SEO Marketing Tips During Coronavirus

SEO marketing tips during coronavirus

SEO marketing tips during coronavirus can be beneficial to your company. As businesses, we are being forced to confront unprecedented challenges triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies are being forced to find new ways to sell, all while following government social distancing guidelines, and dealing with things like supply chain issues, shifts in media consumption habits, changing customer demand, and much more. It is a volatile situation, so companies need to plan their next marketing moves wisely to either minimize risk to what they have already achieved or to take advantage of the growth that is possible.

Some advertisers should hold out and try to get through the COVID-19 pandemic without going bankrupt and collapsing. Others should power up their search engine optimization and other marketing investments to seize opportunities. Organizations must pay attention to how this situation is altering the landscape and plan scenarios accordingly.

Completely cutting out marketing as a way to save money as we battle COVID-19 isn’t advisable for most businesses, as over the longer term, it will do your company more harm than good. If you’re still able to sell, even if it’s online or in a different way to before, then find ways to make it happen while still following government advice. A clear shift to e-commerce will have impacts across your organization, from supply chain to resourcing to marketing, but switching to selling solely online could actually benefit your business long term.

It’s a chance for new customers to connect with your brand and an opportunity to explore new ways of selling, which you can continue to keep up even when things return back to normal. If you’re planning on restructuring your business long term, then your SEO marketing and other strategies need to reflect this too. Here are a few things to bear in mind with your marketing and search engine optimization efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Work on retaining your existing customers

Your existing customers are incredibly valuable, and it is the people that keep on coming back that enable you to turn profits consistently. While you’ll want to utilize good marketing and SEO marketing strategies to find new customers, don’t overlook the ones you already have. Avoid mass messaging and spam, make it personal and targeted using good quality software. The right software allows you to automate this area and free up your human workers to deliver the creative campaigns you need at this time. You can also utilize social media as a way to answer questions and queries directly and offer reassurance in regards to your business.

Improve your visibility to your target market

Now is an excellent time to explore low-cost techniques that will keep your brand visible in front of potential customers on a steady basis. The ‘exposure effect’ involves letting consumers develop a preference for your products or services merely because they are familiar with them. You can do this by updating your evergreen content and create new, high-quality content that is going to get shared. Utilize useful search engine optimization techniques, including keywords relating to coronavirus, which people will be searching for at this time.

Test and learn as you go

There’s never a one-size-fits-all answer to the digital marketing puzzle, and the same is true when it comes to marketing throughout COVID-19. What works for one business won’t necessarily work for yours, so you need to test and learn as you go. Conduct experiments and see what works, build on the wins and scrap whatever does not work, knowing you’re better for understanding it. Use A/B testing to find the most effective marketing methods for your business, and use stats and data to measure your successes. That way you have a consistent way of knowing what’s working (and what’s not) and any guesswork is eliminated.

Utilize a marketing company

Marketing, in general, is a complex area and isn’t something you can just guess at. Unless you’re an experienced marketer, your best bet is to utilize a marketing company that can deal with things on your behalf, from creating creative campaigns to blogger outreach, social media marketing, banner advertising, and more. You will have peace of mind that your budget is being spent correctly. Here at Search Business Group, we offer Search Engine Optimization, Web, UX/UI, and branding. We kick-off each project with a strategy session so we can understand your vision and translate your ideas into a website that gets results. As a professional company, we have quickly been able to understand marketing concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. We can offer you the right support and advice in ensuring business success at this time.

We hope you found our blog about SEO marketing tips during coronavirus useful.

Marketing is Failing Often and Failing Fast

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90% of It is Being Present

While I was still in college, I was at an entrepreneurial conference that was held for university students. It was called CEO and it was all about inspiring students to really go at that start-up life. I remember at one of these sessions I was listening to a senior discuss what had helped him be successful. He had started a college start-up that helped men deliver gifts to their girlfriends. I know right, a college senior WOULD create a business like that.30

Anyways, one of the things that he mentioned to us was the concept of being present. He said that 90% of it is being there. It’s so easy to stay in bed and make up every different excuse not to go somewhere. The real success though is making that effort to leave your door and be present. Its been some years since I heard those words, but man has they rung true. Especially in Digital Marketing.

