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Does My Website Need to Meet ADA Compliance Requirements?

This is a complicated question with many answers, none of which can be accepted as the right one at this time. While there have been a handful of lawsuits since 2016, a couple of which did obtain a ruling in court, there is currently no legislation that outlines specific requirements

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Is Exclusivity Guaranteed by Your Medical SEO Agency?

Most SEO Agencies do NOT offer exclusivity to their clients. Are you concerned about working with a SEO Agency that also does work for other medical practice in the same city with the same areas of practice? What if your SEO Agency were using the same internet marketing strategies to

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Google My Business Messaging Guide for Veterinary Practices

Since July of 2017, Google has been rolling out a new feature called, Google My Business Messaging. Leading experts have been reporting that the platform started rolling out back in July and the program itself was in a beta/pilot program since November of 2016. What is Google My Business Messaging?

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The Search Business Group Top 5 Finds from CatCon

Over this weekend, Search Business Group took a trip to CatCon in Pasadena. The event was a 2 day event that was made for every person whose dream it is to be a crazy old cat lady :). Now that it’s been a couple of days and I’ve finally recovered

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Sham Surgery: A Look at Placebo’s with Seth Godin

Today’s post comes after a great piece by the best selling author, Seth Godin and surgeon Ian Harris. In his groundbreaking book, “Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo“, Harris finds that sham surgeries have been proven to show benefits. A 2014 review showed that of 53 trials, 74% of sham surgeries provide

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Being Original Is Overated

There’s nothing like being inspired to maintain a blog. If you have ever dabbled in marketing or websites, you probably have had some motivation or goal to keep up a blog. I’ve been there too. I’ve had numerous blogs that I’ve had the ultimate goal of contributing to every single

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