Whether you like it or not, patients use Yelp, Google and other review sites to help decide their veterinary clinic. Monitor customer feedback with our team to manage your customer-facing business. The core of Search Business Group services has always been Veterinarians and Reputation Management is not the exception. Our customer service teams help support your clinic to ensure 5 star reviews are requested, customer questions are responded to and negative reviews are handled.

Positive Reviews, Returning Customer, Creating Awareness & Repeat!

Response Time

Clients expect to have a response in under an hour. Our team of care specialists are prompt and professional so you can not only be quick to respond, but professional as well.

Customer Questions

Customer questions are often redundant and asked over and over again. Let your staff focus on the important things. Our team will help make sure we answer all the important questions you’ve already answered 10,000 times before.


Don’t let that 1 star review eat you up inside. Our team will take care of 1 star reviews by either getting them removed, reaching out to the reviewer or flooding it out with 5 star reviews!

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