Being Present in Marketing

In marketing, we are plagued with many problems. One of those things includes gaining someone’s attention. We often cannot get attention because we ask for it only when we need it. That isn’t the best recipe. It’s like when a door to door salesman comes to sell you something. They don’t know you, you don’t know them and they are there really only to sell you something. That is it.

Of course, sometimes this works. Especially when the salesman happens to offer something of incredible value that you may need at the time. However, when thousands of companies and millions of salesmen and marketers are vying for your attention, its harder to get that lucky.  It’s the same reason why major sportswear companies like Nike hire athletes to market their brand. It’s because as consumers, we trust those athlete’s decisions.

Here is whereas a business you need to learn to be present. You have to locate places where you can add value. Maybe it’s at a local Chamber of Commerce, an online forum or a social media chat. Here’s where that college senior’s advice ring true. You have to be present, which is 90% of the success. If you expect to go in guns blazing, trying to sell your product in forums and chats where people don’t know you, you are likely to get burned.

You need to put in the work before. Be present, put in that 90%. Go to those located targets earlier and don’t sell. Participate in the conversation and be present.

Get in the Habit of Looking for Collaboration

Collaboration is the word that we all heard as Freshman in college. You know, being in those common rooms or classes and being taught that if we all hold hands, we can change the world. Well however, naive you think that is or if you still believe it, there is definitely some business success that comes from collaboration.

Marketing Collaboration is a Great Way to Grow Your Audience

Collaboration leverages the power of Word of Mouth. Thousands and millions of companies are out there. Everyone is trying to be unique and stand out. Well as a business owner you are an equal player with your own expertise. There are other businesses who are experts in other areas. At the end of the day though, they are trying to grow their audience and customer base.

It can be as simple as a Internet hosting company working with a web design company on creating joint content. Of course, you’d like things to go just beyond a simple advertising relationship. What is best is if your the hosting company asked the web design company to step in and be a guest on their blog/podcast or seminar. Offer advice on what businesses should prepare for they build their site or what to avoid.

It’s that simple.

You Don’t Have to Look Too Far to See This Collaboration

Go through your albums and songs. Go look at how many of those songs are collaborated. I recently have been addicted to the new Kanye West album, The Life of Pablo. And no joke, he features over 10 artists on this album. Yet here’s where I want to quell initial fears. Collaboration is stopped by insecurity of a business to be shown up by how good other businesses are.

Now let’s go back to Mr. West. Saving any of your preconceived notions of the man, he is in the discussion for best rapper. There are other great peers, but he is in the discussion. Now, with someone as so concerned about himself,  you’d think he be guarded. But no, Kanye features a multitude of artists to help him create even better music.

Kanye is Kanye. We’re Talking About Business

Of course this may seem trivial. As if I’m citing tabloid trash, but I think we need to think of Kanye’s position. As an artist/rapper, he has a business to run as well. He is dealing with millions. At the launch of the album he tweeted out that he was $53 million in debt.

If you were $53 million in debt, you’d be in crisis mode. It’s not a laughing matter or just another tabloid article. Its a serious, financial situation to be in. Well note that for your business, take a page from Kanye and other artists.

Utilize the talents and expertise of others in your community. Their collaboration can enrich your content.

Collaboration Also Exposes New Audiences to You

When your helping other businesses with their marketing, you grow your expertise. When you walk up in their, the other business is telling their customers and audience that you are someone to trust. That you know what your talking about. That means the company has already done the hard work for you. They got the trust.

Now its your job to deliver. Offer great value. Teach great content. Then you will have gained some leads for your business.

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You Have to Find Your Market

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