What is the total cost of a hosting package to start my web design project in 2020?

When I decided to write this article I thought of those people who are not in the digital age, but for evolution reasons, they need to have web presence. Surely it has happened to them that they receive a business card without any link to visit a website, at least the owners of companies like me immediately ask themselves, how does this business operate? Will be real? Without doubt nowadays having a website is essential. That is why I have decided to clear up all those doubts and total costs when building a website.

I must clarify that the company mentioned here did not pay me. I do it simply by sharing my experience with those who are looking for technological stability.


Domain is nothing more than the name of your website. There are different types of extensions: com, org, online, co, me, club, and many more versions that come out year after year. But which one should I choose? The most common is .com, the average cost of hosting is $11.99


This word is scary at first, at least me when I was 18 years old. Happily from today you will understand what a server means. This is nothing more than a computer with functionality similar to that of an external hard drive that is connected to the internet. That’s it!

When someone visits your domain from a browser, the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) calls the server to display the information as images, content and data stored on that computer. There are servers for all the budgets but if you try to look for the cheapest one, you will sacrifice performance and customer service.

Hosting Services

The hosting company owe servers, they are responsible for the servers to work 365 days a year, this way your website works 365 days as well. In the event that a server does not work, they have an obligation to repair it since you pay a monthly fee for this service so your site is up and running immediately. These companies have employees in the areas of customer service, technicians and engineers waiting your call in case is there is an issue.

Type of Hosting

I have done more than 800 web pages in my professional career, I have worked with different web hosting companies and until this day I consider 1&1 the best company. There were moments I have worked on projects until 2:00 AM and I was in shock when they answer the phone at 2 am for technical support. Below are the most common hosting options:

Windows Web Hosting Microsoft

Web colleagues say: “The problem of Microsoft is the security”. I’m almost sure they have improved their security issues. I personally work before, and I have not find an issue. But my preference will be Linux.

Basic WindowsUnlimited Plus WindowsUnlimited Pro Windows
Unlimited sitesUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
2 GB Email StorageUnlimited Email StorageUnlimited Email Storage
Unlimited EmailsUnlimited EmailsUnlimited Emails
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


Linux Web Hosting

This always has been my favorite, it works very well. I never had any problems with this.[/vc_column_text][mk_table]

BasicUnlimited PlusUnlimited Pro
1 siteUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


WordPress Hosting

Most websites are now made in WordPress. This Linux hosting in particular is like having a smart mobile. You look for the application and install it from the control panel.

1&1 Managed WP1&1 Managed Plus1&1 Managed Unlimited
1 website5 websitesUnlimited websites
50 GB SSD Storage250 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Storage
$7.99 per month$9.99 per month$14.99 per month


What type of hosting is ideal for my project?

The ones I normally suggest are the following:

  • Linux Web Hosting, Unlimited Plus for $ 9.99 per month
  • WordPress Hosting 1 & 1 Managed Plus – $ 9.99 per month

In this services I do not recommend try to find a cheaper option, we are talking about your business, your 24/7 salesman, you will hate if the site is not there if a visitor come. You will get mad with the hosting company, but then you have to ask your self. What hosting company did I choose?

What is the difference between Linux Web Hosting and 1 & 1 Managed Plus?

The difference is only in the form of the installation of the applications to build the website. In Linux Web Hosting you must do everything manual, that is, create a database, download the application to your computer, then upload it, connect it to your database, and install. Unlike the 1 & 1 Managed Plus you enter the control panel, choose the application and press install and wait.

What is the SSL Certificate?

The most recent updates of search engines, especially Google, mention that they give preference to websites that have the SSL certificate. This certificate is the only way to prove legally that your company or business is legitimate. In some cases the company that gives you the certificate asks you to send a document that proves that you are the owner of the company and that the company is legally registered. It is very easy to realize, if you visit any web page, you will see sites that start with http: // and sites that start with https: // and on the left side of the search bar you will see a green color with a padlock or the word “safe”

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

My recommendation will always be that yes, SSL certificates have an extra cost but 1 & 1 offers 1 free, since it includes in the cost. Acquiring another certificate would cost you $ 29.99 per year.


1 domain$11.99 per year
Hosting$119.88 per year
SSL Certificate$0.00
Total Setup Cost$131.87

When becomes to hosting choose a good package, I will suggest 1and1 for cost and service. If you find something better and cheaper it’s at you own risk.

What is the best platform available for a web design in 2020?

To create a website, you have to think about the future, and why do I say future? Simply because the direction of a company can change in days, and because we need to have a platform that is flexible for those future changes.

The fact that my nephew’s friend who works in a web company, recommends me to use the X platform to build my site, does not necessarily mean that it is the right one. Nowadays, having a consultancy with a web agency is very easy since 90% do it for free, at it will take you like 45 minutes.

In the statistics made by W3Techs we find that 71.5% of websites are in fact in WordPress, followed by Joomla 7% and Drupal 4.7%


WordPress is the best CMS (content management system) for your a website, take it from a professional web design agency who have been working on web since 1998.

