easy, friendly platform.

Learn more about dental online reviews:

Dental Email Marketing

Another essential marketing tool to inform your patients and get new ones is email marketing. This tactic will help your practice increase your R.O.I.s as well as boost business growth.

The first that you will need to apply your email marketing campaign is consent. Remember that if someone wants to receive email marketing, it must be authorized. Otherwise, we will open the door to an enormous amount of fines and breaches of regulations.

Once we have the consent, we can concentrate on the details of the message we want to deliver.

Please remember that your practice must be unique, and different from the rest.

To present ourselves properly, we need to find the right moment and craft the right content from the subject line to the entire message and closing.

Choose appropriate images that will validate your main points, and always keep it brief.

Most of the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is creating the spark that will ignite a call to action from the future patient, so make sure that your message will grab their attention quickly and make them crave more.

Learn more about dental email marketing:

Dental Artificial Intelligence (Chatbots)

Interaction with our users is always the best way to engage and show them how much we can help them.

By using adequate tools and software, our chatbots will understand the user’s requests and identify their needs. Chatbots are great for first response needs and pinpointing the main course of action to take.

With chatbots, you can book appointments, resolve simple dental assistant tasks, schedule referrals, give information on services and treatments, and send notifications/reminders to patients.

All of this is automated and cost-effective. And the greatest advantage of all is that Chatbots work 24/7 for your practice; even when the rest of the world is sleeping, your chatbot will continue providing essential information and working for you.

Finally, we can safely predict that the great future awaits chatbots. It is a technology that has great potential, developing and improving each day.

Learn more about dental artificial intelligence:

Measuring the Success of Your Dental Marketing

Your advertising efforts can be measured in a variety of ways. This article discusses your R.O.I.s in the dental SEO area, but further down you’ll discover a study of Analytics, KPIs, and Call Tracking, which is considered one of the greatest current methods for tracking internet marketing campaigns.

Dental Marketing Analytics

The numbers underlying your campaigns are known as dental marketing analytics. Pattern recognition can help you plan both paid and organic dental marketing strategies. You can boost your marketing ROI by using a data-driven approach.

Website Visits

Who is it that comes to your dental website? How many new visitors do you have compared to returning visitors? How long do visitors stay on your site? What are your site’s top three pages? Which of your dentistry blog posts are the most popular? When studying website traffic, keep these trends in mind. One of the most often used programs for tracking website traffic is Google Analytics.

Followers on Social Media

On each social media channel, how many new followers do you have? Which platform has the most active users? Which posts are getting a lot of retweets? Reports on current trends might assist you in determining which social media techniques are successful. To develop reports that evaluate the data, you can utilize a service like Hootsuite or Sprout.

Subscribers to Email

How many individuals do you think are reading your emails? How many people are unsubscribing from each email campaign? What are the most popular links? These questions might help you figure out how effective your subject lines and copy are. Hubspot is a fantastic tool for keeping track of email marketing initiatives.

Keyword Rankings and SEO

What keywords are bringing visitors to your website? What is your local Google ranking for dentist-related keywords? What is the visibility of your website? You may assess if your meta descriptions need to be improved or if you need to raise your dental marketing spend on SEO optimization by analyzing a couple of these variables. To keep track of your SEO activities, use Google Analytics.

Learn more about dental marketing analytics:

Dental Marketing KPIs

Dental marketing KPIs are indicators of how well your dental marketing strategies are performing. To put it another way, how is your marketing effort doing? KPIs are quantifiable and measurable. Let’s take a look at a few marketing KPIs to see how well your dental marketing initiatives are performing.

Leads are a type of lead (or Qualified Leads)

When you obtain the contact information of a possible patient, you have a lead. Patients who demonstrate an interest in your clinic are referred to as marketing qualified leads (MQL). Patients who are on the verge of making an appointment with you are known as sales-qualified leads (SQL).

Conversion Rates (or Cost Per Conversion)

This is how much a real patient will set you back. The cost per conversion is computed by dividing the cost of an ad campaign by the number of conversions (patients) over the campaign’s duration. This statistic must be monitored to ensure that your expenditures do not exceed your conversions.

Cost of acquiring a Patient

What did it cost you to get a patient to schedule an appointment with you? This metric measures the amount of money spent on dentistry marketing to recruit a single patient. Divide your entire marketing budget by the number of patients you’ve gained to get your customer acquisition cost.

Dental Appointments

Tracking your appointments is one of the most effective ways to determine how well your marketing strategies are functioning. This KPI measures the increase in revenue generated by patients who pay for your dental services. Determine how many of your appointments come directly from your marketing efforts in particular.

Learn more about dental marketing KPIs:

The Power of Call Tracking (C.T.) for Dental Practices

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business.

Your SEO & Google Ads Campaigns can highly benefit from C.T. data. You can use this data to measure the success of all your digital marketing campaigns and optimize future strategies. C.T. is an essential marketing tool for any business that depends on phone calls for leads, clients & customers.

How does Call Tracking work?