Top 5 Fullerton Photography Websites

Photography can make or break a website. Good photos keep users engaged, bad photos make users hit that back button like there was no tomorrow. Just as much as your friends and family scream at taking that 20th photo because SOMEONE wasn’t looking, photos are just as important on your site and not just on Facebook. Fullerton has its fair share of great photographers as well. Just look through Flickr or even the Cal State Fullerton website. You’ll see some great photos.

Thus we are devoting today’s post to recognizing Fullerton’s top 5 Photography websites. After finishing this post, I didn’t realize how many of these were wedding photographers. I think you can all join me in understanding why that would happen though. My sister just got married a couple of months ago and now I know first hand, those photos better be the best around!

This was a hard one, but me and Ron had some healthy debate which ultimately got us to our ranking. Enjoy!

5. Sharon Fullerton Photography – sharonfullertonphotography.zenfolio.com

Top 5 Fullerton Photography Websites - Sharon Fullerton
An eye catching site that boasts beautiful images all over its home page. From the first second you enter the site, you just want to start scrolling away. I’m serious, be prepared you can be scrolling for days! The black/grayish background puts more oomph in the photos, making them shine brighter. Overall, this site wants to accomplish one thing, to amaze you.

Beyond that, a page is available for interested parties to contact Sharon. Unlike the other sites on this list though, not much content and information is available right off the bat. But of course, if you go to the About Us page, you will find that Sharon is rebuilding her site.

Think about that, Sharon is doing a rebuild of a site, and the one that is currently live still made it to the top 5. Amazing stuff.

4. Reuben Castro – reubencastro.com

Fullerton Top 5 Wedding Photographers - Reuben Castro
Coming in 4th place is Reuben Castro. With a home page that invites you to take a look at all these smiling, emotional moments, you immediately get sucked in. A forest-y background helps to set the mood, but most importantly, it’s not taking away from the beautiful photos placed in the center of the page.

Navigation is easy and all content/fonts are easy to read. No overloading, no desperate cries for your business. Just sharing some moments through photos. The “connect” or contact us page makes it really easy to input your information, in addition to getting an idea of the price packages Reuben charges.

A beautiful, simple site.

3. Jordan Kubat- jordankubatphotography.com

Fullerton Top 5 Photography Websites - Jordan Kubat

First let me start by saying, the favicon for this site is awesome. Initially Jordan Kubat got into a 3 way tie for first place, so Ron and I really didn’t want to place this site at third. Jordan Kubat’s website is a site that uses a simple theme, but powerful images and fonts. Everything is about drawing your eye to the beautiful, creative shots.

The use of fonts expertly re-creates the eye catching qualities of the photos, back onto the fonts. Easy to read and bold, the site invites you to enjoy the images while also wanting to make you read through what Jordan has to say.

Overall, the site is simple yet powerful.

2. Studio EMP – studioemp.com

Top 5 Fullerton Photography Websites - Studio EMP
Studio EMP takes a really close second. The site is beautiful, thorough and when you go through the site, you just know that Studio EMP is ready and waiting to help with whatever you need. What really takes the cake with this site is the use of white space. Many sites use white just because it is a template and that is what everyone else does.

Studio EMP on the other hand uses white to enhance its site. The font color perfectly mixes with the white to create a calm, or how Studio EMP puts it, a “real, relaxed” feel. Most importantly, the white background accentuates the photos of Studio EMP. The studio has a distinct style and it is clear through all the images.

Look at the site on a screen big enough (maybe 13 inch and bigger) and you’ll see a proud seal of accomplishment. To be exact, Studio EMP was rated Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County by California Wedding Day.

And the winner is…

1. Candice Benjamin Photography – candicebenjamin.com

Top 5 Fullerton Photography Websites - Candice Benjamin
Candice Benjamin’s site is my personal favorite. After initially getting into a 3-way tie between Studio EMP and Jordan Kubat, after further investigation, Candice’s site soon became the clear favorite. Note that she recently moved to Colorado, but because she notes that she still flies back for gigs, make her still eligible for this list.

The home page is beautiful, with her photos included with the perfect fonts and colors. All the photos just come together and it seems like every photo is somehow related to the other. The galleries posted of the different weddings invite you to keep scrolling. Its as if they tell you a story that you don’t want to end. Seriously, I’m a guy and I spent a little too many minutes going through the different images.

Once you yank and claw out of the gallery to finally get on with your life, you will see the contact us page. It offers an easy way to start initial talks while also providing initial quotes for curious bride to be’s. The icing on this amazing website is the page “6 Things to do Before a Session”. The page just makes you feel like Candice is on your side and watching out for you. It is not some lame attempt at SEO, it’s just high-value content ensuring her client’s beauty.

One of the best sites I’ve seen and also I can’t stress it enough, go look at those galleries!

Today’s post was one that I really enjoyed especially because I was once a photographer. Okay, I’ll admit it I was a yearbook photographer for a couple of years in high school, but hey it’s something! Anyways, after finding myself lost in reverie and emotions of these great sites I finally am here, finishing this week’s post up.

Again, I hope you like what Ron and I put together today. Hope to see you again next week!

Top 5 Fullerton Food Websites

A beautiful photo of food can make any person go from heartily satisfied to immediately hungry. A complete, beautiful website goes further and will make any curious searcher immediately make plans with their friends and pay a visit.

In today’s post, we focus on the top 5 food websites in Fullerton. After looking at the top 200 websites and some hearty discussion, the bottom five sites are Fullerton’s best. Sites were selected and ranked based on Appropriateness, Visual Appeal, Ease of Use, and just the Overall efficacy of the site.

We hope you enjoy! Please comment below if you feel that we may have forgotten a site or if you agree with what we decided.

5. Pie Dog – PieDogs.com

Fullerton's Top 5 Food Websites - Pie Dog

Pie Dog comes in fifth place. With a home page that will make your stomach beg you to pick up your wallet and get in your car, this site is one that will make any customer wanting more. A simple site with only three pages, the site does its job. It has a nicely laid out menu that is simple to read without sacrificing beautiful design.

The site doesn’t have an overload of information. They know you are wanting a burger and they give it to you visually. The menu is ready and you can easily find the location. A great job by Pie Dog.

*Note: During the preparation of this list, we noticed that the Find Us page stopped working. We didn’t let that affect our ultimate decision due to its malfunction after the initial selection.

4. Mr. BBQ – MrBBQFullerton.com

Fullerton's Top 5 Food Websites - MrBBQ

Mr. BBQ was a pleasant surprise during the search through all the different websites. In an industry (Korean BBQ) in which most food establishments don’t even have websites, Mr. BBQ takes the fourth spot with their methodical, effective approach.

The site is all one page, split into four sections. Visitors can find a PDF version of the menu, information about the establishment, reviews and finally a contact us section. The images are all beautiful, colorful and eye catching, yet everything is still extremely easy to read. Mr. BBQ offers a perfect example of a small business executing an effective website without the frills or complications of a complex, enormous website.

3. Dripp – Dripp.com

Fullerton's Top 5 Food Websites - Dripp

A coffee company with a flagship location in Chino Hills and a second one opening in Fullerton, Dripp’s was a favorite for our team. The website is expertly constructed with a masterful use of colorful icons and beautifully designed photos. The trendy “hipster” theme is perfectly embodied yet still does not take away from the central focus on coffee quality.

Never do you feel that you are lost and not sure where to go. Everything is easy to navigate, the fonts are a perfect size, and the colors only accentuate the whole experience. Overall the Dripp website has the aesthetic of a master designer at a small business level. A great website.

2. El Amerikano – ElAmerikano.com

Fullerton's Top 5 Food Websites - ElAmerikano

An elegant website with a simplicity that makes everything easy to read, El Amerikano has done a great job all on aspects of its site. None of the photos overload you with too much senses. The restaurant is not trying to wow anybody. You get the sense that El Amerikano knows who they are catering to and they don’t need to waste time trying so hard to get people to come in.

The menu can be downloaded as a PDF for your convenience and the site even features a FAQ section. This is hard to come by and you may think that it is unnecessary, but when you see questions like “WE ARE JUST WAITING ON ONE PERSON TO GET HERE, THEY ARE ALMOST HERE. WHY WON’T YOU SEAT US?” then you realize why a page like this is so important.

El Amerikano has done a great job maintaining a theme that fits their restaurant, while still providing just the right amount of information. This site is definitely worth the second spot in Fullerton.

And The Winner Is…

1. Hop Scotch Tavern – Hopscotchtavern.com

Fullerton's Top 5 Food Websites - HopscotchTavern

Hop Scotch Tavern takes the top spot with a website that just makes you say “Whoa!” With a word from the Executive Chef right below the dominant image, you get the feel of class and quality from the restaurant. Scroll a little bit lower and you get to see a well-designed web menu that doesn’t overload you. Nope, just a handful of items with full descriptions.

Below that you’ll find more information including the option to make reservations, check out the social buzz, and finally the location. The site can be used just as one page with the scrolling option, but if you really want to do your due diligence, the site offers many more pages that users can peruse through. The site doesn’t shove all these awesome pages in your face though, its just there for your convenience for you.

Hopscotch Tavern shows a restaurant understanding the purpose of its web presence. Allowing potential customers to get the complete experience online without shoving too much in their face, Hopscotch expertly embodies itself online.

The very first piece of our Top 5 Fullerton project complete! Thank you for taking the time to sit down and go through what we came up with. Fullerton is a beautiful city with so much talent and opportunity. Join me and Ron, as we continue to explore and uncover more of Fullerton’s great work.

If you love Fullerton and want to follow us as we scour the city for our top 5 projects, follow our e-club.

Two Guys Bringing Back Good Marketing

That’s all we are trying to do. I have been doing this whole marketing thing for a while now and Ron has been designing even longer. What we care about is helping people, specifically business owners. The reason for business owners is because the whole entrepreneurial business world is an extremely personal one for Ron and I. Every business had a dream behind it, a person behind it. People seem to forget that. There is this common notion that all businesses are just an entity of four walls and conniving owners behind them, scheming to milk every dollar out of you. Of course, there are always bad apples, but the small business community is so much more than that.Continue reading