The sources of your telephone calls and succeeding conversions can be tracked with the aid of such technology. The fundamental concept behind call tracking is to identify the source of a phone call lead by allocating various telephone numbers to various marketing channels.

The CT numbers automatically forward your regular calls to the assigned phone number for your business, allowing us to track the unique number from each channel, such as SEO/Organic, Google Ads, and others. With CT, we match leads and conversions back to your specific campaign.

C.T. does not negatively impact your digital campaigns or website in ANY way. On the contrary, phone leads are challenging to assign to a single source without call tracking. Also, without analytical data on phone calls, you cannot clearly picture your customer’s experience with your brand.

What Does Call Tracking Allow Us to Do?

In short, C.T. has grown to be essential for companies running online advertising/campaigns. You can calculate the return on investment (ROI) for your dental marketing services with accuracy by correlating the volume of incoming calls with the effectiveness of a particular advertising channel.

Additionally, we track the costs associated with various forms of advertising and optimize the advertising budget to support more successful marketing routes (SEO/Google Ads).

Call tracking is a crucial component of an omnichannel marketing plan because it can be used to assess the success of both offline (billboards, newspaper ads) and online (Google Adwords, SEO efforts, retargeting) advertising strategies.

Learn more about dental call tracking:

Reach Your Community with Dental SEO and Amazing Organic Results

Without a doubt, one of the best online advertising tactics that you can use to organically improve your visibility in your local area without paying for ads. At the same time, as you jump the ladder to the top of the rankings, you will increase your website authority, users’ trust, and brand awareness.

After receiving your website’s Audit and Analysis, you will be ready to choose the option or combination of plans that work best for you. Let’s take a look at the world of Dental SEO and why this online advertising tactic is one of the top-performing dental marketing strategies we have today.

Dental SEO

Dentist SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the ongoing practice of expanding and boosting the quantity and quality of traffic to your website via organic search engine results.

The aim is to acquire new leads and conversions through the optimization and strengthening of your website. It involves several strategies, research, and techniques to improve your site’s visibility and value within your community/local area.

Technical SEO and the Strategies Used

Through a complete competitors’ analysis, we continuously evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors and identify opportunities and threats. This analysis helps us create an offensive and defensive strategy that will help you move ahead of the competition.

M.Q.L. Creation & Sales Opportunities

Online visibility is vital to your digital marketing efforts to generate marketing qualified leads (M.Q.L.). With a good SEO campaign, you will increase your exposure and reach online, and, at the same time, you will boost your sales opportunities. As your site’s traffic increases, so do your chances of new conversions. SEO also adds to your lead efforts by creating community awareness via organic traffic to your site.

R.O.I. with SEO data

To calculate your SEO Return On Investment (R.O.I.) appropriately, we use various tools that let us acquire data and estimate how much your website’s organic presence has increased your company’s revenue and growth. Transparency is key to a Good SEO-Client Relationship, and we provide you with all this data thanks to thorough monthly reports. Rankings (Traffic), Google Analytics, Search Console, G.M.B., and Call Tracking are just a few of the platforms we examine to show how much revenue and growth SEO can bring you.

Why a Good Dental SEO Campaign Matters

E.A.T. & Quality

Google’s algorithms give focal attention to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) content.

If we want our users to stay on our site, it is crucial to deliver substantial, valuable, and unique content. E.A.T. represents quality, and with accurate, original, and professional content, we build trust.

Keyword Research and Target Audience

As we stated initially, research is critical to your SEO success.

Content research involves a detailed analysis and optimization of your whole website, meaning that the words we put into your site from the snippets, URLs, codes up to pages, and blogs are ALL there for a reason. They were researched, analyzed, and carefully selected for your ideal patient and target audience.

This type of research opens the door to the insights and the nature of your audience’s needs, interests, and minds.

And with this data, we reach the perfect ground to create and craft the campaign your practice needs, based on your users’ interests (represented in search volume, queries, and even platforms) and needs.

Learn more about dental SEO:

Dental SEO & Public Relations (PR)

Traditionally, PR facilitates managing the information surrounding a brand and its public.

But in today’s digital world, we use P.R. for an even more powerful purpose, specifically creating brand awareness, traffic, website authority, and new link-building opportunities. This strategy will help us increase website authority (domain rating), and generate new high-quality links.

Dental SEO is one of the best ways to create growth with a higher R.O.I.

It increases your website’s strength and health, and it also boosts brand awareness and traffic. It is an extremely successful strategy that pays long-term dividends.

SEO is competitive but fair, and at the same time, SEO will improve your customers’ experiences, achieve higher results with more clicks and traffic to your site, and create new leads and conversions.

Learn more about Dental Public Relations:

Dental Advertising Improves Your Online Presence

The world of dental marketing and social media is highly competitive. We all want our practices to grow and attract potential patients. But where to start, what to choose, and how much do they cost? Let’s look at some of the most important and more useful social media marketing campaigns we currently have for dental practices.

If you want your dental practice to increase its patient flow and business success through referrals and reviews, social media is the right strategy for you.

It takes the concept of word-of-mouth referral to the next level and allows you to speed up the process with digital content and targeted advertising.

Below are some of the best tactics to fit your budget and help your business thrive.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an excellent instant online dental marketing plan. With it, your practice will have the rapid exposure and visibility you are looking for while retaining control over the advertising message delivered to your ideal patient.

Formerly known as PPC, Google Ads is an online custom campaign associated with first-tier search engines. We use Google Ads to attract traffic to your website by paying the publisher every time someone clicks on your Ad.

The Ads are catered to your target audience, and the advertiser has complete control over the material published.

Google Ads Benefits

Google Ads campaigns allow you full control of your budget, target audience, and where you will place the ad, which means the campaign is highly cost-effective.

Visibility & Traffic increases rapidly as the Ad goes to the top of the first page of Google.

Good source of leads. When we execute these campaigns properly, they reach your target audience quickly and increase your number of leads.

As you are increasing your traffic and creating leads, your ROI also rises. The Google Ads custom campaigns are easily monitored and measured and, when properly developed, greatly support all other online campaigns (Such as SEO) by helping out traffic and organic rankings.

Learn more about Google Ads:

Social Media Advertising

A great way to connect to your target audience is through their favorite platforms; Instagram (IG) and Facebook (FB) help you do that.

You will be able to control the content of your campaign, and at the same time, if properly applied and followed, they will be cost-effectively

Facebook Advertising

FB campaigns can be very profitable. They can drive high-quality clicks and attract traffic to your site, and increase the value of your practice.

Setting the right goals for your FB campaign is key to its success. If you are interested in brand awareness, FB is your channel for community interaction.

As in IG, you will have higher control over your content, but consider that social media campaigns will require you to engage with your audience actively.

Posts will have to be carefully crafted and scheduled. Our marketing teams will help plan a creative, fresh, and well-organized campaign, so your posts will reach your target audience, create awareness, and boost your sales.

Learn more about Dental Facebook Advertising:

Instagram for Your Dental Practice

If you want to share your vision and inspire your prospective patients with beautiful smiles and a million possibilities, IG is the perfect channel.

Our team of specialists will help you set the right goals for your Instagram marketing campaign. Of course, we will tailor the campaign after researching and analyzing your IG target audience.

We will dive into your IG posts’ promotion, organization, and scheduling with a marketing plan in mind.

We will also help you create an eye-catching profile that will be constantly optimized and monitored to your needs. You will also be able to keep in touch with your actual patients by building a trustworthy image, brand, and portfolio.

Learn more about Dental Instagram:

FAQ About Dental Marketing

What is Dental Marketing?

Dental SEO is the marketing practice that allows your dental practice to have a well-established online presence and appear higher on search engine results pages (SERP) without paying for ads.

Also known as an “organic” strategy, Dental SEO strengthens and optimizes your website’s quality and increases its traffic progressively, giving you more substantial and lasting results.

How Long Will it Take to Get Top Rankings?

SEO is an organic process that requires time and effort. As every business circumstances vary, it is difficult to set a concrete time. But most businesses start seeing results during the 6 to 12-month time frame.

The greatest advantage of SEO is that once established, the benefits and gains you get from it are undeniable. Dental SEO is an investment, and like any investment, it has to be planned, crafted, and maintained. But you will see that the ROIs and long-lasting marketing results will strengthen your brand, business, and website tremendously.

Do you have experience with other Dental Practices?

Yes, we do. And lots of it! Our dental marketing company has been successfully servicing the dental industry for many years. We have an extensive number of dental practices that we care for. Our team has the experience and the know-how, and we love what we do. online dental marketing is second nature to us, and we are here to make it easier for you.

How do I get started with your dental marketing services?

If you are interested in our services and want to see all the possibilities of what we can do for you. Just click on “Get a Quote

We will be scheduling a time to know about your dental practice, goals, and needs. Then we present you with an audit report and a complete plan of action.

How has dental marketing evolved?

Dental marketing is an ongoing growing industry, and it has evolved dramatically throughout the years. The world was taken by surprise by the internet and its online advertising, and the dental industry was no exception. We have a great variety of methods to offer you, and all of them will help your company grow exponentially.

As an experienced dental marketing agency, our well-crafted tactics, campaigns, and tools will help your practice move ahead of the competition quickly and get you the results you are looking for. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Dental Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice!

These are just a few of the many online resources we offer. We have years of experience helping the Dental Industry, and our online advertising campaigns have helped hundreds of practices achieve their highest potential and most extraordinary dividends.

Let us help you attract new qualified and prospective patients to your community and the local area.

Dental marketing is an area where we want you to feel comfortable and at ease with our campaigns. These plans and ideas will be a substantial asset to your practice and enable you to create better relationships with your audience. Such efforts maximize your brand’s potential and help you grow exponentially.

Reach More Qualified Patients With Dental SEO Services

You undoubtedly have a lot of questions about how to get started now that you know how important SEO is for a dental practice. Don’t let all of the SEO dos and don’ts overwhelm you; instead, contact Search Business Group and let our specialists lead you to the top of the search engines!

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